If Florida could stop freaking out, that would be great.

The Coach and I enjoyed the boat this past weekend; we were thrilled that the weather had finally cooled down a bit and it wasn’t too horribly hot to be outside for any time. We caught two sunsets; one fabulous and the other kinda covered by clouds, but still, never a waste of time.
It takes us 7 long minutes to travel from our boat dock at the condo till we’re in the Gulf of Mexico.

The good sunset.

 The cloudy sunset with some photobombing pelicans.

We took Max and Callie with us once during a day outing; Callie’s second time and Max’s 1st. He was kinda freaking out and I thought he might jump in; thank goodness he didn’t because that would have made for an interesting outing of me screaming for Coach to save him and also captain the boat.

Today we’re back at the big house and Florida has been hit with winter. I’m sure it will only last one day though.
My FB feed this morning was of every person posting their car temp numbers; ok, we get it, it’s cold and you have a car, calm down.
It was 38*.

We made sure to turn off our irrigation for the morning and I ran (exaggeration-I don’t run, I’m more of a saunterer) all around the yard last night collecting my hanging orchids and putting them on the lanai (out of the wind) or in the garage.

It’s now only 50* and it looks like I’m gonna have to wear pants today.


12 thoughts on “If Florida could stop freaking out, that would be great.

  1. Sounds like Michigan last week before we got 5-8 inches of snow. You'd think everyone in the whole state just moved there from Florida the way they were freaking out! The grocery stores were unbelievably busy and everyone was putting weather maps all over Facebook! smh!


  2. \”Only\” 50…I wish I could say that! When I got in my car this morning it was 18!!! This week has been chock full of lows that aren't normal for this time of year. *sigh*


  3. I'm glad Max didn't jump! I'm laughing at you \”calm down, you have a car\” you seriously make me laugh…didn't I see on the news iguanas are falling out of the trees there right now because of the cold or did I relay the story wrong?!


  4. Jeanette-It looks like a lot of people freak out about the weather, wherever they live; so dramatic. Gigi-Keep warm! We're back up to 80* today.Christine-Hunker down!Mellie-Yeah, it swept across the South. Yep, 80* again this afternoon.Barbara-I rescued as many caterpillars as I could and brought them into my inside plants/cages. Sadly, I didn't see one butterfly yesterday. I'm hoping they were all roosting in the trees staying warm. Tanay-The husband and I said over dinner last night, if we see one more person showing their car temps, we're gonna throw an iguana at them! Yes, that was posted all over FB and it is a true occurrence.


  5. I'm glad yoy were able to enjoy the boat and those sunsets. I will admit that I don't feel too sorry for you Floridians as far as temperatures are concerned. We haven't made it up to 38• all week in this part of Tennessee.


  6. How did I miss this yesterday? I guess I was VERY focused on getting stuff done off of my list. Um, I live in Chicago and I am thrilled that it looks like it is going to be mid 30's for the week. Even here – I tire of people discussing the weather – YOU LIVE IN CHICAGO? Why the surprise that it is cold and snowy? Huh? I saw the iguana falling from trees story too. I would still live in Florida despite possible falling iguanas. Our driveway did not get shoveled when we were in Dallas cause the kids were not here (pretending for a moment that the kids WOULD have shoveled had they been residing here that weekend). It is a sheet of ice and Coach worked on it and it got a bit better but now it snowed on top of it. Just ugly. I have had to back the great white down the very short driveway to get a stronger running/gun it start just to make it into the garage. I love the pics on the boat and in the sun and with the sunset. Sigh. Looks lovely! I too love the 'you have a car!' Bah ha!


  7. HA ha, that cold car comment is hilarious. We were in a deep freeze at the beginning of the week, but it's back to weirdly mild temps for winter in northeast Canada again. The people who want to skate on the canal are not impressed. My son's baseball team is in Florida for spring break to play baseball – my husband is going and I have to decide if I'm going to join him for part of it. I don't hate the cold that much, but I want to see my son, but I hate travelling, and it's expensive – it's a whole dilemma.


  8. What a beautiful sunset, I'm s sucker for a sunsets and I can only imagine it on a boat. Your temperatures are dropping to the 50's and ours are going up. It's going to be the same temp as you but for us its warming up. We are used to bitter cold during the winter months but it feels like spring right now.


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