To quote the poet Notorious B.I.G: “Mo money, mo problems”

The Lunatic started clearing the property next to us a few weeks ago. *sigh*
Luckily, they didn’t clear it 100%; hoping to have a buffer aside from the eleventythousand dollars we spent on planting trees to avoid Luna.

The Coach did some research and found the owners and their building plan; we’ve been praying they build a nice house and kept the yard clean; you know, to keep up the property values and to not make my eyeballs bleed. (it’s hit or miss in our non-HOA area)
Well, I thought WE had a HOUSE on STEROIDS….no sirree bobcat tail, Lunatic has grand plans for her lair.
5600 square feet of anger peace and resentment joy.
You’ll never catch me criticizing someone for the size of their home, where they take vacations or what they spend money on, as long as they don’t owe me any money, but does that mean they have 37 children who will reside under their roof?
Wait, I love children (of the corn)
The home has four or five bedrooms, a study, a workout room (located in the master bedroom-ehhh), a game room and a detached music room.
Suz to the Coach: ‘What? They don’t have a pool? Loooossssers!”
*devilish laugh*
Everyone knows that if you live in Florida and have children, it’s child abuse to not have a pool.

As I was typing this, Callie the sweetest dog on the planet was whining in my general direction and I said SHUT IT!
She looked hurt and then I apologized.

I don’t know why I was irritated at her whining. Sometimes a mom just needs some peace and quiet.
*looks around at empty house except for two sweet dogs*
I’d better go get her some cookies, she’s one of my only two friends here most of the time.

God bless her. The Coach and I talk about how ‘beat up’ Callie appears after working most of her life but is still so darn content. Dogs really are the best.
Sometimes they’re better than neighbors.

Anyhoo, it’s been a busy week and I don’t have anything really special to blog about.
*remembers that this blog is not made for special*

Also, I have no idea what the title has to do with anything other than I was listening to Notorious B.I.G yesterday. Today, it’s back to The Carpenters.


8 thoughts on “To quote the poet Notorious B.I.G: “Mo money, mo problems”

  1. Such a sweet dog! I feel guilty every time I yell at one of my cats or throw(not literally, mind you) one of them off my lap and always apologize! 5600 sq feet?? I hope the neighbors house doesn't block all of your sunlight!


  2. As a horrid-neighbor sympathizer, I thoroughly enjoyed your exchange with Coach including the devilsh laugh and the name-calling 'Losers' for having no pool. I did not know people lived in Florida with no pool, kids or no kids. Hope that doesn't mean that they will haul their rude selves over into your pool in the wee hours as drunken uninvited visitors. Not sure I ever blogged about the fact that Mary Ann put on an addition to her house THE VERY SAME TIME THAT WE DID? I reached out to a woman to give me a quote because our good friends (whose house had burned down days before Christmas a few years before) used her to re-design their kitchen. That woman was all, 'Oh, I am doing a new kitchen design for Mary Ann across the street. She's also adding on.' I literally slapped my hands together and dismissed her (mentally). No way in hell I was gonna have Mary Ann running across the street to demand that I not use this tile or have her nose in my project AT ALL. The first time my kitchen designer showed up and parked across the street, Mary Ann came out of her house to tell her that she couldn't park there. She felt my designer was too close to her mailbox and she would not get her mail. Oh, I good go on, but I fear that I already have. 🙂


  3. Jeanette-luckily our house faces west, so we're good on the sunshine. And yes, cats can make you feel guilty too. 🙂 Ernie-I think Maryann takes the cake (and your contractor!) Also, we have cameras, so no one will be utilizing our pool uninvited. LOL


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