Flowers, obsessions and where in the world is my family?

I’m still being spoiled by flowers being delivered every two weeks from The Bougs; my birthday gift continues to give. (seriously, one of the best gifts ever given by my thoughtful husband, and there has been plenty)
These arrived two weeks ago today. They made me think of cotton candy, which made me think of going to the fair, which made me want a corn dog and a dental cleaning.

This is what is left today and I have another batch of goodness coming via fed ex today. Not bad for two weeks, huh? 

Speaking of flowery stuff. For Christmas, my sweet MIL and I put this together. It was her idea and creativity, she just let me get my fingers in the dirt as well. We were going to hang it in a tree but decided to let it rest on an old plant stand and we set it in my butterfly garden.  The plants are not just potted in/on the top of the basket, they’re packed all around the sides. Like my waistline, It will fill in more and more as time goes on.

C’mon in, the doors open. 
It started as one of these coco coir lined baskets.  I love it so much that it’s a borderline obsession; I tend to it daily, pulling off dead flowers, making sure it’s getting watered evenly and that it pretty much feels good about itself. 
You know how it’s nice to have the whole-fam-damily together in one place? Or at least in one county? The Busy Bee family is all sorts of spread out and it feels weird to me. 
Lolo is at school in VA,  (which I’m getting used to now) 
Linds is in New Zealand, (2 more weeks left of her four-week trip) and the 
Coach has fled to the Abaco’s Islands in the Bahamas for a quick trip. 
I’m feeling a bit of wanderlust in me too….think I’ll head to Target today. Damnit, I’ll not be left out. 

15 thoughts on “Flowers, obsessions and where in the world is my family?

  1. Those flowers- wow. (refraining from using exclamation points here). The planting is lovely. I struggle enough with the organization of the inside of my house that I neglect making the outside pretty. No wonder my neighbors do not care for us. 4 weeks in New Zealand. Sounds amazing. This is not the engaged daughter, right? Glad you are getting out too. Those Target isles can be a real adventure.


  2. Debra-Thank youGigi-I love pampering them and seeing the growth. Somethings I do have the patience for, some I don't. 😉 Ernie-When my girls were little, I didn't do as much gardening because I was so busy feeding and watering my kids. HA! No, Lolo is the engaged one and is working on her masters in VA. Linds is the traveler and will have her own engagement one day too. Or maybe she'll just have 47 cats and be happy. Who knows! Christine-I think they just might!!Nicole-No snow here. Sending sunshine your way.


  3. You've got some beautiful flowers — both inside and out. Your a good gardener and the results show in your basket. Hopefully Coach will take you the next time he goes on a trip.


  4. Love the planter with the flowers around the outside I think it's perfect on the old plant stand, too. My son lives in New Hampshire and his job keeps him pretty busy. We thought he was going to make it home a few weeks ago but it didn't work out. Crazy how you miss your kids, huh?


  5. Oh my goodness, so beautiful. Joining Nicole with the buried-in-snow faint bitterness. Although I turned down a trip to Florida in February, so I guess I can't complain, and our winter has been weirdly mild so far (I would knock wood but I'm sure we'll be screwed shortly either way, so whatever). This is my son's second year away in New York state and I'm annoyed by how it hasn't really gotten any less weird. I'm happy he's happy, but it's kind of bullshit how you make these awesome kids and have a blast hanging out with them and the they just up and leave.


  6. Target ain't too shabby. It's my mini get-away place too. I love those flowers, and the view from your kitchen. Here in New York, with the snow and the snow and the snow, well, you can't blame me for having such pool-envy. My MIL lives down there in the winter, we usually visit but not this year for various reasons, mainly that she can't handle us. She's getting old, and we're a bit much, I guess. We only bring the younger four or five, but she IS 90 years old. Della


  7. I love it when something I have made, or helped make, gives me that long-lasting pleasure like your flower basket. I look at my plants on the patio every morning just to give myself a smile. Also, love those roses. That company is definitely one to recommend.


  8. Haha going to Target 😂 ok those planters I love them! When we still lived in San Diego we had Sea World passes and I'd take the kids constantly but I also just loved the plants they had and always wanted to mimic them…yours are very similar…I started working at Lowe's last year or so in the garden center which I love and I'm learning some plant techniques haha…happy happy birthday…again…you deserve to be pampered!


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