TGIF; skinny arms and big lips.

I came across this old photo the other day; we were probably 18 and 20. I recall it was an outdoor concert in Miami. I wish I could remember what show it was, but we went to a lot of concerts; hence our weak hearing today. *Heh?*

My first thoughts were:
Wow, we were such babies. 
and then
Suz, how in the world did you even pick up a toothbrush with those skinny arms? 


I saw this meme the other day and almost wet my britches. I sent it to the girls and they also found it hilarious.

Every time I read it, I bite my upper lip and realize how hilarious it is.

Speaking of biting lips, I started doing Invisalign treatment about 3 weeks ago on my lower teeth. I’d noticed I was getting food stuck in between two particular teeth in the back of my mouth and it was driving me mad every time I ate. It’s tasteless to constantly whip out dental floss in a restaurant.
I suppose if I stopped eating, I could eliminate a few issues, but no.
Turns out another gift of aging is that our teeth continue to move. The Invisalign should straighten out my lower (now crowded front area) and help close the gap at the back.
I thought I would have major mouth pain as I did with braces, but I’ve had no pain like that at all.
The only issue I’ve had aside from not being able to chew gum (I’m addicted!) is that when I take out the tray to eat, the little tiny buttons they glue to your teeth to keep the tray in place, well I keep getting my lip caught on those. It’s kinda funny really. I just can’t imagine how Angelina Jolie would be able to handle it with her lips….but then again, maybe she could just pay someone to wear it for her.
It’s not cheap a cheap treatment but think of all the money I’ll save on dental floss.

I’m volunteering at Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine Prom tonight; it’s one of my most favorite nights of the year.
The husband left at 4am this morning along with a gaggle of friends and drove north pulling his big ole smoker; they’ll be smoking meat all day long for another one of our favorite charities. 
I believe tomorrow will be a day of recovery and cleanup.

That’s all I’ve got today.
Have a great weekend whether you’re biting your lips, cooking for love or dancing your heart out.
Bee sweet!

14 thoughts on “TGIF; skinny arms and big lips.

  1. This picture!!! So funny. Oh my gosh. Coach was one of my younger brother's best friends in 8th grade when I was a freshman in high school. I don't think we have any photos of the two of us that date that far back, because I was just Pat's goofy sister. I think the earliest pic I have is my senior year in high school when he is a junior. My mom took a pic of our carpool: me and my two brothers and Coach. Anyway, I love this picture. Harder to see the resemblance with your glasses on, but oh my gosh – your Coach's baby face. Bah ha ha! I also love that meme. Too funny! I am not a gum chewer. My mom used to give us gum when we were little but used to scold us for chewing like cows. I never got the hang of it and felt self conscious so I steer clear. Moo. Yes, imagine the amount of chap-stick Angelina goes through. 🙂


  2. Thank you and Coach for generously sharing yourselves for so many charity events. I know you would be modest about it, but I find you two inspiring, especially in this era where kindness seems to be going extinct.


  3. Oh my gosh I am in love with that picture!!! Cutest couple! Hahaha I was literally biting my upper lip when you said that you bite your upper lip every time you read it….love that you do the Tim Tebow prom…you are good people♥️


  4. That picture IS the 80s and makes me think you and I are around the same age.I have been using Invisalign for the past year and a half and I have never used my Waterpik more than in that time. Food, random animals, flora and fauna get caught in my aging, moving teeth daily. One time, an Invisalign bracket fell off and got stuck in a gum pocket. Getting old is a joy.


  5. Carolyn-I'm a bonafide excellent flosser.Billie Jo-Thank youJeanette-Exactly. we always worried about the stupidest things, didn't we? Debra-that one really got me in the funny bone. Ernie-I love gum. But mostly only chew it while in the car….not sure why. But I do loathe people who chew like cows, but they don't usually recognize that they do. You're a good egg. 🙂 Eileen-YOU are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words; we really do love to serve others at this point in our lives. Do you have a blog? And where in FL are you? Christine-Thank youTanya-Thank you. Biting the upper lip is so weird and FUNNY. Kari-I'm 52, so the 80's were everything. I was told I would need to do this treatment for about 8 months….I hope my dentist isn't lying to me. Funny, I've noticed I don't need to floss as much lately, but then again, maybe there's an animal in there asssisting me?


  6. You look so little compared to Coach in that picture…like a tiny child! And yes, how DID you pick anything up with those arms???I can't wait to hear about the Night To Shine Prom! Such a great cause. You did this last year, too right?


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