Flu, I’ve got you Flu.

We had a very busy and awesome weekend. I hugged, loved and was dazzled by around 185 guests at the Night To Shine event on Friday night. (this was my 3rd year volunteering) I, along with some good friends greeted each guest and got them into Limo’s for a ride around the church parking lot, then to the event center where they were greeted like royalty on the red carpet.
I ended the night with what I would call a stress headache; maybe I was a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement, the hoopla, the cheerleaders bouncing around, the noise from the happy guests….or maybe I’m just getting old?
When I woke up on Saturday the headache was still there and I was exhausted. I made a comment to the coach that maybe I’m on the spectrum because it just seemed to be too much for me this year. (There are a LOT of guests on the spectrum, and I do believe they were in better shape than me. And no, I’m not poking fun at people with disabilities, you know better.)

Sunday night I started coughing and whipped up some hot tea.
Monday morning I awoke feeling like the dead.
Achy body. Chills. coughing. my joints were on fire.
I knew it was the flu because I have that fake doctor’s degree.
I spent the day in bed.
Finally, at around 4:00 on Monday afternoon, I remembered that there was an antiviral that you could take to ward off the effects.
I call our Doctor’s office and left a voicemail. (they haven’t answered the phone in 5 years-very annoying)
On Tuesday morning I was anxiously awaiting their call as the Coach was leaving for Miami for the day; I’d been hoping he could just pick up the RX for me.
They didn’t call back until noon and told me that they no longer take our insurance anymore and I’d have to come in and be seen in person and pay. ;(
Eff it.
My window was closing in because you’re supposed to take the antiviral 48 hours or sooner once you know it’s the flu.
“I’ll just suffer through, I’m a big girl”
Well, Tuesday night the ‘razor blades’ in my throat coughing was endless all night. If only I could get the cough to settle down, then I won’t feel like throwing myself off a bridge.
Heck, I don’t even know where a bridge is in my town.
Wednesday I crawled into the walk-in clinic and waiting over an hour to be seen.
They did the Flu test and guess what? I got 100%!

The kind Doctor told me that I was too late for the antiviral and to take Mucinex DM and Tylenol.
I really should have been a Doctor.

I asked him if I had got the flu vaccine if I could have avoided this and he shrugged his shoulders and said: maybe, maybe not. You never know. 
The one time I had the vaccine, I was extremely sick with the flu and I vowed to never do it again.

I still feel like hell, but I know I’m gonna live.

In the middle of all this, Callie has been having issues and I had to take her to the Vet (with the flu, but I wasn’t officially diagnosed. The coach was out of town and it was up to me)
She’s back at the vet again today for testing and I could not be a veterinarian, because I have no idea what is going on with her.

The Vet did ask the Coach when he dropped her off this time if she had got into any ‘edibles’ in our house. (we don’t, but that doesn’t stop her from looking like she’s had some edibles)
Good lord, if I had those, I probably wouldn’t care about having the flu.
Say a good word for our Cow dog if you can.

Also, an unseen (until the day I had the flu) water leak into one of the bedrooms…..I found wet carpet and a moldy (behind the dresser) wall. That’s probably good for the ole’ respiratory system.
Waiting on the plumber now. I’ll keep my distance from him, but I need that fixed asap.

If Suz, her Callie, and her house could just calm the eff down, that would be great.


17 thoughts on “Flu, I’ve got you Flu.

  1. Ugh, I'm sorry, the flu is appallingly dreadful. Do get your flu shot, though, the fact that you got the flu the time you got it is only incidental. I always get the flu shot because I've had the flu twice and felt like I was dying – I also wash my hands raw between classes now at school. Funny (kind of) story – our dog totally did eat a roach on a walk once (we assume), got high as a kite and we took her to the emergency vet because we thought she had brain damage. Then there was kind of an amusing round of everybody in our house side-eyeing everyone else and all of us going \”I do NOT HAVE ANY POT in the house!\” The fact that I had walked her around the park exactly an hour before she started tripping was apparently a dead giveaway to the vet.


  2. Oh no! Feel better soon!And yes, get the flu shot next time. It's rare that you get the full blown case of the flu – and usually, if you do, it's not as bad.Mucinex does not do the job for me at all, ever. I used a combo of Sudafed and Vicks 44 Cough Syrup when I was sick over the holidays. The cough syrup flat out works – especially the night time formula. I hope you are on the tail end of this bug and back to your busy self soon.


  3. Oh man!Bless your soul!That is awful, especially when nothing gives you relief.I hope and pray you are on the mend.My wish for you is complete healing, open windows, and a Lysol filled atmosphere!And a water leak to boot?!I am sorry, my friend!


  4. Sorry you're sick! I don't usually get the flu shot either, which drives my N.P. daughter cray-cray (along with my son and two other daughters who are R.N.s). My two youngest got the flu vaccine this year, and they're the only ones who got it this year. I am also a doctor, not really, but also a psychiatrist, not really. I am not a vet either, our Sunny is sick, we have to bring her into the vet this evening. The receptionist asked if she's eaten anything she shouldn't have. Well, she's a Lab, so of course! She ate almost two dozen chocolate chip cookies last week, and of course, NO ONE left them out. rrr. I hope your pup is okay, and mine too. Hope you feel better soon too.Della


  5. So I never got a flu shot and never got the flu. Until January of 2018 when I came down with the death flu and swore I would get a shot from thereon. So I feel your pain. I hope it goes away quickly. Saying a prayer for you and your puppers.I do have edibles. Don't ask me why. You can have some.


  6. Oh nooo! You poor thing. When it rains, etc . . . you got it all going on. Glad you managed to be healthy for your fab event. Dealing with a doctor dropping you, a sick pet, and a leaking room all on your own? Yuck. I usually get the flu shot. I have not had the flu. I am prone to horrible bouts of bronchitis if I get a cold that sneaks into my chest but have not had that for a few years. Being sick is the pits.OK I must admit to my friends here, if you have ever suspected that I am naive here is your proof. I did not know what an edible was. I was like edible WHAT?And I thought a roach was a bug. Hee hee. Feel better! Hope Callie is on the mend too.


  7. When it rains it pours over at your house. So sorry girl, the flu is no fun. I've had it once and once was enough but like you I don't get the flu shot for the same reasons you don't except I never had one. I just don't like the idea of injecting a virus into my body so I don't get one.Hope your sweet Callie gets to feeling better it's hard when they don't complain and tell you whats wrong. I've been to the fake doctor school and have diagnosed myself and others plenty but dogs are a different story. Dang, sorry about the carpet and mold, that is just craziness.Hang in there and remember, what doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger.


  8. Yuck, you certainly got it all. I was curious to know if the pill really worked. It seems like it is something we should have at hand at home if we are going to circumvent the bug. Poor Callie. Hope dogs can't catch the human flu.


  9. Goes without saying (but that doesn't stop me) but GET YOUR FLU SHOT EVERY SINGLY YEAR). So sorry you have the flu but hope you get over it soon. Too bad Coach is not there to help you though it. At least you are over the worst of it.


  10. I'm sorry to hear you got the flu, but I hope you are now on the mend and are feeling better. I hope Callie is feeling better as well. I think our doctor learned his phone-answering protocol from your doctor. Very aggravating!!


  11. The overall consensus is that I should always get my flu shot. –NOTED–I'm actually feeling worse today and I had big plans of tending to some minor tasks around the house. *sigh*Callie is stable, but not great. She's home with a pic line/IV; the vet left in there in case we had an emergency in the middle of the night and it would save time from having to redo it. They're waiting on tests to see exactly what is going on with her. they suspect it has something to do with her adrenal gland, but her sugar is so low, that they're surprised that she didn't keel over dead. Biblio-Your poor doggy. I can't imagine what was going on in her head, but I also wonder if she got the munchies.Gigi-the Musicnex seemed to work at first, but then the antihistamine part just about killed me all night. I couldn't sleep and i was completely dried out. Billie Jo-Thank you. We have a very nice wall opening after the plumber came yesterday. Apparently, when the original plumbling was done (in 19197) the plumber used the wrong glue/sealant on the pipe and it's been leaking for a few years until we finally saw the evidence through the drywall. Ughh. a call needs to be made to my insurance company. It took me about 15 minutes to type these responses. I'm out of it. going back to bed. XOXO


  12. Thank you, everyone, for your good health wishes. I'm still feeling crummy and I need to have the husband check me for bed sores. Ernie-I love your naivety. It's medicinal marijuana. No, we don't have any here in our home that the dog might have gotten into. Kari-LOL. 😉 Della-I hope Sunny is feeling better today. Saimi-Hoping to be stronger today than yesterday. 🙂 Barbara-Thank you!


  13. I am so sorry to hear this…I hope both you and Callie are much better…haha about the edibles!I've never had a flu shot and am afraid if I do it would jinx me into having the flu but I'm sure that's not how it works haha


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