TGIF; checking in with Cookie and her girls.

Happy Friday!

Thursday I started to turn a corner on the flu thing; I can feel a bit more energy and I’m going back to the gym today because I feel like a bowl of mush. When I went to the Dr. last week and they noted that my BMI was 24.8, it stung. For real, I hardly ate for 11 days and still didn’t lose weight. Aging isn’t easy, is it? 
You can’t just sit on your butt not eating and watching Outlander for days and lose weight. Ain’
I know, we’re all different sizes and at different comfort levels for our size/weight; but this is too much for me. Only 1/3 of the clothes in my closet are comfortable and I dread getting dressed to go anywhere if I’m not wearing yoga pants or workout clothes. So, pretty much anything aside from spandex is comfortable lately and that makes me very uncomfortable.

Lolo and Nathan met up in Myrtle Beach last weekend for a wedding. (Nathan’s Mom’s 2nd wedding)
It was a quick trip for them both, but hey, they got to spend two days together and when you’re in the young-love thing, it’s a big deal.
Aren’t they the absolute cutest couple ever? 

My Aunt, after seeing the pic said this should be their engagement announcement pic for the newspaper. Well, wouldn’t you know…..they don’t do that anymore. 

Lolo has been busy planning their upcoming wedding; her pinterest page is very busy.
We can officially announce that the nuptials will be September, October or November of 2021, somewhere in the vicinity of North America.
So, yeah.
She’s actually coming back home this weekend for a girlfriends wedding and we are meeting up for dinner tonight; I’m excited to see her as I’ve not put my arms around her since Christmas.

Guess who else is coming home tonight?
Well, to HER home.
My Lindsburger is flying in from New Zealand; she’s been gone a month. Even though we don’t see each other on the regular, that is a lonnnnng way from your Mama’s arms.

She had a great trip; they went to KiwiBurn the very first week of her trip and she had an amazing time. It’s similar to Burning Man, but more on the vibe of New Zealand; artsy fartsy, nature-loving, hippie living type of thing where they camp the entire week and bathe in a river. That’s my sweet hippie earth girl. I think she was supposed to live in the 60’s.

If I wore fishnet stockings with boots, I’d be locked up, but she’s a doll.

There were a few years where I wanted to empty the bank account, move to Vegas and change my name to Cookie McGee because I thought I might lose my mind with the bickering. BUT, I’m so glad I stuck it out because they are two of my favorite people. Although….Cookie McGee has a nice ring to it.

She started leaking her watered-down urine again on Wednesday afternoon, I started to sob upon seeing this.
Other than the extreme hunger (from steroids and sugar issues) and the leaking urine, she seems fairly happy.
I purchased some doggie diapers, but she seems a bit humiliated by them. What would the other cow dogs think? 
Also, they don’t fit her hips. At all.
They fall off within minutes.

So, what can you do? How long do you (me, coach) live with it? I just don’t even know.
I suppose we’ll know when enough-is-enough soon enough.

Wishing everyone a great weekend whether you’re attending a wedding, a rave or if you’re wearing a diaper.

15 thoughts on “TGIF; checking in with Cookie and her girls.

  1. You have two beautiful daughters! My son is a lot like your hippie daughter. A huge Phish fan and always wished he lived in the 60's era! He would have been right at home in Woodstock! Your poor Callie. I think she will let you know when it's time.


  2. I have been wondering if Linsay went to the Elton John concert while in New Zealand. I heard on the news that Elton cancelled part way through because of walking pnuemonia. But I am not sure if Hippies dig Sir Elton. That is a darling photo of the love birds. Sad for you about Callie. Poor thing. Doggie diapers, ugh. That cannot be easy. Soorry about your BMI. It sure is not easy to be an woman. Guys can gain 10 lbs and no one blinks. I hope getting back in the gym feels good and gives you some energy. Enjoy your dinner with your girl- wait are you seeibg both of them or is Linds just arriving back in the States- not YOUR state? This weekend is b-ball playoffs for Reg and Curly. Plus I have mandated it as the day they clean out the mudroom. Can barely open the door which makes exiting the building tough. Grr.


  3. What a great picture-too bad they don't do the engagement pictures anymore. Loving your hippie girl—always wanted to be one but was too 'straight' back in the 60s and I suppose it's too late for me now. lolPoor pup–poor you knowing the decisions that are coming.Have a great weekend- xo Diana


  4. Your girls are so pretty! Enjoy them being home. I feel you on the weight issue…working it and eating less has done absolutely nothing for me. And I'm so sorry about your dog. I think you will know when it's time.


  5. Jeanette-Your son sounds very cool too!George-Thank youErnie-I believe she is an Elton John fan, but she does not attend concerts as much as her parentals. Poor EJ though. Linds didn't get into the airport until 11pm so she ubered home. She lives close to the airport, but 30 minutes north of us. Lolo (when not at school in VA) lives another hour north of Linds. We saw Lolo and Nathan last night for a bite to eat, it was wonderful.


  6. Losing weight since menopause is a joke. I actually gained weight when I had the flu and I didn't eat anything other than water and nasal passage fluid. Since I am new here, this is my first intro to your daughters and they are so beautiful! I LOVE THE FISHNETS AND BOOTS. I WANT TO BE HER WHEN I GROW UP. I am so sorry about Callie. I just don't even know what to say so I won't say anything but tell you I am giving you a virtual hug.


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