Just a smidge of ice cream for me—I wasn’t always this delightful.

Thank you all for your kind words regarding my DNA/Brother post. I really wasn’t looking for sympathy, but I suppose that is a natural reaction for people who are not sociopaths.

I met up with my Linds yesterday for lunch; we decided to meet at Jason’s Deli because it’s convenient and they have free ice cream.
It’s a place the kids and I used to frequent when they were younger; I could get my salad bar fix, they loved a lot of the menu and the free ice cream.
One time I took them with a few friends, and I recall all of the girls coming back to the table with the most ginormously filled cones; it was ridiculous.
I was a bit irked by it; annoyed. Why did I get annoyed by something as small as an overloaded free cone? I don’t know. I was a bit anal-retentive back in the day; also, I was afflicted with severe PMS. I’m much more relaxed now.
Thank the good lord for that.
Or maybe I’m just tired.

Anyhoo, Linds and I had a nice lunch and we caught up a bit after her long trip to New Zealand.
I asked her to get me a chocolate ice cream cone.
This is what she came back with; she’d already had a few licks of hers before she arrived at the table.

Linds: You remember that time…..when you were so annoyed by the extra-large cone? 
Me: yes, but, really?  
Then my child proceeded to explain to me that there was ice cream INSIDE the actual cone too; it wasn’t just surface ice cream.  
Me: What? INSIDE? I had no idea that’s how ice cream cones worked. 

We had a good laugh and really, it was MORE than enough ice cream for me. And it was even better having some time together.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I have to cook dinner at least 5 nights a week.
What? You too? *sigh* It becomes redundant, doesn’t it?
I honestly wish we didn’t need to eat every day because I don’t like cooking that much. But I do it, so yeah, where’s my gold ribbon? 
One thing that does make the daunting chore of preparing dinner so many days of my life is my Instant Pot. Do you have one? I’m not a gadget fan, but this one is worth it.
Everything I make in it comes out well. Chicken dishes, beef dishes and possibly my favorite thing to do in it are hard-boiled eggs; they peel like buttah.

Last night I made a big batch of lime/cilantro shredded chicken; it’s great for tacos or on salads and YUM.
The Coach thoroughly enjoyed it even more so because today he has to prep for his colonoscopy.
Some people get to have all the fun. I suppose tonight I’ll have leftover shredded chicken over a bed of salad….hmmm, I guess I’ll have to eat in the bathroom away from the colonoscopy victim.

Wow. I talked quite a bit about food today. What’s for dinner? 

14 thoughts on “Just a smidge of ice cream for me—I wasn’t always this delightful.

  1. HOLD THE PHONE. Jason's Deli has free ice cream cones???? This is a game.changer. You and I were the same kind of parent. My kids now look at me and think, \”wow, she would have been such a nice mom! I wish I had that mom!\”. Losing my period has made me a much better human. Ironic since you need to have a period to get kids in the first place. Well, that and other things. HOW DID THIS COMMENT BECOME ABOUT MENSTRUATION?? I love your blog so much. I do not love my Instant Pot. You need to write a post convincing me to give mine another lifeline.


  2. FREE!! We even asked if there was a limit to how many cones we could partake in and the cashier said \”as many as you want\”. Me: \”I'm gonna have fourteen\”. But I didn't. I don't know if I could do an entire post regarding the instant pot, but I do know that you have to follow recipe directions and that is my least favorite thing to do. Doesn't everything in our lives revolve around menstruation?


  3. I'm with you – I was such an anal retentive mother back in the day. Now if small kids are over – eeh, as long as they aren't doing something that will hurt them – I can almost ignore it.Count me with Kari here – I had NO idea that the ice cream was free at Jason's! And, I kind regret that I do know that now….especially since Lent just started and that is my go-to place for a tuna melt on Fridays!


  4. Oh, I love Jason's too. I used to live near one and went there a lot. The salad bar is great and the little bread cubes are delish. I even took the Grand Girls there once for the ice cream treat. I haven't been in forever but I would still recommend it.


  5. Beth stole my comment- thinking Coach will be monopolizing the bathroom- leaving you to enjoy food in the kitchen. Just had a colonoscopy in the fall. Coach worked late the night before and I had to drive Reg to bball practice 14 minutes away and back . . . it was a dicey, tense ride. I have NOT heard of Jasons. Based on Kari's comment, we must have them in Chicago. Free ice cream? How did my radar not pick that up? I do not have an insta pot. Not sure I can justify adding it to my fleet of 3 crock pots. But I did just buy a package of quinoa and it had insta pot directions. Hmm. Intetesting. Holy crap the stuff that bugged my younger-mom self, makes me cringe. I spent YEARS struggling with sleep issues till they finally said 'oops celiac'. Lack of sleep only complicated my grumpiness. Still sleep issues crop up – last night was bad. I cried most of the day yesterday though so guessing that triggered something. Will blog about my tearful day next week. Everyone alive and well. Hurt feelings compliments of thoughtless family. In the MEANTIME- please check out my post today that leads up to the craziest story ever. That crazy story posts on Monday and is a combo deal told by Kari on her blog too. Prepare to be blown away!


  6. I don't have an Insta Pot but I do use my slow cooker several times a week! I cook a bunch of chicken breasts then use them for salads, chicken salad, enchiladas stuff like that! I don't mind cooking dinner as much as I mind making my lunch every day! I wish I could go all day without eating!


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