TGIF; choking and mothering

This video sums up motherhood accurately. 

True story, I was watching this video, took a sip of water and then proceeded to get ‘choked up’ by the sentimental-ness of it all and proceeded to REALLY choke for a good minute.
*sigh* My flu cough is hanging on for dear life.
Mind you, the Coach, nor the dogs got up to check on me.

I touched on it a while ago, that I’ve been updating and de-cluttering the girls playroom so the Coach could have a home office. It’s almost finished and I was in there yesterday removing non-sentimental items such as Lolo’s 247 books on psychology, criminal minds, ethics, crime, and criminal justice and that sort of stuff. (she has a house, she can hoard those books there)

Don’t you love it when you take a trip down memory lane and then get all tripped up on the memories?

My heartstrings were tugged just by dusting the book collection and remembering ALL the nights of reading together. I would start in one room reading to one girl, the coach in the other room reading to the other, then we would swap. Sometimes, when Grandparents or friends were visiting, they also had ‘reading’ time in the girls’ rooms.
I started reading to the girls when they were 6 months old. Every.single.night until perhaps 7th or 8th grade.
When they got older, sometimes we would read magazines, catalogs, anything really. It wasn’t so much the reading part, it was the ‘togetherness at the end of-the-day part.’

Then I remembered how many times we put together the Monarch puzzle (and others); this was way before I even thought about raising butterflies as I was busy raising humans. I wish I knew how many times it was put together and taken apart only to put back together…..eleventythousand times? 

I found a started journal (I’ve found many of these over the years) and this one, in particular, cracked me up; A page in Lolo’s Harry Potter Journal. 

24 hours and 9 minutes wearing PJs.
I sent a screenshot to our family text and she replied: “Oh, I’ve definitely beaten that by now” 

Motherhood IS such a blessing. I can’t imagine my life other than being a mother to my two amazing young women; but like I said earlier this week, I wish I had been less anal-retentive and MORE relaxed.
I suppose that is the gift you get when you become a grandparent; the ‘I don’t get upset about anything’ mode.

Happy Friday Y’all. 
We’ve no big plans aside from the Coach coaching some college softball, seeing a few college basketball games together with friends and Suz hopefully working in her garden/caterpillars/butterfly stuff and the never-ending laundry, etc.
We actually had two days of winter this week; it’s awesome to turn off the a/c for a few days.
I’ve still not turned on the heat in 2020, actually, I don’t think I put it on in 2019 because Florida.

Whatcha’ doing this fine weekend? 

19 thoughts on “TGIF; choking and mothering

  1. I literally chuckled imaging you getting all misty eyed and sweet to emergent coughing on your gulp of water. That commercial- ahh! I can't stand it. I was obsessive about taking photos and videos and oh my how I can get a lump in my tbroat looking back on it all. We packed up whatever toys were residing in the basement back when Coach started to finish the basement . . . 3 YEARS later (life for 3 years without access to a basement and 6 youngish kids VERY unpleasant) we opened the bins and found thst the kids had out grown the stuff. Not long after I started my babysitting gig, so I have not had a reason to purge. If I play my cards right I can hang on to everything and make my future gandbabies very happy! The butterfly puzzle- oh my how ironic. I loved reading time too and how they would all snuggle in to get as close to the book as possible. Sniffle sniffle.Off to Irish dancing competition in Lake Geneva Wisconsin this afternoon. Home by 1 or 2 tomorrow afternoon I hope. Coach also out of town teaching, so that is kinda uncool. Leaving 3 teenagers here with the threat that my girlfriend will randomly check up on the later this evening. She has the garage code and isn't afraid to use it!


  2. Okay so thanks for making me sob while shoving chili in my mouth. I am still crying actually. I might cry all day. WHY DO THEY GROW UP SO FAST?? I love this post so much for so many reasons but the biggest is that I can relate. Sure I still have Ellie at home for a couple more years but there is nothing like being in the thick of it. I mean it was HORRIFIC at times but ah the sweet amnesia of motherhood.


  3. Childrearing is a bittersweet job; you want them to grow and succeed, but you also want to be needed. Luckiy for me, I believe there are moments when I'm still needed….like when they forget what their social security number is. 🙂


  4. When you shouted, “I’M OK OVER HERE; NOT DYING!” Did you toss a pillow at their heads? Because I can see that, in fun. But in seriousness, I hope you feel better soon. Love the story and memories about reading. Those are good memories that I bet, will stay with you for a long, long, time. With or without the books. Those good memories, they stay. Shut the air off. We have the heat on because we are in full winter mode this weekend but last weekend, it was spring. Both weekends, very nice. Cheers and boogie boogie, Ivy.


  5. Oh my gosh I failed to mention the discovered journal. This is HILARIOUS! When Mini first learned to read/write she wrote on any surface she could find: I LIKE THE POOL. THE POOL IS FUN. THe kids teased her about it every time someone stumbled on an old partially used notebook and saw her mantra. The PJ-all-day record in a journal is an all time great discovery. Love that!


  6. Thank you for the great read. I've been mostly away from Blogger but making my way back around. You write a good post and enjoy reading them. Be back again soooooonnnnnn. Working on the studio wall this week. Cheers and boogie boogie.


  7. You are in the sweet/sad part of children growing up and leaving the nest. There is always so many memories left behind. I think that is why I keep drawings from the Grand Girls all over the fridge. There are no more left overs from their parents but now I get to start again with their collection. We have a box where I save the drawings removed from the ice box to be updated by new pieces. One box is a whole lot easier to hoard than a whole house.


  8. Angus was living in the basement before he left for college, and when he left I started cleaning out all his stuff and going through years of school papers and art. I was crying every ten minutes and sending him numerous pictures of stuff. At least now I can take pictures of everything on my phone and keep those – otherwise I don't think I'd be able to get rid of it all. (sorry I'm late commenting, just realized your blog doesn't update in my blogroll).


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