One of my soul sisters (Kelly) sent me this video the other day.
We do that, send each other random videos or pics, umm, randomly when we come across them in our phone.

My response was: “No wonder I didn’t make the Olympic team, my legs are far from straight.”
But I did stick the landing.

This was from my 49th birthday, where we spent a relaxing week on Fort Myers beach.

Oh, to be 49 again.
I know it was only three and a half years ago, but a lot has happened in those three and a half years; as in, I’m three and a half years older.

That was a lot of halves.

There was a time when I was obsessed with gymnastics. I took lessons for a few years, starting at age 6 or 7 until I was asked politely about not coming to the classes since my mom stopped paying; around the age of 12.
That didn’t stop me from flailing my body around trying new moves on the grass, carpet, couches, off the side of the pool, etc. for many years after that.
Nadia Comaneci was my shero.

Good news, I just checked and I can still do a cartwheel.
Bad news, my window of Olympic stardom has closed.

I love the phrase ‘fart-wheel’ because I still have a sense of humor like a 12-year-old.

Raise your hand if you can do a cartwheel.
Raise both if fart-wheel made you laugh.


11 thoughts on “Cartwheel—-Fart-wheel

  1. Fart wheel made me laugh, no hands raised, I cannot do a cart wheel anymore, my arms would collapse. The last time I attempted a back handspring was in my brother's pool like fifteen years ago, and I felt like something cracked somewhere ha. Nadia Comaneci was my heroine, I cut out newspaper clippings, and taped them to my bedroom walls. I never walked anywhere those days, I flipped and handspring-ed. I always regretted that I was too shy/scared/underconfident to join the high school gymnastics team, I let it fizzle…my daughter was really really good, but not interested enough in taking the offer to join a high level team. I am impressed by your 49 year old self!Della


  2. I peeked back at how you did 49 – and it was way better than whatever I did, which I cannot even remember. Dinner out with Coach probably – all good, but a beach b-day is the way to do (especially in December). Cards against humanity! I love that game and here we are without anyone (here I go again about having no group) fun enough to play it with. The box is literally dusty. I might have Coach's sister plus fam and brother plus fam here the night before Easter, and if we do maybe I will crack the game out. You rocked that fart wheel! I am a 6 year old who enjoys that lingo, of course. I think I was too tall and uncoordinated as a kid to be good at a cartwheel. I always envied those gymnasts and short people in general. How can someone NOT think you are cute if you are short? I always felt like I stood out too much. No gymnastics, but I can dance a mean jig though! I accidentally kicked my flat off of my foot and it flew through the air almost hitting a guest at our last St. Pat's gathering. (We haven't bothered throwing that party in years: see, performance team and how Irish dancing ruins everything) Will dance a jig and play Cards Against Humanity, sounds like a great add for a person wanting to have a little fun. Any takers?


  3. Debra- ONLY you. 🙂 Jeanette-I'm sure you have other talents that rival cartwheels and are actually useful. Della-I was the same as you, always upside down or walking on my hands. Can you imagine now?? NO way. Ivy-Of course you'd love fart wheel. 🙂 Ernie-I'm fortunate to have had nice celebrations for my birthday since around 40? Cards against humanity is so much fun. I really wish we played games more, but for that one, you really need the right group. Luckily, my girls fit into that equation…too much fun. You were too tall. I was always too short. Life isn't easy is it? Nope.


  4. So many things but first and foremost, I need your blog posts to be more frequent during this virus of epic proportions. Shit like this is literally getting me through the madness. I turn 50 next month and I couldn't do a cartwheel even if you paid me in weed and wine. Maybe smoke the weed and drink the wine before I do it? And fartwheel is just fun to say. Get cracking on those excessive blog posts.


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