Getting the band back together and getting the guest room back together

We are not freaking out here, our family isn’t freaking out and our friends aren’t freaking out.
I asked the Coach this weekend: Are we in denial? Are we the weird ones?

But, we’re not in denial that this is happening, and we aren’t losing our marbles either; I’m staying home as much as possible because I still have a cough and I really don’t want to frighten anyone.
I’ve stopped watching the news and I’m about done with the Facebook; too much bad information is worse than no information.

The silver lining is that Lolo’s classes in VA/D.C are canceled and have moved to online courses for a while. SO, she loaded up Mattis on Friday and drove 5 hours south, spent the night with her future mother-in-law and then drove the next day (over 10 hours) and made it home Saturday night.

When I say home, I mean HER home with Nathan, not our family home where she was nurtured, loved & adored, then grew up and left us. They live just over an hour north of us. Did I share that Nathan is now a detective and he’s also part of the bomb squad? Yeah, I’m not thrilled, but I am proud; he’s a good egg.

So we scheduled a family dinner at their place for Sunday night. How sweet to have her in the same state and that Linds was off work on Sunday too. We picked up Linds on the way to Lolo’s and had a great visit. Lolo made chicken pot pies; they were delish and something I’ve never made myself.
Good old comfort food. I brought a carrot cake which in conversations surrounding the upcoming wedding and Lolo learning about old-timey wedding traditions we renamed it The Fertility Cake. 
Since we all ate some, there will be more busy bee family babies soon.
I’m gonna be a Mom and a Grandma!

We finally have some men here working on the leaking/wall/mold issue in Lolo’s old bedroom. You might recall that I noticed the wall of mold just as I started my relationship with the flu 5 weeks ago.   This was the same week that Callie’s health was heading south; so it was a really good time.  {she’s actually doing fine by the way}

A nice view of my garage

Aside from the drywall and baseboards, we’ll have to replace some of the carpet (mold!) and then paint. I’m not a fan of carpet at all, and this room and Lindsay’s old room are the only ones that have carpet in them as we updated these rooms top to bottom four years ago; we were in a time crunch, and carpeting was the most timely flooring to put in. *sigh*
Now I need to find a carpet seamer guy. Hey Mr. Carpet man, come seam my carpet. 

Thankfully the guys put up a piece of temporary drywall to keep critters out. We already always have more lizards in the house than people, not hoping to have an opossum as well.

It’ll all be back to normal. One day. 

Homeownership is always full of fun surprises!
I’m really not complaining, it could always be worse. Right? 

Our upcoming event/trip to Napa has been postponed. But it’s all in the name of public safety so I’ll not complain one bit.

How’s are my people doing? Freaking out? Is everyone’s family healthy? 

24 thoughts on “Getting the band back together and getting the guest room back together

  1. I'm not freaking out, just trying to take the recommended precautions of staying home and washing my hands a lot. Everything I had scheduled for the next couple of months has been cancelled, so now I only go out for groceries, prescriptions and necessary appointments (doctor today and accountant hopefully next week — tax time is still coming up!)


  2. I am totally freaking out internally.And I am a horrible mom for making my college student stay at home for two weeks. Am I alone or is everyone letting their kids still actively socialize?I feel like will make or break our relationship. SIGH AARGH.


  3. We were headed to Napa over spring break but we cancelled too. Schools are closed here. I teach in a primary school and we are on a cyber learning plan until April 13th. The gang is all home here !


  4. How rude of her not to come home to YOUR house! 🙂 We are doing okayish over here. The kids are having to do virtual school and I'm not sure exactly how smooth it's going to be. Fingers crossed though! I'm trying to stay positive…sort of!


  5. I go back and forth between \”it will be fine\” and \”Oh my God! It's a disaster!\”My office hasn't made an official determination – but my boss more or less told me to work from home as much as I can – so that is my plan. Now to convince Man-Child to stay in his apartment as much as possible…this is proving to be difficult.


  6. That dinner sounds lovely. Glad the girls are close-ish. I am more freaked about more lizards in your house than people, than I am about a tp shortage. Kidding.I looked up while doing laundry yesterday and discovered that at some point (many months ago is my guess) I put an entire case of toilet paper from Costco on a very high shelf in the laundry room (very high ceilings in there where I keep extra bins of clothes that Mini has outgrown before Curly wears them). It felt like the hand sanitizer discovery. Woot woot! Sent kids to get a few staples from the store because we ALREADY went through the 4 gallons of milk I bought at the end of last week. They could not get bananas, eggs, or shredded mozzarella cheese for my Italian Beef sandwiches tonight. They scored all of the items at the next store. I can live without certain things, but doing without food – esp gluten free food will make me FREAK THE EF OUT. Other than that, I feel like we are doing the best we can to keep our distance and hope that this thing gets under control. I would REALLY like to drive south and lay on a beach over spring break now that Ireland is not happening. Coach says he cannot get away from work. Sigh.


  7. Okay, I am back. I read your post yesterday at the same time I was having a text discussion argument-ish with my newly minted 20-year-old. No one tells you how hard it is to have adult kids. Especially when there is a pandemic. I had to read your post twice because I was all, did she just tell us she is pregnant? Or about to have a grandchild? Then I tried to click on the fertility cake link and it told me I was too nosy. I hope you are staying sane during all of this, I hope your carpet gets seamed soon (tee hee), and I send you and your family love. 🙂


  8. You're a great mom for making your college student stay home. We all know they don't make excellent choices yet. We don't even do that yet. NO kids socializing is what I would say!!! Unless it's inside your home with a healthy friend.


  9. YOU are too funny. That dang couch is STILL taking up a car space in our garage and now all my garage cabinets have been emptied and removed and everything is stacked UPON the couch. It's a mess, but it's temporary. I think.


  10. Yay for toilet paper prezzies. I'm thinking you should get a cow for all the milk you guys drink. Surely Maryann would LOVE that. If you're driving south, stay away from the east coast. Broward county (fort lauderdale, miami) has closed the beaches. People are there on spring break and losing their minds. It's for the best though because they ahve a lot of cases over there.


  11. Yes. We're all preggers. NOT.I have it set on my blog where you can't right-click. (that's how people steal your pics) but if you just click on the link like normal, it will work. I promise. I'm as sane as I ever am. Well, you know what I mean. XO


  12. As designated 'elderly' folks were staying at home as much as possible for the foreseeable future. We haven't done any hording so we hope we can get to the grocery store on Friday (and that they have groceries!). I'm glad to hear that your family is now in the same state. Hopefully you'll be able to see each other more often.


  13. I'm not freaking out but then people act like I should be so I don't know…so confused haha…glad your girl is back and glad Callie is better!! Ok the grandma part was a joke right?! Stay healthy!!


  14. But at least you have plenty of time home to work on it now. I wish hubby had off during this but they still are open at this point. Stay safe. PS: glad you brought back the comment reply. It's just so nice.


  15. I'm not freaking but as a 70 yo serious diabetic I know that I could catch the virus easily if it even gets on the same block. I'm being careful but since I live alone I am a lot safer than families as no new germs are coming in except those that I bring.


  16. I'm scared and sad, but trying to stay calm. We went from not knowing what my son was going to do (in college in NY state, across a border) to him driving home with his roommate yesterday, so I'm sad for him but relieved that we're together. My parents are walking distance and have finally agreed that they will stay in. Angus is self-isolating for two weeks now and we will be in except for grocery shopping (even then friends have offered to drop stuff on our steps). We're okay – most of my worry is for other people, and for what the future is going to look like.


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