Suz Vlogs; noisy neighbor, dirty hair, butterflies

Happy Saturday.
I never post on the weekends, but I feel like we all need some distractions at this time.
I’ve also never done a vlog.
This is unprecedented and pretty boring.
Also, I sound very nasally because lately, I am.

Yes, I talk to the butterflies and the bees; they don’t mind if I’m especially nasally this weekend.

I mentioned this week that Lindsay’s juice bar closed down. They had just received an order of produce so yesterday she and the other peeps had to clear everything out.

She brought over a ton of fresh produce last night, way more than we can ever use. I’m giving a handful to my friend down the street (a family of 6) and keeping just a bit for the two of us.
The rest is going to our friends in Fort Myers who cook and feed the homeless every weekend in a public park.

Don’t you love it when a negative can be turned into a positive? That’s some good science right there.

Dust off the video button on your smartphone and share part of your day to distract the rest of us. Pleeaaase!!!


16 thoughts on “Suz Vlogs; noisy neighbor, dirty hair, butterflies

  1. OOOH I LOVE THIS. First, I am so jealous of your sunshine and warmth and I don't mean your charming personality. Second, this quarantine has convinced us that we need to live somewhere warm because if this happens again, we will all go officially nuts. The jury is still out for THIS quarantine. Thank you for making our boring Saturday a little less boring.


  2. Look at you! Or look at your set up. I am in Ohio and my internet is not pro- vlogging at the moment so I look forward to watching later. In fact I look forward to ANYTHING later. 6.5 hrs done about another 5.5 to go. Lad just got behind the wheel and Coach is on what appears to be (judging by facial expressions and grunts) a stressful emergency conference call with work. Something about virtual treatments- for physical therapy? I dunno but I have essentially been doing virtual PT siknce Nov on my knee (cause my PT and I are too busy) and I don't endorse it. I started trying to watch your video from the backseat and I started freaking out that your voice would pop up on bluetooth bc my phone is connected. \”Oh excuse me PT peeps that was Suz talking to butterflies. My apologies.\” Besides it kept reloading so I figured I best wait or someone up front my eject me.Oh my gosh that produce! Looks so great (the apple I brought in the car was a tad mushy). Awesome that it will be shared for so much good. Thanks for sharing. My messy laundry room could go viral if I vlog it. Get excited.


  3. What a treat that you can be the bearer of fresh food to the Ft. Meyer crowd. I had fresh fruit the other day and it was like I never had any before it was so good.


  4. I also envy you the beautiful weather. It's sunny here today, but 22 degrees. It will warm to a balmy 42, but then more snow is rolling in tonight. Starting at 8 p.m., New Yorkers are pretty much locked down. So I'm sitting here wondering if we should take one last outing, you know, a toilet paper hop, go to like six places and see if we can score any. There are eight of us here, only two males, so we go through it quickly. What a world! That produce is just beautiful!!!! How nice, but so sad too…I am a huge-0 baby, I must admit, I've gotten teary eyed at the empty shelves, it just seems so…doomsday-y.Della


  5. Your vlogs are very good. The only thing I can complain about is your beautiful weather — I wish we had some of that up here. I'm glad you were able to put the produce to such good use.


  6. We are blessed with fabulous winters. Our summers? Good lord, there isn't enough a/c to get us through it. Well, at least not for this almost menopausal woman. The empty shelves are so weird to me too; I've only seen that just prior to hurricanes…but this was even more so.


  7. What a good way to use up that produce, feeding the homeless! I hope it is just a matter of weeks before her juice bar gets back up and running, rather than months.


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