Human behavior is for the dogs & this Gen X’er doesn’t care about titles or mean robots.

This has nothing to do with the current situation of our planet; I refuse to focus on the insanity.

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with Lolo who was still in the D.C area living and going to school. Does anyone remember a few weeks ago when everything was normal?
Anyhoo, we were on the phone and she was walking her husky Mattis. She lives in a very dense/city area and is frequently asked by people if they can pet her dog. {he’s so fluffy!}
I heard a person ask, she replied and then the person said something I hear over and over when someone visits our house and my dogs get excited:

“oh, he/she/it smells my dog on me, that’s why they’re excited.”

Ummmm….I’m pretty sure they’re excited because they ARE dogs.

Humans are so predictable and Mattis is so fluffy.


I posted my first Vlog on Saturday. It was off the cuff and not very exciting. I had a lot of people view it, but not as many commented, so I’ll never do that again.

*takes her bouncy ball, leaves the playground and heads home*

Wait, Linds & Lolo watched/read and said it was funny. But Linds also texted me early Sunday morning to let me know that someone left a really nasty & insulting comment; she tried to delete it before I saw it but wasn’t able to. She didn’t want my feelings to be hurt. How freaking sweet is that? 
I’m sure some of you have been the victim of this “Boomer hater” too.
No? He/she went on and on for about four paragraphs how Boomers are ruining the world, how everyone HATES boomers,
Wait, here’s an excerpt:

Do you boomers realize how universally hated you are? There is not one single demographic that does not hate you- white people, black people, asians, mexicans, indians, chinese, millennials, GenX, GenZ. Something tells me that you boomers are not going to have a very comfortable or easy retirement, especially once you end up in the retirement homes.”

Aren’t Chinese people Asian? 
This is the most politically incorrect spam I’ve received.
This week.

I read it and knew at once it was spam crap and I assured her that it didn’t hurt my feelings at all because:

A) I’ll most likely NOT end up in a retirement home because I feel like I might die in a vehicle with the Coach driving long before that.
B) I’ll die being struck by lightning one clear summer day
(Florida!) while out collecting caterpillars.
I’m not a boomer, I’m Gen X.

Not that I really give two squats about those titles.

Also, I should be doing a lot of squats for the sake of my legs.

Take that you slimy robot with no morals and too much time on your hands!! *As I’m squatting*


We had a very quiet weekend. I stayed around the house piddling around the garden/yard, doing some laundry, vacuuming out my silverware drawer (it’s a thing now) and watching copious amounts of TV.
The Coach went out on the boat fishing with a friend most of Sunday; the weather has been glorious and it’ll be over and back to 99* in a minute so it’s best to take advantage now.

FYI: As many times as I’ve asked him to bring me a pet dolphin from the Gulf, he refuses.
I want this blog to be evidence of the abuse/neglect I live with.

So, anything new and exciting in your life?
Did you go to a public place and lick the doorknobs? 
The handrails? 

Sharing is caring.
Well, unless its a virus that causes a pan-freakin-demic.


23 thoughts on “Human behavior is for the dogs & this Gen X’er doesn’t care about titles or mean robots.

  1. Oh my gosh- the offensive robot! I never know what ages are labeled as what not, so thanks for the graphic.I don't have a dog, but when I go places with the kids I sit for people always say the same things: 'They're so cute'. *Hmm, OK if you think so, my real kids are cuter* Ha 🙂 and 'Oh, they're so good'. *that's cause they are staring at you staring at them. Give it time, they have their moments*I do think Chinese people are Asian – not sure and my politically correct teen experts are still sleeping. Mini is good at reminding me when I screw up \”That's a food- not an ethnicity\” or something with the obligatory eyeroll.I feel like I may as well have been out licking doorknobs since I found myself in New York, but oh so glad that's over. Would've been worried that Coach would fall asleep. Glad I was there to keep him awake with my riveting conversation. *In reality: I was reading and checking out blogs. I managed to clear some countertops and my desk yesterday and pay bills, so feeling accomplished and less clutteted. We also watched Catholic mass with the family. And Ed made a delish dinner. I will have to blog about the kids' meal preperations soon. It has been very entertaining because of course they have made it in a contest. Poor Curly is sweating that her meal will not make the grade. By the way, I wrote a blog post that will post this week and it is titled: 'odd things your spouse is afraid of, sharing is caring'. Great minds think alike. Today is all about writing assignments for my class and btw we got a couple inches of snow yesterday and it is still there. *sobbing softly*


  2. There's not a lot panic where I live, just people being smart and I gotta say, a whole heck of a lot of nice folks looking out for each other. I'll take it! Dogs are the best.I'm just online now so I didn't know you vlogged. If you like it, I hope you continue regardless of comments. Sometimes, it just takes a little time. Same with podcasting. I find, anyway.PS: Vacuumed the silverware. Hahahahaha.


  3. Love visiting you here my friend!I always leave with a smile and some pep in my step.Did I really just type that?!?! LOLSorry for the spam.I have seen some of those comments around.Beautiful pup.Beautiful family.Take care.Stay safe and cozy!


  4. Oh yeah, that anti-boomer comment is just a vile spam bot. There's another common one that's anti-female too. Delete, delete, delete!I hope you get your pet dolphin. I swam with the dolphins once. Two dolphins kissed me! That was about the kinkiest action I've ever had.


  5. Sorry that I don't comment frequently, but I enjoyed your blog & video. We are a Monarch way station and releaser (not very successful) fighting the fungus and predators, especially lizards and wasps. So I'm keenly interested in your inside method. PLUS, as a fellow sarcastic genius and smart-ass, you could be long-lost sister.Several bloggers have gotten the same nasty Boomer comment and have instituted 'monitoring.' We Boomers have lived productive, good lives (as evidenced by trying to save a whole species like Monarchs)–I resent these attacks. That said, I think ignoring these sicko's annoys them the most. There are weird, attention-seeking people out there–let's not give them our attention.


  6. Vlog again! I'm sorry I didn't get to comment (in over my head at the moment trying to figure out this new world we find ourselves in!). I've seen that nasty bot comment – special place in hell for the people behind that.


  7. Thank you Eileen, I mean possible Sister?I go through times when I have more predators; lizards & wasps, and I constantly battle the aphids. Why were those ever created anyway? I'm glad to know you're a fellow monarch Mom. I gather the baby caterpillars from the garden and place them on the protected milkweed that I keep in my lanai area; then I put the baby with the plant in a zip up popup cage. I just continually swap out the plants as they eat them. When they create their chrysallis I move them (after 24 hours) and pin them by their silk into an old styrofoam cooler until they are ready to be released. This saves them from predators and I have a great success rate. I do not bring them ALL in becuase It becomes too much; so usually I have about 20-35 at one time.


  8. I wouldn't know the first thing about Vlogging, I can barely keep up with blogging but now that we have the issued stay at home order I just might be able to catch up on reading everyones blogs. That dog is so cute and fluffy!! Yeah, I've gotten some really rude spam comments so I just go into my comment settings and mark them as spam then delete them. The latest is the one on baby boomers, like whatever! Well if your hubby won't bring you home a dolphin then I hope he at least brought home some fish.Take care and stay healthy


  9. That dog is soooo cute. I've received a lot of emails about helping with the dog foster situation. I really want to but was afraid of having two dogs on different \”schedules\” and I would just get back from walking one and the other one would bark \”next\”.


  10. I read your posts in the wrong order and I feel all discombobulated. I love that word. I feel like we need to bring it back. That and \”YIKES!\”. Your posts are SAVING ME. Also, the fact that you said you vlogged and not as many people commented and you weren't going to do that again is such a KARI thing to say. I would totally think and say that. But you need to vlog for humanity. DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY. I love that you catch caterpillars. I miss caterpillars because WINTER. But the birds are around, so they are keeping me busy. To be clear, I don't \”catch\” birds. Although maybe that will become a hobby. I will save that for April. Gotta keep the calendar full.


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