She Vlogs again; I finally got what I wanted. Spoiler alert, it’s not a baby dolphin. This time

What day are we on for quarantine? 6, 7, 58? 

I’m so thankful for a large yard that I can wander around to get some fresh air; it makes me less sassy. Can you imagine? 

When I was a kid, both my Dad and his Dad were always (when not working) in the yard; planting, trimming, watering, growing stuff.

I always thought that was just what old people do. 

Happy Tuesday.
So, tacos tonight? 

{virtual} XOXO

17 thoughts on “She Vlogs again; I finally got what I wanted. Spoiler alert, it’s not a baby dolphin. This time

  1. Congratulations on becoming a mother again! I'm sure you'll have many giant swallowtails before long. If you could send us some Florida sunshine I would be glad to send some Tennessee rain. I've almost forgotten what the sun looks like.


  2. I swore I was just going to do my writing homework after my workout, but I had yet to watch your first vlogs . . . so here I am procrastinating, again. OMG – you so could toss a cut little dolphin in that pool. Why not? Loved the walk around your property and checking out your pretty flowers and your citrus trees. So, so pretty where you are. And warm (softly sobs) We had inches of snow Sunday which melted yesterday. I hope to walk outside with Mini once she has some time between classes. Tomorrow a whopping 60 degrees. Yeah – more walking outside. I am glad for you that you have some space between you and your horrible neighbors. Our houses are closer together. Mini moved the minivan off the driveway yesterday so Reg could shoot hoops. It was in the 40s and there were lots of people out walking. I asked her when she came back in if she ended up taking out any pedestrians. One never knows with how she drives. No license yet, still practicing. This could be a years long process – she is NOT a good driver. Anyway, she was concerned that she parked on the street at the back of Mary Ann's driveway and that Mary Ann might get upset. I just laughed. If that woman wants to tell us where to park (AGAIN) I am going to tell her where she can go.


  3. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your beautiful weather right now. Seeing as we are not able to do much of anything it sure would be nice to take a nice walk outside or hike a trail or something!


  4. I love your yard! And am happy that your trees are attracting the butterflies. I bought a little key lime tree last year that I have been nursing through the winter inside. I can't wait to get it back outside and see if it will actually grace me with some key limes.


  5. Well done!! You got the Vlogging figured out. Your yard is lovely and I'm so happy that you are so excited about your butterflies. Can't wait to see them in their various stages. I'm sure this is a to be continued post….er Vlog.


  6. So many things.Your grass is crunchy but so is ours, for different reasons. I love your vlogs because 1-southern accent yall and 2- it's gorgeous there TAKE ME WITH YOU. Oh and 3- you're funny. That probably should've been #1 but I think you and I are close enough now that we know sarcasm is my life.I didn't know what a swallowtail was until this post. Actually, I still don't know what it is but assume it is a butterfly because of the larvae. I think you definitely need a dolphin. Pull a little of that Veruca out to get it, PLEASE.Also next video, you need to do your I WANT A DOLPHIN, DADDY! in your Veruca Salt accent.


  7. HAHA. I always forget that I have a southern accent until someone says so. Y'all is one of my favorite words and I don't only say it, I also write/text it. Sarcasm is my favorite thing. We do quite a few Veruca Salt plea's around here….I'll add this one to the list. I'll share some swallowtail stuff; I assumed everyone (y'all) knew what they were. 🙂


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