Goldilocks and the new office

I started this post a few weeks ago when we were living our ordinarily boring days. *sigh* 

We converted the girls’ playroom to Coach’s home office.
It’s all finished aside from a desktop and printer.

I guess that means, it’s not 100% finished. I’m a liar. 

I ordered the desk, file cabinet (behind desk) rug and a desk chair from Pottery Barn when they were having a spectacular sale. I was hesitant to even order the chair because it seemed so expensive to me,  but it looked really timeless and comfortable.

Some of the items were taking forever to come in and then I found out that the chair was going to EVEN more delayed.
Finally, I came to my senses, called and canceled the overpriced chair.

Later, the next day I was at Office Depot picking up some printing and I saw some great chairs there. I almost purchased one for him; then I decided I’d let him choose his own chair. 
See, I’m nice. 

The chairs at OD ranged from $200-$400. Much better prices than PB.

I finagled him to go to Office Depot one evening to shop and he poo-pooed every chair he sat in.
Too small.
Too hard.
Too ugly.

Finally, I asked him where he purchased the office chair that he has in his actual office.

“I ordered it online from Costco about 10 years ago.”

Really now.

It goes to show you, we all probably do better with fewer choices in life; that could be a positive spin regarding prison or arranged marriages.

A few weeks later we were in Costco and they had two desk chairs to chose from.
Goldilocks Coach tried them both; and decided that the more inexpensive one was the most comfortable.

Y’all it was $99.

We have too many choices in life and it can make it harder. Right? 

Like right now, I’d take ONE PLY generic TP given the chance.

Oh, and we still have all the kid’s books, toys, and games in the office if the Coach needs to take a break from running our empire company.

So, is anyone making any changes at home? 

Well, aside from rationing paper goods and hiding from sick people?

26 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the new office

  1. Rationing our paper goods like everyone else except the hoarders who bought up all the toilet paper at the beginning of this crisis! They won't need to buy any more until 2025!


  2. I love the office! My desk chair was from Walmart, Better Homes and Gardens collection. It was $60 and I love it because it is tufted and soft and doesn't look like an office chair. And also, $60. I have NO MOTIVATION to do any home improvement projects. None. This is very uncharacteristically me. Maybe it means I don't have anything to do? Creatively speaking, that is. Laundry, cleaning surfaces, and hiding from sick people is a daily routine now, sadly.


  3. What a great looking room. Love the Goldilocks visual \”too hard\” \”too soft\”. My Coach does not like my posture on a chair so I sit on a yoga ball at my computer which has done wonders for my low back. Quite cheap too. I have been wishing that I could find someone during this stuck-at-home time to put in a hood in the kitchen. Short list of things STILL unfinished there. Ugh. Thinking about rearranging the basement. The ping pong table had to be taken off of Curly's stage because she is doing zoom dance classes and needs the stage. So the ping pong is currently between the TV and the sectional. It's an interesting look.


  4. We cleaned and organized the linen closet and the laundry room today. It feels so nice. I want to install new flooring in the kitchen and living room, but my husband works from home, not sure he wants to take on such a project…I need to keep busy though! We go on walks, but oh dear, I need projects!!! I wish I had stocked up on furniture to do before-and-afters on, you know, chalk paint things…the office looks grand, and I love how you still have Lincoln Logs!Della


  5. Oh my, it's so lovely!Isn't that always the way – if I compliment someone on their scarf/ outfit/ what have you, it's always something they bought years ago in a tiny market in some place like Barcelona. So, not something I can easily replicate!


  6. Coach's new office really looks nice. We're not doing any remodeling in the house, although we are trying to get the yard fixed up. In all honesty we'll never run out of things to do.


  7. I love how the office came out and I LOVE THE FLOORS. Love 'em. For us, we're still working on the trailer in bits and bobs and now, working on the land outside to get her ready for growing veg, seeds and grains. So fun.


  8. Thank you! I find myself slouching every once in a while and then I straighten up hoping to stop any damage. Your basement project sounds BIG, but I know you'll have some extra hands to assist.


  9. My girls LOVED the Lincoln logs; they were actually at their Grandparents house and when the downsized, they came here. Hoping all the grandkids will once again enjoy them. Re-doing furniture right now would be a good time sucker.


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