Lit from the inside and out

Lindsay’s air conditioner was on the fritz Tuesday. This has happened a few times since her brand new a/c was installed a few years ago; yes, it annoys both she and I to no end.

The drain pipe keeps getting clogged and she went a day with no a/c and it was 80* inside her condo; no outside air moving through at her place either.

We had a high of 92* yesterday; it’s summer y’all.

She and I tried to troubleshoot over the phone, then she said: “I wonder if I can clear out the clog, I was kind of paying attention when the guy came last time”.

So, while face-timing her dad they MacGyver-ed it out together.

Overhearing the conversation made me smile.

Do you have a wire hanger? No, you’ve never been to the dry cleaner? 
Yes, you have to stick your finger in the congealed gunk.
How about a pipe cleaner?
Hmmm….how about your vacuum cleaner; does it have a hose attachment?
Hmmm….how about your blow dryer? Try that. Oh, you don’t have an extension cord?

And so on.

Me wondering when in my life did I acquire all those items to have on hand at any given moment.

Finally, between the blowdryer (the cord was just long enough) and hot water from her kettle, the clog was cleared and she was ECSTATIC to have cool air again.

I think JOY from the accomplished job was as good as the feeling of being cool again;
her face was LIT.

I awoke at 5:30 this morning with a smile on my face knowing she won’t be uncomfortable today.

If you need me this afternoon, this non-morning girl will be napping.

One of my blooming orchids from this week; that is a non-adjusted pic.
It’s that LIT.

Happy Wednesday

12 thoughts on “Lit from the inside and out

  1. It's the \”little things\” that are big things. I am so glad she is going to be comfortable. We had a rare 75 degree day in April here and it was so stuffy and hot by evening. But Midwesterners don't turn on the AC until May at the EARLIEST. It's a thing, ask Ernie. So I can relate to being uncomfortable…..we did turn on the AC at 9 last night because it was miserable. Of course, it's going to be a high of 44 tomorrow INSERT EYE ROLL. Enjoy your well-deserved nap, my friend.


  2. Oh that is so cool! I have three daughters who live in a big old house in town, and they get a kick out of figuring things out like that, too. But shh, they also call daddy to help sometimes! (He of course doesn't go over there now, just in general). 92 degrees, wow! We hit a balmy 60+ yesterday, with plenty of sunshine, and we all look like we've been on vacation because we spent the whole day outside. But alas, it's short-lived, we are getting more snow on Friday…


  3. How did I miss this yesterday? So glad that they figured out how to unclog that – that conversation made me chuckle. Must be very satisfying to be a DIY-er. Love the orchid. I have some color after lying out in the sun the last two days (oh, now I know how I missed this post). Then the temp dropped and a kid asked me this am if we had the AC on because the kitchen was so chilly. Nothin like a nap. Hope you squeezed on in!


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