I hope I don’t regret not having a title for this mess.

It’s come to my attention that I have a lot of feelings.

Good ones.
Sad ones.
Really, really bad ones.

Just kidding about the bad ones, but I do love a sing-song rhyme.

Also, spell check always tells me that I don’t’ know how to spell rhyme.

People always say to live your life without regret.
Who are these people and why should we listen to them?

{not my tattoo nor my decolletage}

How does one live without regret? Like, NOT one regret? 
I’m not buying what they’re selling.

My regrets; I have a few.

I regret being an anal-retentive Mother when my girls were little. I know exactly *why I was like that 
and I don’t believe they are scarred, but still, I could have been a ‘lighter’ person.

I regret some of the times I didn’t answer the phone when my Mom called me.

I regret all the times I stressed over buying and wearing a bathing suit. From the time I was 15 until now; I stressed whether I was 95lbs or 140lbs.

I regret not wearing sunscreen on my decolletage during my teen years.

Upcoming evidence of feelings all over the place.

This song was on my mind the other day.
When my Mom was in hospice we played some music for her.
Me: Oh, she loves this song (she really did) so I started playing it. 

After a minute or so, my Aunt Trisha said: Yeah, she likes that song, but she really loves this one.

My Mom was heavily sedated and hadn’t communicated in hours, but she twitched when this song came on. I know she was trying to dance.

When I was a kid and she would dance/drive in the car at hearing a good song…Why did that mortify me? 
Dance/driving is the best.

I don’t regret dropping everything and spending copious amounts of time with my Mom in ATL when she was sick.

I don’t regret a single day of actually being a Mom or a Wife. (I capitalized on those as they are both positions that I take seriously.)

I don’t regret knowing the word decolletage; it’s an interesting word.

I might regret hitting publish on this post.


22 thoughts on “I hope I don’t regret not having a title for this mess.

  1. Don't you dare regret hitting publish. This is a good one. Thank you for sharing this (and her) with us. I will love that Meghan Trainor song even more now when I hear it. Also, I have a lot of the same regrets you do. It's almost scary how much we are alike. The good scary. 🙂


  2. Oh how I hate regrets – so timely considering what I posted today. 🙂 Glad you posted this. I feel like I made mistakes as a mom. My kids poke fun at me now about some of it. Not all of it, but some of it is funny in hindsight. I absolutely love the 'We're the Millers' movie. I recognize the screwed up tattoo – hilarious. Your mom was a hip lady with such updated music taste. I so love the 'Over the Rainbow' song. I used it at the end of the video I made for my parents' 50th anniversary.Am I the only one who had to google decolletage?I wonder if I will someday regret not using sunscreen more, but so far the dermatologist says I am OK. I do not regret having a Hungarian grandmother whose Hungarian blood I inherited. I tan and rarely burn . . . the rest of me is pretty Irish, but not so much as a freckle.


  3. I do have a lot of regrets but try not to pay attention to them anymore! Usually I only think about the when I have a particularly down day which isn't too often thank goodness!


  4. No regrets regarding hitting publish! Not one – this post is perfect. I have many of the same regrets and, I don't know why, cried over your don't regrets – particularly regarding your mom. And I love her taste in music.Decolletage is an interesting word – and I like that I know it, now I just have to learn how to pronounce it!


  5. Don't regret hitting publish! A great post! Why was I a teenage sun queen? I have asked myself that a hundred thousand times…skin cancer 😦 I don't know how a person doesn't have regrets. If you don't have regrets, then you must have had a perfect life and who has one of those?


  6. I think it's ridiculous when people say they have no regrets. Honestly, we should all have SOME regrets. Unless we have never in the world had a sharp word or never behaved badly or hurt someone – which, let's face it, we all have – we should have regrets! And you regretting not answering the phone when your mom called..well, Suz, that got to me. I admit I do that sometimes and it is a good reminder to me that she is not going to be around forever. So, thanks for the reminder to be a better person! xoxoxo


  7. I definitely regret all the burns and tans my chest received back in the day. I have the chest of a 70 year old! 🙂 No amount of lotion or cream seems to be helping it either. And I have tons of regrets about motherhood. I think moms moms do. There is constant worry/fear that you aren't doing something right or well enough. Hopefully I haven't messed up my kids too much!


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