I’m certified and I’m finished.

My gardens are officially certified.
And you thought I was just certifiable.

Notice my Monarch model; he approved the signage.

To be prized.
I’m rambling here.

I wish I could ditch the electrical boxes and irrigation stuff off the walls, but electricity and irrigation are essential to me.
Also, this is the side of our house, not the front. The front is prettier. But don’t tell the sides and back; they’ve never met.

I’m sure the signs will lure even more butterflies to my lair.

I really try to keep my posts short and sweet so I don’t lose anyone, but I never know where exactly to stop.

Stop here? 

Maybe stop here?


The puzzle is finished.

Can I stop talking about that damn puzzle already? 
No. I can not.

I know, you were probably not sleeping a minute wondering how I was doing with it; it’s finally done and yes, I was missing two pieces. MAX!!

I complained to Linds that it was hard to do because my right arm hurt so much.

Linds: Do it with your left arm.

Why do my children use logic against me?

When I was finished, I wrote a note on the box for my future self or someone else’s future self that two pieces are missing and I sharpied the spots on the box.

If my arm felt better, I’d pat myself on the back for that.

Actually, my arm is feeling a bit better. Thank you all for your wonderful advice; it’s appreciated.
Also, icing it a few times a day has been awesome and something I didn’t think to do before. *duhh*
It’s no picnic being me.

NOW, I’m done.


Does anyone have plans for the weekend?

Suzanne, that was cruel and uncalled for.

Oh, wait.
One more thing.

Our marina has opened back up (with VERY limited contact) so the Coach is excited to get on his boat and go fishing tomorrow. He’s been working a lot and being home with me a lot.
He needs some fun because I can only entertain him so much; that wasn’t a part of our vows.

I DO wish you all a nice weekend doing something you enjoy with people that you can semi-stand being around.
I consider myself fortunate in that way.
I never thought to ask my husband how he felt about it.
Probably just as well…

Bee good
Bee silly
Bee well


22 thoughts on “I’m certified and I’m finished.

  1. That's your YARD? Omg. Suz. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. And I love how the butterfly is just casually hanging out on the monarch sign. Like, \”recognize anyone on that sign? No?\” I cannot even…your yard. I am absolutely dying over here. It is so gorgeous! Also, that puzzle looks like a bitch but you conquered it! Well done, you!


  2. I love the butterfly certification so much. One of my friends lost her mom a few years ago and her mom presents her heavenly self as a butterfly. I don't think it is a mistake that you and I met. FOR REAL. 🙂 I struggle with blog post length as well. I mean, you've read my posts so you know. I would read Moby Dick if you wrote it. (I've never read it. Probably because you didn't write it) I have a VERY short attention span and your blog holds my attention every time. Do you get to go on the boat too? I think that would make me so happy right now. We got snow last night, which isn't unusual for where we live BUT it is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend. I have never been more appreciative of nice weather in my entire life. Have a great weekend, butterfly mama. 🙂


  3. Thank you for the compliments; we love our property so much. I complain at least once a week about the maintenance this house causes us, but I can't let it go because I love my yard so much.


  4. My favorite bit: 'I would've patted myself on the back' – wah ha ha! You clever butterfly-raising, puzzle-making certifiable you. Your yard is AMAZING. I can barely keep the inside of our house in shape so the outside is nothing to look at. No wonder the neighbors sneer at us. So cool that you are certified and super impressive that you have begun training your followers to land in your photo shots. Wait, is rambling on in a blog a bad thing? Oops. 🙂 A boat ride sounds delightful. Everything here got covered in snow – again, last night. But like Kari said I am looking forward to great weather this weekend and into next week – I am excited to add walking back into my daily routine. Although I have been getting more done since that hour has been utilized doing other stuff. Good weather also means my people will go outside and play non-stop volleyball and while I can usually stand them, peace inside the house is not a bad thing. Have a great weekend!


  5. Butterflies resonate with so many people and I love that. I started raising butterflies after I lost my Mom, but I just know it thrills her to no end looking down and seeing what I'm doing. I'm always invited for boating. The thing is, I like to ride in the boat for maybe one or two hours. He likes to go fishing for 6-7 hours and I would have to throw myself OFF the boat to the fishes. I hope you get the good weather and can get out and enjoy it!


  6. Oh my goodness, your yard is fantastic!! Your green thumb is as good as my black thumb I put in as much effort not doing my yard as you do doing yours! Very impressive and I love your signs. It looks so legit like you could open up some butterfly tour in your garden of delight.Puzzles are so puzzling when there are missing pieces. I love, love, love doing puzzles but do love it so much when the pieces have go astray. Good for you for marking it on the box for future puzzlers. Glad your arm is doing better and that your hubby can get out and fish. Take care!!Saimi


  7. Yay on the certification! I enjoy puzzles and that one looks good. I finished one over Christmas that was making me scratch my head – turned out the picture on the box was not EXACTLY what the puzzle turned out to be (somethings were yellow on the box but orange in the puzzle). I'm glad your arm is feeling better and I love your yard!


  8. Our yard wasn't always a priority either; it's what I spend a lot of time on now since I have MORE time now. And not just becuase of our current situation, but because my kids have fled the coop. So, you're telling me I should make longer posts? Noted. 🙂 Snow. Good lord when does summer arrive in Chi-town?


  9. i'm so excited about your butterfly garden certification! who knew?!?! i do think you should open it to the public once this is all over… and charge $. or TP. I am hysterical over here about the sharpie making the missing pieces of the puzzle. MY gramma did that ALL THE TIME!!!


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