The one where I was content to drink dirt, witness a reptile romance, and still be a good human.

I had an (almost) surprise visitor on Friday morning.


Linds decided to drive to our neck of the woods and pick up some juice from an open juice bar. She brought me a few, picked up a puzzle, and loved on Max for a few minutes.

Even though Max was adopted by Lolo, he lived with both girls for many years and he absolutely LOVES Lindsay. He was so happy he was whining/crying/moaning; it was cute and weird. But, he’s cute and weird.

Anyhoo… she brought me two fresh-cold-pressed juices of my choosing; one of them contained beet juice. There’s nothing better than drinking something that tastes like dirt; it was reminiscent of my childhood.


Saturday morning I opened the door to go outside and I found two snakes ‘gettin’ jiggy wit it’ on my sidewalk.


They’re common blacksnakes; we have a lot of them and they are essential.

Like healthcare workers for my yard.

I felt bad that I interrupted them, but I suppose I didn’t really interrupt because they kept doing what they were doing, like what my eyes saw didn’t matter.

I stepped back inside and then I wondered if I really saw what I thought I saw.

The next step, of course, was to google: Do snakes have sex? 

The answer was YES and it can take hours or a whole day. I surely hope I didn’t mess up their day; plus, that poor girl!

My life has been so exciting that I actually pondered this for a while.


We had a really nice weekend. Our event on Friday night was more fun than we should be having on our couch.


Aside from the musicians playing some tunes, there is constant chatting on the side with some awesome people from all over the world. (85-90 people were with us)

It was fun ‘talking’ with our friends who we’ve not been able to see while listening to the music and raising funds for Liberty Manor.


A lot of you have asked about how I like compared to blogger; so far I really do like it.

I’m going to work on a post about the pros/cons as soon as I feel like I’m a semi-pro.

I hope everyone had an equally pleasant weekend; whether on your couch or on your porch swing.



22 thoughts on “The one where I was content to drink dirt, witness a reptile romance, and still be a good human.

  1. The look your dog is giving her is priceless. SO SWEET. That should be framed.
    I had no idea snakes look like that while having sex. I even said out loud, wow, that Suz sure knows her animal sex positions.
    Also, ALL DAY??????????


  2. Also, I am making egg salad right now. The house is FULL of the smell of farts and I am thinking of you. I knew you wouldn’t at all be offended about that but had to share.

    Also part two, get used to me leaving several comments now that it is so much easier to do. FIST BUMP, WORDPRESS.


  3. Michelle Keltner

    I would not have been excited to see those snakes…. A busy weekend here with projects, etc…but, nothing too exciting. I like it that way.


  4. Even though I know that black snakes are supposed to be “good” snakes – I would have shut my door and never leave the house again had I come across that sight.

    So who knew, snakes have sex, huh. Learn something new everyday – the more random the better, particularly during lockdown.


  5. nicoleboyhouse

    Wow, reptile sex! Who knew. Who knew it could take so long! I like beets when they are roasted, but otherwise all I can taste is dirt. Beet juice is especially dirt-like!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG – your blog was hiding from me. I think I have to update my link to your blog on my blog feed (I am throwing terms around that I am not at all confident using, so correct me if I am using the wrong terminology). Sorry I missed this yesterday. Glad I happened to click on your blog – my feed still says: Peer pressure. . . . Anywho thanks for the x-rated snake picture. I would have voluntarily lengthened my at home stay. Love the puppy love with Linds. My only beet experience was filling the beet container at the salad bar during my Burger King days. Other than that never touched the stuff.

    Curious about your switch to wordpress. I am so not technically inclined I fear I would lose all my old posts – your’s look like they show up here. It is a very pretty look. I look forward to you sharing the thoughts behind leaving blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was hiding and now you’ve found me! 😉
      You worked the salad bar at Burger King and I worked the salad bar at Ponderosa. I didn’t like the beets back then, but my least favorite thing to refill was the chickpeas; I always thought they smelled like farts. Even now, I can only eat them if they’re smashed into hummus with garlic.

      I’m not technically savvy. really. You should back up your blog to your computer on occasion anyway…it’s somewhere in your settings. But I did that and then migrated everything into a new account. (it’s not free) I was even able to move my domain name from the old blog to this one and I felt like I’d just cured cancer.

      Replying to comments on WP is so much better; you don’t have to open the blog, it has it’s own interface for that. Also, it has an app and you can read, comment, reply, or write all from that. So far, I’m very happy with my move.


  7. Melanie Galliano

    I don’t like one snake, much less two snakes, making more snakes…. lol My husband likes wordpress better than blogger. I’ve been on blogger soooo long I don’t know if I can deal with making the switch!

    Liked by 1 person

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