Things I ponder, remember and oversay

What will it be like to wear a real bra again?

I’m dreading that because sports bras are now my life and my preference.

Can we ban underwires for eternity? 


As I’m writing this there is a set of cardinals frolicking in and around the oak tree outside my office window. Chatting, eating worms. (better not be my butterfly caterpillars!)

One morning, a few weeks ago I was out walking the yard with the dogs while sipping a cup of coffee; the sun had come up and was kind of blinding me as I looked towards the back of our property.

Up in a cypress tree, there was a LOT of chirping and movement; I could see the outline of about 25-30 birds.

Since the sun was in my eyes, at first I couldn’t tell what flavor they were.

Said tree minus birds and blinding sun because I didn’t have my phone on me.

It took me a minute or two and I realized they were ALL cardinals. A whole conclave of them congregating before they started their day.


I always have several around the yard, but I’ve never seen this many at once.

You know how people like to say that Cardinals represent your loved ones who’ve passed?

Well, that morning a large portion of my Ancestry DNA was visiting me; the whole fam-damily.

*I looked it up after first writing this today and a group of Cardinals is referred to as a college, conclave, radiance or Vatican; when I first wrote this I referred to them as a SLEW of cardinals. I’m so slewpid.* 



I refer to my critters as ‘pumpkin’ and ‘pumpkin pie’ way too much.

Max, Callie, newly eclosed butterflies.

My mom used to refer to me as her pumpkin when I was a kid; I never got it.

Apparently, now, I’ve GOT IT.

My other overused love phrases are sweetheart, boo-bear, sugar britches, sweet cheeks,

What phrase do you oversay?


23 thoughts on “Things I ponder, remember and oversay

  1. Melanie Galliano

    I hate underwires and have never worn them – ever. How cool to see a flock of cardinals!!! That’s what I would have called them — a flock of birds. I have never seen more than two at a time.

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  2. I have A) never seen that many cardinals at once, and B) never heard that cardinals are passed on loved ones coming for a visit, how great is that?

    Underwire? What’s that. I am incredibly flat chested. No joke. A real carpenter’s dream. Flat as a board and in need of a screw – well, not necessarily. I have a thing that needs to be removed from my back. My appointment was scheduled for March 19th and then they cancelled it. Not essential. I guess. It itches like a mother though under my bra strap. I can get away with NO BRA and a big fuzzy sweatshirt over a long sleeve t-shirt. Honestly I am super happy not to have EVER worn underwire.

    Things I say over and over again are mostly 4 letter words. 🙂 You saw that one coming, right? I don’t really use little lovey, pet names. Maybe because I don’t have pets? When I try to call my kids by their real names, I start with their siblings’ names and work my way down. It is very effective, as I am sure you can imagine. If I call Reg by his middle name, I succeed in getting it right the first time – otherwise he has to listen to me call all of his brothers’ names before I get to him.

    Back in the day, I used to say when I bumped into people at the store or something (and they said, How’s it going?), “Oh, you know. Just running around like a lunatic.” Ed made fun of me for it and I decided he was right. I sounded like a loony tune, so I eliminated that little conversational vomit from my conversation in passing.

    I might have other things I always say, but I would have to poll my kids who are either sleeping, or studying. Pretty sure I usually sound like: ‘Clean this up. Who did this? Why didn’t you throw this away?’ oh and the ever popular, “Do me a favor, (insert name of whichever kid is closest to me and MIGHT do me a favor).”

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    1. I would lose my marbles with the itchy spot on my back; I hope you get it removed soon.

      Yes, to the four-letter words; saw that one coming! Haha.

      I remember my Mom’s dad would go through all the names of his kids (he had four including my Mom) before he got to the right name. I always wondered what his problem was, but I’ve found myself doing that with ONLY two kids.

      “Do me a favor”…I can see them running for cover as soon as the words leave your lips.


  3. Michelle Keltner

    I have never seen that many Cardinals at once. I have a male that comes to a feeder and then chirps for his mate to come over. Guess he is telling her the coast is clear. I overuse the word precious as I tell my Calico cat she is precious all the time. My family thinks I am nuts.

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    1. I can hear you saying “precious” now like in that movie that I’ve never seen. (Lord of the rings?)

      How sweet that the male scopes it out for the mama bird; I do love cardinals.


  4. Bras just need to not be a thing anymore period; underwire or not.

    I haven’t seen a conclave of cardinals (who knew?) but I have seen a LOT of them darting around in the neighborhood. They are so cheerful looking, they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

    Trying to think – I KNOW I have some overused phrases. Hmmm, I do call Man-Child Charlie Brown, pumpkin, sweetheart. I use the phrase in a hot minute quite a bit. And depending on the topic of conversation between The Husband and me; I have been known to say, this is something we need to stop talking about before things get ugly! And he knows right then to shut it down.

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    I still put on my regular bra once a week, along with my jeans, just to make sure all is okay in the kingdom, if you know what I’m saying.

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  6. Well, it’s better than a murder of crows. Says a lot about crows, doesn’t it?
    By the way, I am in love with my bird. LOVE. It makes me wonder if having a bird was all that was missing in my life?

    I may never wear a real bra again. In fact, on my daily walks, I never wear a bra at all. Yesterday it got Midwest warm (it’s a thing) while walking and thought about taking off my sweatshirt but realized that I didn’t have a bra on and I would be nipping out in my tee-shirt. But then I thought, WHO THE HELL IS LOOKING AT MY BOOBS IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC??

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  7. Cardinals represent your loved ones who’ve passed? I’ve never heard that. We have a few cardinals around here, but they aren’t too bright, often bashing headfirst into a window.

    Phrase I say too often: groovy. It is all purpose, indicating agreement or acceptance or indifference. It works for me, an introvert.

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  8. i did not know groups of cardinals had all those names! how amazing it must have been to see right in your back yard! i’m not on your bra bandwagon… i am quite comfortable with support! i do like my sports bra but i wish it was easier to get out of it… one day i’m going to have to call you and you’re going to have to come here and help me get untangled!

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    1. I need support, but it’s not comfortable. It’s a lose/lose situation. Yes, it’s not fun getting out of them especially when you’re sweaty; ughhh. Call me and I’ll bring my scissors.


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