This, that and the other thing. The Princess of darkness edition.

Dr. Death

Thank you all for your positive comments on my butterfly post from Monday. I love and appreciate your accolades.

I’m not kidding…

I really, really need your accolades.

My friend Kelly was asking me a while ago how many butterflies I release each year. I wasn’t sure, but now I’m keeping a spreadsheet because: time and pandemic.

I’ve released 73 in just under a month. A boatload of butters. 

Now, for my Debbie Downer moment.

I had to put on my Jack Kevorkian pants 5 times last week.

I euthanized five butters. Well, technically I think two took their own lives.

They could neither fly nor eat; what’s the point then? 

It happens; disease. Parasites.

BTW; Jack’s pants: So.darn.tight; he was a slim man.

How do you euthanize? Well, there are two methods that I know of. One I can’t fathom.

The method I use is I put them in my fridge for about five minutes to lower the body temperature, then in the freezer, they go.

Don’t ask me how many times someone has opened up the freezer with a butterfly surprise.


I said DON’T ask me. 

I forget they are in there and the next time I, Coach, or a guest goes into the freezer for something: Death.

THEY say that butterflies feel no pain. Hmmm. I don’t know if I believe THEY.

I’ve gotten better at this though. I used to get upset when I had to put one in my beloved appliance, but now it’s a fact of life.

This should probably make my enemies husband nervous.

Who am I kidding? WE know I don’t have enemies.


Let’s get married!

My calendar told me that I was supposed to go wedding dress shopping with Linds and Lolo today.


The nuptials are still planned for the Fall of 2021, but the venue and dress shopping has been postponed for a bit.

The future Mr & Mrs. Cutie Pie.

I think a backyard wedding would suffice. Can you picture the butterfly release?

That is if they’re not all in the freezer.



I really need to Marie Kondo my closet again; I’ve been putting it off.

BUT, I did start to Marie Kondo my boxes and boxes and boxes of old photos. I’ve arranged to have a good lot of them scanned and saved digitally. This is a big undertaking.


When you are the ONE who continues to live (out of parents, grandparents and siblings) you end up with ALL the photos. Which, I’m thankful for, but I need them in some sort of order for my kids so they won’t be overwhelmed by them like I am.


That’s all the death, despair and disappointments I have to share today.

If I say anymore we won’t have anything dreadful to talk about on Friday.

I’m kidding! Happy Humpday!




20 thoughts on “This, that and the other thing. The Princess of darkness edition.

  1. Good luck getting all those photos organized. I’ve been working on mine for years and I feel as if I’ve barely made a dent. I’m sorry to hear about the butterflies you had to put down, but you’re obviously doing something right since you have released so many.

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  2. I forgot for a minute that it is in fact Wednesday. Oh poor little butterflies. My mom used to freeze monarchs in empty cool-whip containers when I was young and then she put them in a glass display case with some dead flowers or something. It was small, like very small – so there were only a handful of butterflies in there. Are you going to ban me from your blog for admitting that my mom did the euthanizing back when it was unnecessary? Purely to borrow their beauty? I swear I had nothing to do with it. I prefer cool whip containers to be full of, you know cool whip.

    That is a butt load of ‘butters’ – holy cow! You are a serious butterfly lady, as if that was not already obvious. Super impressive. To think zoos charge people to walk through their butterfly gardens, but your own backyard probably offers more than their sad little tents.

    Bummer about the wedding dress shopping. Oh how I look forward to that with my girls. Although Mini just told me that she hopes to wear my dress. Still, I say check out all the available options . . . because FUN! Glad you still have time to shop and plan. At least it seems like you have time. They really are a super cute couple.

    I am putting photos in albums and newflash – I take WAY too many pictures. Or at least I did. When my crowd was small, forget about it. I could create a flip book of their little lives. Currently working on a beach trip from around 2011 or so. Moses, the stacks of pics. You have a big job to work on, I’m sure the girls will appreciate it.

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    1. I’m appalled at your Mom and the butterfly murdering. I’m sure there is a scripture somewhere that states you don’t kill beautiful things so you can selfishly look at them. Right?
      Cool whip! Why does that sound gross now that I know it was the burial ground for butterflies?

      We will proceed with wedding plans because it’s something wonderful and we’re all looking forward to celebrating LOVE!


  3. Debra She Who Seeks

    Living in Canada where it can get down to -30 and sometimes -40 in the wintertime, I have often thought that freezing to death is a nice way to go (if you have to go). Apparently, you just start to feel very sleepy lying there in the snow and then you drift off without really feeling cold at all. What can I say? Canadians think about this sort of stuff.

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  4. I always get the best ADHD when getting ready to comment on posts because THERE IS SO MUCH.
    First, I had that SEE ROCK CITY birdhouse (mine was ceramic) for many years until it came crashing to the ground.
    Second, your daughter and her husband are absolutely adorable. So happy for the both of them AND you! 😉
    Third, I love your kitchen.
    Fourth, I have a hard time killing any bug except for spiders. Our rule is “inside the house-fair game; outside the house- leave them alone”. Obviously in your butterfly case, it is totally different. You are doing God’s work, death or not and the good you are bringing, far outweighs the deaths. But I understand how you feel because GAH.

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    1. Kari-I got that birdhouse at Rock City many moons ago; too pretty to put outside because my birds won’t use it.
      Lolo and Nathan are super cute and very sweet; a perfect combo together.
      Don’t hate me, but that’s not my kitchen. It’s my laundry/office/craft room. 🙂
      In the house; fair game here too. Unless it’s a lizard or a daddy long legs; those I try and rescue. So really, I lied. it’s not fair game at all.

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  5. Michelle Keltner

    I feel this way about death in my bee hives. Stuff happens…parasites, etc… Though, I am glad I don’t have to euthanize. I can’t do Marie Kondo. I mean seriously WTF with all of that organization? Can’t do it.

    LOVE reading these comments. Glad my mom didn’t freeze butterflies in a cool whip container.


  6. Melanie Galliano

    Butterflies in the freezer? I never knew that. Poor things but I guess it happens sometimes. I have thousands of pictures from my childhood. They were in shoe boxes, but at one point I took the time to shove them randomly in albums.

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  7. nicoleboyhouse

    Too bad about the euthanizing, but I guess these things happen. I hope your daughter can still get married next year. Wooooo so many butterflies! You just reminded me that I need to go through my photos. I usually go after our March break trip…but we didn’t have a trip! So I guess the plus is fewer photos to go through!

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  8. I need to look into saving old photos digitally. I am the worst when it comes to organizing photos, but your tidy piles of photographs inspire me to try. I realize that I have the time now, but motivation eludes me. Interesting about the butterflies. I didn’t know any of that.

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  9. do you have a photo scanner? my friend kim had a photo scanning birthday party… there were 15 of us scanning in all her photos – she rented 3 i think? it was pretty amazing. now i feel like i should have reposted (HA!) a facebook memory of a pic you sent me – let’s go on a spree…killing or shopping?! i’m sad that the dress shopping is postponed! what she falls in love with might help on the venue selection! they really are super cute 🙂

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    1. I do have a scanner, but not the patience to do thousands.
      How clever to invite your friends over to do this….why didn’t you tell me this before? 🙂
      I saw that memory recently too; made me giggle.
      We’re working on venue visits too; yes, that will really determine her dress style. Lord knows she’ll look amazing in any dress she chooses.


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