Gifts that delight and are my ears even connected to my brain?

I forgot to tell you and I’m sure you were wondering, but I had a nice mother’s day with my girls and my soon to be SIL.

Oh….to be in the same house and talk. And talk. And talk. It was heavenly.

I mean, it’s different than the 587 times that we’ve face-timed each other.

Can we all just think for a minute how lucky my future SIL is to have me? I mean, he IS so lucky because I am the MIL of dreams.

Perhaps I should rename my blog: Mrs. Modest the Mostest?

Oh, today is Nathan’s birthday! Happy birthday Nathan!


He makes our Lolo so darn happy. She told me once that after meeting and falling in love with him “you know when you’re out and you see a good looking guy that catches your eye, well, now they all look like potatoes to me.”

Cheers to finding the main dish and not caring about potatoes!

Now, back to me. me. me.


Gifts from my girlies on Mother’s day; a cute mug, Reeses, tulips, nail polish, a t-shirt representing Lolo’s school, and a succulent embroidered hand towel.

Lolo taught herself to embroider even before the pandemic.

I taught myself how to grow out of my own clothing.


I went to go see my dermatologist this week and then I thought since I was out, I would treat myself to some chick-fil-a.

I’ve been deprived of chick-fil-a for at least 8 weeks.


WAS it packed? YES. But they are such geniuses; they doubled their drive-thru line.

Doubled in width, not length if that confused you.

DOUBLED. It took a few more minutes than usual, but it was worth it.

Cute chick-fil-a girl: What would you like to order today? 

Me: A diet Arnold palmer and a cobb salad, please. 

Cutie: We don’t have any salads today.

Me: Ok, a chic fil a sandwich combo with a diet Arnold palmer, no fries; the superfood salad instead.

Cutie: We don’t have any salads today. 

Me. *dead face because we both have evidence that I’m an idiot.*

I’m constantly surprised at what comes out of my mouth.

Happy Friday. Anyone doing anything fun yet?


I’ll be hanging at the homestead; piddling in my gardens, sorting photos, watching Dead to Me on Netflix, thinking of other ways that I’m wonderful, complaining about laundry, etc…

Living the flipping dream.

Be well, my friends.


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24 thoughts on “Gifts that delight and are my ears even connected to my brain?

  1. I’m enjoying Dead To Me. I loved the first season and this second one seems to be living up to the first. That’s my big weekend plan, btw. I hope it doesn’t overwhelm you with its grandeur. Happy Weekend to you.

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  2. I want to get Netflix and that show is one of the reasons. It looks so good! OMG – love the potato comment. So dang funny! They look really happy and they are such a cute couple. I bet you will make an amazing MIL. If there is ever any doubt, I will be happy to share what a crappy MIL is all about. Happy b-day to Nathan, and I assume he knows how lucky he is to have you. 🙂 I want to learn how to embroider – that towel is super cute. Cobb salad is my fav and I love how you continued to try to order a salad. I would be thrown off if my preferred item was not available. ‘I taught myself to grow out of my own clothing’ – stop it. I mean you totally cracked me up, but you look fabulous. My weekend: put together photo albums, hope to work on my book, be outside in the nice weather. Jam packed. Not sure I can fit it all in. Enjoy!

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  3. Debra She Who Seeks

    What does “piddling” mean in the USA? In Canada, it means “peeing.” But I’m not judging you. What you want to do in the privacy of your own garden is your business.

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  4. I had to laugh about you trying to order a salad after being told they didn’t have any salad. I ordered curbside Mexican last week, the guy brought the food and handed me the check – fully expecting me to pay him. Instead, I asked if he had a pen…completely forgetting that I needed to pay before signing the check! I’m beginning to forget how the world works.

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  5. Melanie Galliano

    Glad you had a nice Mother’s Day! Our Chick-fil-A has three lanes in the drive thru now and it’s always a line of cars wrapped around the building. I’m only one episode 4 of Dead to Me! I only watch one or two episodes at a time, every few days.

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  6. OMG, I love ChikFila’s (is that spelled right?) Cobb salad. I am not a fan of their chicken sandwiches, honestly. But I do love their chicken nuggets/tenders. Random- I found a recipe for chicken and waffles using mini Eggo waffles and Chickfila (better?) nuggets. I think those will help us. Not with fitting in our clothes though.

    I love that your daughter found her “person”. That makes me so happy for her and you. 🙂

    Anna and I finished Dead to Me this week and now we have to wait another year for season three. GAH.

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  7. if you’re not going to rename the blog, you at least need a nametag mrs. modest 🙂 but i agree – he’s so lucky! i love that lolo is embroidering! i started again in january, but now i’ve been doing so many other projects that i forgot i was doing that one. go figure…
    oh! i heard the chick-fil-a drivethru was bigger now! they are super fast, but WOW that line is always LONG! i love that you HAD to have the good stuff… hey, you TRIED to get a salad…


  8. bibliomama2

    Laughed out loud. Do you remember that Cookie Monster skit where he goes to the library and keeps asking for cookies, and then they think they’ve finally explained it so he gets it, and then he asks for a fairy tale book and a glass of milk?
    I loved Dead to Me season one, but I”m trying to wait to watch season two with my husband, *long exasperated impatient sigh*. My high school was called Marymount College! Which is kind of weird now that I think of it, why would it be called a college when it was a high school? And why did this not occur to me until just now? Hmmmmm

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