Driveway surprise and Crazy eyes.

Yesterday my sweet friend Dawn, her husband Eric, and their son Camden made a surprise visit to our driveway; they brought their ice cream shop to us!


Dawn does.

Dawn’s family owned an ice cream shop {Wilburs and Wilburs North} in Massachusets; that’s where Dawn and Eric met around 30 years ago.

Ice cream is their thing. And yesterday it was OUR thing too.

Suz finally got her nails did!

How sweet are they? 


IMG_3928 2

Btw, Suz had a chocolate sundae with coffee ice cream and ALL the toppings.

The Coach? Two scoops of vanilla.

Me: How can you be married to me and enjoy plain old boring vanilla ice cream? 

He responded with something like he couldn’t handle more than vanilla AND me…



I finished Dead to Me this weekend on Netflix.

It was so darn good.

About 10 minutes till the end I assumed this would be the last season. But those darn writers know what they are doing; they’ll be back!

Speaking of Netflix; Linds told me recently that we could update our profile pics. Forever we were each just a side smiley face.

I had a really good laugh choosing mine.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 2.01.36 PM

Suzanne, aka Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black

I finally watched the Downton Abbey movie. It was good. NOT fantastic, but I was a big fan of the show and I had myself a really good cry at the end because I probably hadn’t cried in a few hours.

Could you possibly have had more fun than me this weekend? 

Maybe. But I’m pretty sure an ice cream shop did not sprout up on your driveway.

I have the best people.

Happy Monday.


Image 5-6-20 at 7.13 AM

27 thoughts on “Driveway surprise and Crazy eyes.

  1. OH I love your friends so much. This made my crappy weekend (and Monday) ever so much better.
    Yesterday was pouring rain all day, so we binge watched television all day.
    Becoming on Netflix is so good and uplifting. Also, we watched Traveling Robert on YouTube. He travels all over the United States and you FEEL like you are experiencing it with him. 🙂

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  2. aw! we loved popping up in your driveway! always so fun to see your face, and you KNOW i’ve been missing it! i did love the downton abbey movie – i actually saw it in the theater by myself! it was just feel-good…and now i want to watch it again. we could all use a good cry 🙂

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  3. You win – any weekend with an unexpected ice cream delivery is hands down the winner. How fun?! I would go with a caramel sundae all the way. I do not like coffee, not the drink, not coffee – but hell, if any flavor showed up on my driveway would be exciting. Coach and his vanilla ice cream and you NOT being vanilla, too funny. Still working on getting Netflix here. We are dumping direct TV at the end of the month, and then I think it will make sense. I think I will enlist a kid to install a free trial since asking Coach makes me feel like a child. “I want Netflix!” See – not at all childlike.

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    1. I feel like Netflix in your home will be a game-changer! Also, it’s not that expensive.
      We’ve had DTV since 1993; we’ve thought about ditching it, but haven’t pulled the plug yet.


  4. Hi. I found your blog from No Small Feet, I think. What sweet friends to bring you ice cream in your driveway! A few weeks back, my sis-in-law dropped us off a pandemic basket with toilet paper and wine on our porch, which was much appreciated. Those little gestures mean so much. I loved Dead To Me. Workin’ Moms is funny too. What would we do without Netflix?

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    The ice cream looks great but so does your manicure! Nice! Also, I liked the Downton movie just fine, but it wasn’t…amazing. It was just fine. It was pretty, for sure! But not amazing. I loved the show but thought the last season was a drag.

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  6. bibliomama2

    That is a tough one to top, but my neighbour made me banana daiquiris and her husband brought me a McDonald’s cheeseburger, so I’m feeling the love also. AND thanks for reminding me to place my order with The Merry Dairy. AND Coach is a wise and articulate man.

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  7. We’re living parallel lives when it comes to watching TV. I’m halfway through Dead to Me and watched the Downton Abbey movie the other night. The ice cream looks wonderful and remind me that we haven’t had any in months, since this whole stay-at-home shebang started. I need to fix that.

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  8. Melanie Galliano

    Yes to ice cream delivery please!! The ice cream truck passes here daily but the people in it seem so um creepy. Might be the whole white van thing but…. maybe not. lol

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