Susan doesn’t live here anymore. Or ever.


This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about this and it certainly won’t be the last time either. So many people refuse to recognize, understand, or HEAR that my name is Suzanne.

Say it with me: SOO + ZAN

The following scenario happens at least eleventy thousand times a year:

Hostess/order taker/receptionist/phone call person:

Can I get your name? Suzanne.

Person: OK,  Susan. 

Occasionally I get a Susanna, a Sue, or a Suzie.

Those are refreshingly wrong names.


That’s NOT my name. That’s NOT MY NAME!

That song is so good; it makes my toes wiggle and my thighs jiggle.

It became a running joke and my girls would call me Susan too.

{Side note; my Dad would lose his shit if we called him by his name, Phil. Why?}

I happen to love the name, Susan.

My MIL is Susan; although she goes by Sue.

Susan is a beautiful name. 

It makes me wonder. Did Suzanne Sommers ever get called Susan?

Oh, snap.

I just remembered that I wasn’t on a hit TV sitcom in the ’70s, nor did I promote the thigh master.

*looks disappointingly at dancing jiggly thighs*

Many, many years ago an envelope arrived in our mailbox addressed to:

Current Owner


Susan Maria Martinez

My silly daughters: “Oh, you’ve been lying to us all these years, that is your real name!”

Damn. I’ve been found out after 40 years.

Now they had a new nickname for their beloved mother; Susan Maria Martinez.

That was at least 12 years ago.

And still today I’m referred to Susan Maria just when I expect Susan Maria to die.

My apologies, Susan Maria Martinez.

In this family, things just don’t die. Nicknames. Stories. Jokes. Something you said when you were five. 

Susan Maria Martinez will probably be somewhere on my epitaph.

The Coach had ordered some new ball caps for me for Mother’s day and they finally arrived this past weekend.

For when I’m Susan Maria Martinez: Mamacita!


And of course, Mama Bear is another term of endearment.


What would Susan do without her people? 


Image 5-6-20 at 7.13 AM

22 thoughts on “Susan doesn’t live here anymore. Or ever.

  1. I feel your frustration and believe it just goes to show that no matter how clearly you tell someone something, like your name, if they don’t want to hear you they won’t. Over the years I’ve had a similar problem with my full legal name, that I rarely use anymore, for the reason you mentioned. Ally is so much easier.

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    1. You’re right. I suppose people just don’t want to hear sometimes.
      Is that what I was doing when I refused to hear the chic fil a girl say they were out of salads and then I continued to ask for a salad? Ughhh…I might be one of them! 😉

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  2. Sigh. How hard *is* it? Maybe you need a new cap, one with your actual name on it. That way, all you have to do is point. (Never mind–plenty of people still won’t get it. That requires READING.)

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  3. My real name can also be a boy name and as a kid it made me crazy when people spelled my name the boy way. That would make me crazy to have people always mess up my name.

    My nickname ‘Ernie’ that I use on my blog was born when celebrating my 6th bday. My dad slipped the waitress a paper with my name and my brother’s name so they would sing to us. Bad handwriting and voila- the waitress invited the resteraunt to sing happy bday to Pat and ERNIE. Ugh.

    I admit to struggling when introduced to someone named Terese. Later I run into them and freeze: Terese or Teresa???

    Love the hats. And love your girls, so funny.

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    1. I love the Ernie story!!
      We have the same lawn service, guys, for at least 15 years; the owner Christian I can’t forget…but his helper. Is it Antonio or Anthony?? I have to look it up in my accounting software each year when I write him a Christmas check because I can’t keep it in my brain.
      Thank you! My girls are hilarious.


      1. The Ernie story is epic. Our family friends who were our neighbors 2 doors away when we lived in Iowa were with us at the resteraunt. (Their son suffered the brain injury from the biking accident at 10 yrs). The whole fam calls me Ernie, mail, email- all addressedto ‘Ernie.’ 😊

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  4. Billie Jo Stoltz

    I love your new space over here!!!!
    And I hear ya sister!
    Billie Jo. Bobbi Jo? Billie? Bobbi? BillyJoe?
    And my favorite. MR. Billie Jo Stoltz.
    Anyway, have a cozy evening, my friend!

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  5. GIRL. Imagine my name, Kari. Never spelled correctly, always pronounced incorrectly. (It sounds like Carrie and spelled like Kari), so I feel your pain immensely. I am changing my name to Susan Maria Martinez immediately.

    So what DID your dad like to be called?

    I love those hats! I am growing my hair out and now that it is getting warmer, winter beanies don’t cut it. I ordered a black distressed ballcap on Amazon for that purpose but I love the Mama Cita one perfectly. It looks good on you, Susan Maria.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    I’m Melanie…. but get called Melissa or Michelle or Melody all the time. A girl in college called me Melissa the entire semester. I gave up after a few times and just went with it because I figured I’d never see her again.

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