Love is in the air and on the hood of my car. Playing with rocks, yet again.

Stop bugging me

One day last week I planned on making a trek about 40 minutes north to an amazing orchid and bromeliad place as I’m updating some of our lanai beds and wanted a particular brom.

This place is the BROMB.COM!

A haven for those who love interesting plants.

If you’re one of those people who like boring plants, you’d not like it.

I digress. 

I decided to hold off on my trip there for another week or so because I remembered it’s love bug season and I didn’t want to sacrifice my car for plants.


It’s a terrible time for everyone except the car wash people because they will upcharge you a billion dollars just to clean dead bugs off the front of your vehicle. bastids. 

Rock city*Rock head*rocks in my socks

Speaking of redoing our lanai plants. It’s come to my attention that I might have a bit of OCD.

I overhauled this area 6 years ago; ditched all the mulch and mess that had been there; simplified the plants and even used a lot of potted plants for ease of weeds.

We at the time (my lawn guys helped) added in rocks to keep the weeds at bay.

It was all so pretty and clean when we finished. Prior to that it resembled a jungle and you couldn’t see the forest yard through the trees plants.

Recently, (panemic project) a lot of the bromeliads that we added before have been pulled out as I was tired of their BS. You know how some plants can get on your nerves.

‘The after’ I started ripping out the plants I was sick of.

Fast forward to today; Suz does not care for all the mismatched rocks; it’s chaos I tell ya.

I know. I have such a stressfull life.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got

I’m still, I’m still Suz from the block.

So, a few weeks ago I started sorting my rocks as one does and I put all the gray ones in one area and I loved the look. I’m a fan of cohesiveness.

Even if you don’t love the gray rocks just nod your head and agree with me because time and money. Also, if you need tarragon, I’m ya girl.

So, I conferred with my landscape co-partner (you know who) and he agreed that the gray rocks look so much better, so to we went.

Right now we have 2300lbs worth of beautiful gray Mexican beach rocks in the driveway.

Which is not even remotely close to the pool area but it’s as far as I could get my delivery guy to drop them; he was using a hand cart and I assisted in pulling/pushing this oversized load this far up the driveway.

In general the weight limit that I push/pull is 50lbs. So this is 2250lbs more than I’m comfortable with.

If only I could telepathically remove all the mismatched rocks from the lanai, and then telepathically get the gray rocks to the pool area. There is quite a bit of walking, down a few stairs and up a few stairs for all this to happen.

I should have ordered a wheelbarrow and a few young men at the same time.

My back is starting to hurt thinking of it all.

But, one day, in 2022 when I’m finished I’ll be so happy.

So, is anyone else being obnoxious about minuscule things that we can actually control?

Happy Friday Y’all!


17 thoughts on “Love is in the air and on the hood of my car. Playing with rocks, yet again.

  1. I do know how some plants get on your nerves. I yanked out two patches of perennials last fall and guess who’s back? Yep, in each area there are a couple of annoying little starts again. Be gone, I said. Bite me, they replied.

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  2. You are ambitious. I have very few areas under my watch that I am able to keep super nice, or that I bother to try to keep super nice, which is probably why the neighbors sort of sneer at us. Oh, and I refer to the inside of the house too. We did just start to tackle the basement and eliminating and rearranging. Will post about that soon, because it prompted some funny memories and some things that made me shake my head. Nothing as pretty as your outdoor area, even pre-makeover, I’m afraid.

    I love the all-gray rock look. Gorgeous. I am sorry we don’t live closer because I have extra bodies who would gladly sort rocks for a quick dip in your pool. 🙂

    Oh, and lovebugs – the worst. We were visiting the in-laws one year and we were attacked by a swarm of lovebugs that came in our of NOWHERE. You could just watch people up and down the beach as they started jumping around and running away. It was all funny till we became the target. My littles were freaking out! Wise move to stay clear.

    Good luck with the rock sorting. It will look amazing what you are done.

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  3. Debra She Who Seeks

    My Rare One and I once turned her backyard garden into a labyrinth composed of, oh, maybe a couple of hundred white river rocks, each one about double the size of a softball. The rumour that we swiped them all from various local public culverts at night is a vicious lie. It took a few trips to load rocks into her van and then to unload them into the garden for subsequent arrangement. We were friggin’ nuts, and much younger, in those days. If you want to see the results of our labour, here’s a link:

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  4. I don’t think I can ever and see love bugs. How have I made it 50 years of my life and I’ve never heard of these things? I give you guys credit down there. I have one humid buggy day up north here and I wanna jump off a bridge.

    I love interesting plants! I want a place like this! I’d risk getting love bugs having sexual inter course over my GMC to get interesting plants! Maybe I am Florida material….


  5. Were we separated at birth? “You know how some plants can get on your nerves.” Yes! *as she glares at the stupid day lilies that she needs to replace*

    Also, that rock project totally sounds like something I would do – and I can see why you prefer the all gray look to the other.

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  6. nicoleboyhouse

    Wow. Being a Canadian girl I have never, ever encountered a love bug. I had no idea! I had no idea there was a season and that they were so gross! Ha! You learn something new every day.

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  7. Melanie Galliano

    The people in the Disney groups ask about Love Bugs all the time. “what are these double ended bugs?” And I just laugh and laugh. We just put down 50 bags of lava rocks so I feel for you and your rocky project.

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