Still crazy after all these years

Don’t you love that Paul Simon song?

Seems more fitting for our anniversary than Fifty ways to leave your lover.

Thank you all for your well wishes for our anniversary and for enjoying our wedding photos; next up, I will share every photo of my children starting on the day of their birth.

I’m just pulling your hair leg.

We had a very nice and quiet long weekend at our condo. Coach was able to fish quite a bit and that makes him so happy; which makes me happy. He doesn’t even keep the fish; he catches and releases in the most humane way. Although, if he were to capture a dolphin for me to have as a pet, that would be just fine.

I was able to get in some walks, (in between heavy showers) read some of my book and I started a new puzzle because it was a rainy, raingy weekend. We also watched some TV together on the couch; 35 years together and it doesn’t take much for us to be content. And how awesome is that?

We don’t usually exchange gifts, but I gave Coach the perfect gift; after all these years, I can still give him butterflies. Four butterflies to be exact.

Corny; table for two please!

On our anniversary day, we needed to bring our boat back to the marina where it lives and we decided to have lunch there; my first meal ‘out’ since this whole world went upside down. We had a great meal outside on the deck overlooking the water.

Shocker, I had a Cobb salad. And for dinner, I had the rest of the Cobb salad; it was as big as my head.

Did you know that Florida is ‘open’? We’ve been open almost two weeks with lots of guidlines per the CDC.

We’ve still been very cautious about going places, as in we’re really not going too many places. But it was nice to have food served to me; I felt like the Queen of England. Except I wasn’t wearing pantyhose. Or a hat. Wait, I did have on a hat.

But also, it was hot as hell and we were sweating our butts off. I don’t think the Queen is allowed to sweat.

But still, I was served food. And it was reminiscent of days gone by.

Passing the still closed Naples Pier

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend as well doing something that brings you joy and hopefully with less sweat.


18 thoughts on “Still crazy after all these years

  1. I love this! I also love that Cobb salad.
    Happy Anniversary week! I love that we both share the same wedding anniversary week.

    I actually talked about your dress to Ellie the other day, after I read your post. Your bow on your butt was being discussed in detail, I hope your ears were ringing. 🙂

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    1. Cobb salad is my favorite. Actually, any salad is my favorite. Well, not pea salad because gross.
      This is a good week to get married; therefore a great week to celebrate anniversaries.

      You know, my ears weren’t ringing, but my butt was tingling; bow butt. 🙂

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  2. It sounds as if you had a perfect anniversary weekend, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cobb salad that large. We have yet to eat at a restaurant and be served, but perhaps that is something we can look forward to for our anniversary next month.

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  3. Sounds so relaxing and enjoyable. So glad you got to get ‘out’. Cobb salad is my fav. Ed makes fun of me on the regular for eating out and looking at the menu sans cobb and asking server: “Um, can you MAKE a cobb salad though?” This happened once and I had to pick something new and I loved it, so Ed was all “SEE?” Kids today.
    Those butterflies really are things of beauty. Makes me think I am not stopping to smell er, look at the roses er, butterflies enough.

    I for one love baby pics, so bring it. 😉

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    1. You are too funny; I never order off the menu, but perhaps that is something I should start.
      Yes, we all need to slow down (even in these times) and enjoy the little things around us.
      HA on the baby pics. 🙂


  4. I am late, but Happy Anniversary. I, too, am a Cobb Salad fan, but I request that they take off the bacon. Just not a Fan. My husband berates me and says to just give it to him. Can I NOT have my OWN food?


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  5. bibliomama2

    That salad looks amazing! I can’t even imagine eating in a restaurant, although being outside would make it better. It’s been insanely unseasonably hot this week, but it’s supposed to be cooler starting in a couple of days, thank goodness. I’ve never understood the appeal of catch and release fishing, but my kids used to love it. One of the only things that’s been good about lockdown is that my husband and I have actually had time to watch some tv together, which we hadn’t done for a while between work and baseball stuff and our weird opposite awake/asleep schedules.

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