Trying to be a happy camper in a time of sadness. Suz vlogs about rocks, naturally.

Pollyanna might crack

In general, I am ever the Pollyanna. But even this Pollyanna is struggling.

My heart hurts so much.

All of it. terrible. bad. horrible. should.not.happen.

We are a family of law enforcement appreciating people.

Our oldest served. Our future son in law currently serves. Some of our very closest friends serve as LEO and Firefighters. They/we are all appalled at the actions of four uncaring individuals.

And the outcome of those four uncaring individuals has escalated into chaos, death and pain for many innocent people.

2020 can suck it.

Sunday morning I did a little stroll on the pool lanai after working on my rock project. Turns out it will be finished in 2020 and not 2022 as I’d thought.

Turns out laughter is medicine.

Linds came over last night to prepare and enjoy a meal with us; she made crack chicken soup because her dad requested it earlier in the week. It was delicious by the way, but seeing her was even more delicious.

The recipe called for 8 pieces of bacon. I suggested she use 10. She asked her dad how many he recommended; his advice was for 18 pieces. Are all men in love with bacon?

I made the two ingredient pretzel bites that Alli had shared recently; they were so good.

I made them into two different batches; one with just some butter and salt and then some with some ranch dressing powder.

The first batch I forgot to put parchment paper down and every little pretzel bite stuck to the pan, so there was a lot of cussing in the kitchen for the first batch.

My kitchen is actually accustomed to this type of behavior.

After dinner Linds and I laid in bed and face-timed her sister. We are weirdos with the same weird sense of humor; we giggled, guffawed and rolled at our own silliness.

You know the place where some people have abs? That place on me is sore.

THAT is the best kind of sore and I really appreciated the levity in such a heavy time.

I was going to post on Friday, but our internet went out Thursday afternoon when a lightning storm hit us. Did you even miss me?

We didn’t get it repaired until Saturday afternoon. Ya’ll, I’m a survivor.

I hope everyone is doing ok and finding some joy in the midst of all the heartache and anger.


26 thoughts on “Trying to be a happy camper in a time of sadness. Suz vlogs about rocks, naturally.

  1. 2020 CAN suck it, so very true. I didn’t even address the horrid state of things in my blog post this am, which I now think makes me look like an oblivious fool. Just not sure where to start. I keep thinking 8 minutes is SO LONG, and how can NONE of the other 3 officers step up and do the right thing for 8 minutes – even if the 4th guy was a clearly HORRIBLE person? It is just maddening and the aftermath is sad and disturbing. It is all so heartbreaking.

    Your rocks look great. I love your frog statue. So perky and fun.

    Your gathering with your girls sounds so relaxing and sweet. My girls stayed up with me last night while I sorted laundry, and they were supposed to be sorting the socks – yeah, right. I told them they could throw on some HGTV for a few minutes but warning: I was fading fast. Just wanted the two overflowing baskets of laundry sorted. HGTV is so lighthearted and we have so much fun stating things like: I hate that, awful tile, too busy, ooh love that, I want that, these people are not excited enough. And the twin property brothers look a bit and act a lot like my brother Pat, so we have to comment on that. Anyway, we haven’t done that for awhile. There seem to always be boys floating around who cannot tolerate our HGTV sessions.

    My kitchen could commiserate with your kitchen in being accustomed to bad words. Trying to remember the saying on the t-shirt I bought one of Coach’s employees once: ‘I’d put bacon on that’ – or something.

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    1. You do not look like an obvious fool; I loved reading about your “exciting” weekend; that uplifted my spirits tremendously.
      Apparently I have a thing for frogs as I found four of them while doing this project…luckily they don’t poop.

      I love HGTV!! And we also let all the people know what they are doing wrong!
      I really like Drew and Jonathan; they’re always good for some design inspiration and not hard to look at.

      I need that bacon shirt for my husband.


  2. Oh, and I DID miss you on Friday. I figured something was up, and I hoped it was something fun and not something unsettling. Glad to know it was just internet issues, although that can be unsettling – especially while on lock-down. What would I do? Shutter to think of it. 🙂

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  3. Melanie Galliano

    2020 needs to hurry along…. This has been a crazy year. Next up: It’s only June 1st and there’s a tropical storm about to kick into gear. Your garden looks fabulous!!!

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    I am not just saying that either. Distraction is key right now. Thank God for bloggers.

    I need to look up those recipes. I love finding new ones.

    It is horrific what is happening. Such a hard time for so many people right now and I am learning SO much about people I thought I knew. That is the biggest takeaway for me right now.

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  5. Debra She Who Seeks

    I looked at the recipe for Crack Chicken Soup and noticed the person was eating it with a FORK. Now THAT’S a thick soup! Sounds yummy!

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  6. Your rock project looks great! So happy you and Linds had some laughs with Lolo. Laughter is good during this time of Covid-19 and riots. I like to stay informed but sometimes I just need a break from all the terrible news. John is currently cutting the neighbors grass (with his electric push mower for safety) because the guy has a job that has kept him working 7 days a week since the virus outbreak. That is John’s way of dealing with all the injustice in the world right now. There can never be enough bacon in any dish! lol Sending love and hugs to a very special family.

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    1. Thank you, Mildred.
      That is so nice of John to tend to your neighbors’ yard, but that is how you guys are. I pray that people can calm down with the violence; this never helps any situation.


  7. I could never be accused of being a Pollyanna, that’s for sure. I’m too much of a Realist. But maintaining my Zen is impossible these days. So much is so very wrong. I used to think “How can it get any worse?”, but that question keeps getting answered.

    It’s good that you had time with a friend. That’s the balance we all need.

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