Instead of feeling stabby, I’m trying to be happy

I had an entire post written, ready to share but after reading it over, it was sounding pretty down. Sad. Disgruntled. Blah. So, I scrapped it and decided to only share things that make me laugh, smile or happy in some minuscule way.

Chin up, buttercup


I’m still receiving flowers from The Bougs every two weeks; this was a birthday gift from the Coach. The yellow roses arrived on Tuesday of this week; they’re glorious and there were so many that I divided them up into three vases around the house. Coach’s Mom stayed here last weekend while we were away and she purchased some tulips; seeing them in my Mom’s milk glass vase is a treat.

To quote my Grandma: “All these flowers, did someone die?”

The letterboard

A while ago one of my favorite bloggers (Kari!) shared some really cute letter- board ideas and I knew that I needed one asap.

Just a little kitchen counter inspiration from my Teal kitchen pig.

ALL the butterflies

A friend asked me a few months ago how many butterflies I raise and release; I hadn’t a clue, but I started an excel sheet on April 19th. Since then I’ve released 142.

142! I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that I release that many, so I’m glad I started counting.

If you do the math, which is exhausting because I just did it, that adds up to over 900 butterflies in a year.

Feeling overly proud of myself now; is there a Gold Medal for butterfly-ing?

Ok, I’m gonna stop here while I’m still on top; Should I wait by the mailbox for my Medal?

Anyone have something good from this week you’d like to share?

New underwear? A pay raise? You put on pants without falling down?

Bee well my friends. XOXO

28 thoughts on “Instead of feeling stabby, I’m trying to be happy

  1. This week I’ve been more on Team Stabby than Team Happy. We’re still being asked to stay at home, so not much of anything is happening here. That being said while organizing our closet I found a new pair of Birks that I bought last fall on sale. I’d forgotten that I’d bought them and have never worn them. They’re cute as the bee’s knees, so there is some happy in my life this week after all.

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  2. Sorry you were a) feeling down and b) opted to scrap a post. Ugh.

    Your flowers are pretty. Your grandma’s quote made me chuckle. I love the things grandmas say. When Mini arrived, I called my grandma (sadly I reached for the phone to call my other gma and then remembered she was no longer with us- 1st baby I had without her around to share the excitement) . Anyway, this grandma before I could speak: “Did you have a little gurl? Oh I am so happy! I was REALLY hoping you would have a little gurl.” Always said girl with a ‘u’ sound.

    Your butterfly numbers are very impressive. On my walk this morning a butterfly sorta bumped into me and circled my head once before fluttering away. I’ve never seen one before while walking. I thought of my Florida butterfly madam. And I thought this is a message of comfort because lots pumping through my brain at the moment.

    Love your board messages . . . I have to hop over to Kari’s blog next but I noticed her blog is titled I Love Lucy today, you too are on the same wavelength.

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    1. I love that your G’ma said GURL.:) Grandmas are the best and I wish they could be with us forever.

      Yay…I sent that butterfly to you so you’d stop and notice it.

      I agree on the Lucy thing with Kari, but her’s was kind of sad. 😦


  3. You do deserve a medal! Once a butterfly decided it liked my little brother’s head. It flitted and landed on his little 8 year old head for hours. It was pretty sweet. The flowers are lovely! I’m glad you scrapped the complain-y posts, although honestly, it’s nice for the rest of us to know it’s not just us, sometimes, ha. What has made me happy lately? Marshall’s opened, and we went there, stood in line to get in, then in a huge line to buy our stuff, but oh dear was it fun, with three daughters and a niece…:)


  4. Oh my gosh… the butterflies, the board and your grandma’s quote ~ love them all!!!
    My youngest daughter had one of those butterfly hatching things when she was little.. It was amazing to watch them grow, especially when the color filled the wings!
    Maybe I need one of those message boards, however it would probably be filled with cuss words this week. hahaha.
    Have a great weekend.

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  5. Man team stabby for the win lately but only because of headaches. I just need to get out of the doldrums. I also feel like I need to see more people. I feel like this “being away from people” crap is for the birds.
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air for me.

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