I might be going crunchy, but I still know a dirty window when I see one.

Happy Monday!

We traveled to visit three potential wedding venues this past weekend with Lolo and Nathan. Woot woot! It’s so nice to think of, plan for, and look forward to good things. The venues were far enough for Coach and I to need an overnight stay at at hotel; traveling during the time of Corona isn’t the most enjoyable, but we made it work.

We visited another one a few weekends ago and out of the four, we really like two, and mayybeee the third is still in the running. One that we saw was a really interesting historic building, and I couldn’t help but notice the amazing open three story windows and view….and how dirty the windows were on the outside. Do you think I mentioned it? Hell yes, I mentioned it. Ain’t nobody got time to drop a wad of $ and not have clean windows. Nobody.

While we were at one of the venues (masks were required for all indoor venue visits) the Coach mentioned to me that he likes his mask because the beak look is ‘slimming’. To further perpetuate this revelation he then told me (a lie) that a gentleman passed him as he walked into the mens room and called him ‘slim’. I’m gonna need to upgrade my flat mask for a beak type.

Good news

Did I tell you that Lindsay’s place of employment never reopened after Florida reopened? No worries though, she found an even better job in a management position a few weeks later. I told her she’s like a cat, always landing on her feet.

The Coach and I finally made it to her Kava bar for a visit. Have you heard of these places? This is all new to me. Get this: It’s a bar, but they don’t sell alcohol.

Hey, it’s 2020, everything is topsy turvy.

Coach had an herbal tea. I know, you’re thinking Linds pulled some mulch out of the landscaping and threw it in a cup of hot water, but it’s really tea. The metal straw has a strainer so he didn’t drink the mulch herbs. If you didn’t know it, we’re crunchy people now. I’m letting my arm pit hair grow out and I’m currently tye dying all my clothes.

I had a raspberry/lemonade Kratom drink. Have you heard of Kratom? I read all about it, and I still don’t know what it is aside that it comes from a root. People like it for its calming effect. I had a big glass of it and it felt a bit like having a small glass of wine. (I usually pour a big one for myself) I was relaxed, but not tipsy, tired or impaired. Pretty cool. I can see why all the new age hippies like it! We’re thinking of converting, but I’ll let you know how it goes because I have all those non hemp clothes I would need to sell.

So, that was our weekend.

How about you? Any hippie tendencies you feel inclined to share with the class? Did you call someone out on lackadaisical housekeeping?


21 thoughts on “I might be going crunchy, but I still know a dirty window when I see one.

  1. OMG we are on the same wavelength. I just shared a post with the word hippie in the title.
    Mike was wearing a mask last week that had a “beak” as well and said he looked like our bird.
    He did.
    A wedding to look forward to is just what we need right now. 🙂

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  2. I haven’t heard of a Kava bar (or Kratom). I learn so much from your posts! Coach’s tea reminded me of the way tea was served when I was in China, although they didn’t have metal straws with built-in strainers.

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  3. Oh, looking at wedding venues sounds SO fun. Exciting! Note to self: clean windows before Suz comes to visit. I kid, well, no I don’t . . . my windows would not know what was happening.

    I DID call someone out on their crappy housekeeping, in fact. Mini. My kids dart off every night to hang with friends. I never remember such an every night hang out obsession. They are supposed to do SOMETHING around the house before they are able to go chill. Mini had to clean the kitchen sink. Um, she pulled a half-ass-race-off-to-hang-with-my-friends-job and I was NOT having it.

    Before I read the caption on the photo I was thinking I needed to tap you on the shoulder and whisper, “Um, don’t look now but there is half of an evergreen tree in your drink.” I don’t even drink coffee, and I enjoy a glass of wine . . . like quarterly. Even pre-pandemic, I just don’t get out much and I usually am driving places to drop people off. I am a cheap date, so I got that going for me. But I still have not heard of these drinks or this kind of drinking establishment. Should come as no surprise to you.

    Slim. Hilarious. I like my mask (it is a non-beak type) because I am not needing as many lipsticks or breath mints. Hee hee.

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    1. If I were visiting your house, I’m assuming I wouldn’t be shelling out thousands of dollars. right? So, keep em dirty!
      Your kids are fleeing the house? I thought you’d like some quiet time. Ha ha!!
      Evergreen? It was partially rosemary, so you’re not wrong.


  4. Michelle Keltner

    I would say I am mildly crunchy, but not full on. That’s the best I can explain it 🙂 lol! My daughter is 19 and I can only imagine shopping for wedding venues. It is a full. stop. no. to the dirty windows. Please…..ain’t nobody paying for that.

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    1. My hippy tendencies : My crunchy kids brought home vegan donuts and I ate one. LOL. I bet that Searching for venues and planning a wedding makes life feel a little more normal. I’m sick of house arrest and I am determined to grab these next 6 months by the balls.

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  5. Debra She Who Seeks

    Never heard of Kratom. I thought I was hip because I heard of Kombucha and actually had a sip of it once about a year ago. Man, my Cool Credentials are seriously slipping.

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  6. nicoleboyhouse

    I find the beak type masks more comfortable to wear, so there’s another plus! I have never heard of Kratom but I am going to look it up. Sounds like it’s up my alley.

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  7. Oh I’ve been embracing my hippie-ness of late. My hair is frizzy and free, I’m wearing Birks all the time, and I’m into eating vegetarian-ish. However I haven’t quite gotten to the sprouts phase of hippie vegetarianism… yet. It could go either way, to hippie or not to hippie?

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  8. I hear you on the traveling during this pandemic thing! Nothing like having to wear a mask to take the fun out of things! I do want to try one like your husbands though! I could use all the slimming I can get!

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  9. I would love the fruity tea —but don’t give me the other stuff… I’m much too old for that fancy stuff…. Besides, I’d probably get a piece of seaweed down my goozle and choke to death!!!!!!! ha ha ha

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