#27 The one where she made me a mother

I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I wasn’t fully prepared for our Lauren. Who really is prepared though? I’m still so surprised that the silly people at the hospital JUST LET US WALK OUT WITH HER. We were clueless.

She was a beautiful & healthy baby, and for that I am STILL thankful. Although she didn’t love to sleep as much as I did, and, as cute a she was, she regurgitated almost daily and usually on my work clothes before I could leave the house. Can one every forget the smell of formula throw up? No, one can not.

Ya’ll, she was the most rambunctious toddler on the planet and I had less patience than I’d like to admit. My Mom said that I was the same way; always moving, climbing, busy, a little blonde monkey. I declared one day in a fit of exhaustion that she would be an only child. Thank goodness that didn’t come to fruition because Linds balanced everything out with her calmness.

But, today that spirited little monkey is 27. All I can say is, that escalated quickly. Some days I feel 27 myself so it’s surreal that my Lolo is a full grown adult who has graduated college, graduated the police academy at the top of the her class, served as a LEO and is now completing her Masters Degree. Oh, and did I tell you she’s getting married next year? Did I just hear you sigh? HA!

Lolo and Farrah Fawcett; she got her baby-gator-head from her Dad.

What did she want for her 27th birthday?

She asked for what every 27 year old dreams of: A composter!

As a bonus, I also sent her worm casings (compost starter) and 500 worms from Uncle Jims worm farm. To say she was excited, was an understatement.

Sadly, Linds had to work and wasn’t able to join us for lunch this weekend. Also, I just realized we’re all wearing blue. #backtheblue

Coach and I had lunch with Lolo and Nathan Saturday; the eating part was quick, but we sat and talked for another hour. When we were driving home I mentioned how happy I was that she met such a nice young man; he’s just perfect for her, he’s kind, funny, caring, always happy, overall a really human. Then I noted that his parents are pretty damn lucky too because our Lolo is such a great person too; no drama, no baggage, she has such a sweet disposition and isn’t a psycho witch. Which is a compliment, right?

I can’t wait to see where life takes these two and how many grandkids I can get out of them .

See, it is ALL about me.

Wishing our Lolo the best of life in this next year and then forevah.


19 thoughts on “#27 The one where she made me a mother

  1. Worms? And that makes her happy? OK then. I am so happy for you guys that she met a great guy. As a mother I get how key that is. Happiness, clicking with someone, etc. And I bet Nathan’s folks are crazy about her too. Awesome! Crossing fingers for loads of grandbabies. Those pictures are so sweet and fun. OMG Coach looks so young in the one when she is a baby on his lap.

    After Lad was born with forceps and some drama, I told my mom “never again”. She said “You will forget.” I said “I will NEVER forget but I might forgive.”

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    1. The worms and composter are essential to having a healthy garden and she’s been busy ‘nesting’ her new home and garden.
      Coach WAS young in the picture. LOL
      Forceps. *sigh* You just made me clench.


  2. Hi There, Happy 27th to LoLo…. They all do grow up much too fast. My oldest baby will be 57 on July 18…. GADS—can he really be mine????? WELL—I guess I had him when I was about 10… ha ha ha….

    I am so happy for Lauren and her life so far. I can understand how proud you and Jeff are –as the parents….

    I remember when Bert was born in 1963, Mel and I had NO clue about raising a baby… We were in college at the time –with no family nearby… I depended upon Dr. Spock’s book for many things back then…. Luckily, Bert was a sweet little boy and I was lucky to have such a calm kid…. BUT–when my 3rd son came along in 1971, he was my CLIMBER… Gads—what a money.. We could NOT keep him down…. He was almost the death of me!!!!! ha ha … But we all made it, and that kid is now all ‘growed up’ and enjoying life to its fullest….. Life goes one….


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  3. Love these happy pictures. Happy belated birthday to Lolo. She and Nathan make a great couple. I have watched her grow up for all these years on your blog – time seems to fly! Wishing her the best! xoxo (It has been 12 yrs since you all came to visit us in Canton!) crazy!

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  4. Billie Jo Stoltz

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your girl!
    How do these years pass so quickly?
    Dang it!
    And suddenly we are the moms…planning weddings and waiting for grandbabies!
    You did a great job raising that one, my friend.
    Lovely couple!

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  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! Mine was a VERY busy baby/toddler – so much so that by the time I got around to thinking about having another it, he was about ten. And I was at an age where I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up if the next one was that busy too.

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  6. nicoleboyhouse

    Happy birthday to her! I love that she wanted a composter. That’s so awesome. She sounds like a really interesting and wonderful woman – what a blessing to you! And who knows, grandchildren to come! Maybe they’ll be climbers and rambunctious toddlers just like their mama 🙂 These things tend to come in cycles!

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  7. Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Your early years with her are eerily similar to my son who was born to us when I was only 22 years old! Babies having babies! Love the gift you gave her. What a great idea!


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