We’ve got nuts, yes we do, we’ve got nuts, how about you?

We’re nuts

The other day I was walking out the door to run some errands when I remembered that I needed to replenish my car snacks. NEEDED TO. Lord help us all, especially those in traffic with me if I’m on the road and hungry.

I went into the pantry for my car nuts only to realize that we are nut hoarders. Well, not a pantry per se but a snack/cracker/nut hoarding holding drawer.

*My name is Suzanne, and I’m a nut hoarder*

I was astonished to find 15 bags.

15. Plus, of course, peaNUT butter.

And that doesn’t include my container of baking nuts, we must keep those nuts separate.

My favorite nuts to stash in my car.

I giggled when I found deep in the hoarding drawer a few bags of peanuts from SW Airlines (we haven’t flown that airline in at least 4 years and I hope to never again) and two nut packs that came with Chic Fil A’ salads.

I’m like a damn squirrel preparing for end times with all my nut hiding hoarding.


Ok, this is off topic, but still nutty.

My Mom’s Dad, G’pa Sullivan, who I refer to as my grumpy grandpa had a few favorite sayings. He was essentially a little nutty, but of course, everyone has a few nuts in the family.

His go to phrase was “oh nuts” but with his weird Pennsylvania/Jersey accent and possibly all.the.beer it came out arra nuts.

One year when I was around 13, he was living with my Aunt and Uncle and we spent quite a bit of time together. My brother Mark, four years older than I and four years ahead in sarcasm, decided for Grandpas birthday we would bake him a cake.

We decorated the top of it with whole walnuts lining the outside edge and on the center, we spelled out in nuts: “Arra nuts.”

I can’t believe I turned down Art School to attend Cosmetology college.

There is a photo somewhere at my Aunts house of the evidence. I honestly wish I could remember what my G’pa had to say about the cake…or if he even got it. But, damn, we are a sassy family.

So, this post was about my hoarding issues and that my family might be nuts.

Anything you care to share about your hoarding or nutty family members? Sharing is caring and it’s cheaper to do it here than in the therapist’s office.


19 thoughts on “We’ve got nuts, yes we do, we’ve got nuts, how about you?

  1. You sure do like some nuts, balls, anything testicle in nature! You are my kind of lady. 😉
    I do like me some nuts too, so that is not at all judgy.
    Also, my neighbors love those bacon crisps from Costco that I saw snuck into the nut bin there.
    They are lesbians and they like nuts too. The kind in the jars, not the kind on a human. WINK WINK.

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  2. Oh how funny! For a while, we could not find Simply Jif at the stores. All of the sudden, I have about 15 jars! We are ready for the end, too! lol Recently I asked John if he had any antibacterial cream for a bug bite. When I looked closely, the tube expired FIVE years ago!

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  3. I like to grab snacks before I leave the house too. I live in fear of being out and about and realizing I NEED to eat and I suddenly only have access to bread or other gluten- type foods. For a long time I carried baggies of Costco trail mix with me. Turns out they make that in a factory that also processes wheat. Damn them. Now I lean towards protein bars. I have had to hide my favorite ones in a drawer full of baking products because one of my offspring eats my stash instead of the 3 varities I buy for non allergy people.

    When we made my dad’s bday gift (the # 80 out of 80 terms) – we used ‘grumpy’ as one of the labels to describe Mr. Grumpy pants. Maybe it’s a grandpa thing.

    Speaking of crazy family, I believe my sis Ann isn’t speaking to me since I opted NOT to involve myself in the demanding photo project she organized for dad’s 80th. Hard to tell because I don’t talk to her much anyway and crossing paths at family gatherings is not happening. And I could care less. Miserable, self-involved people suck.

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  4. Betsy

    HA HA —Nuts would never live long at my house….We keep almonds and pecans on hand to add to our big salads… BUT–any other nuts would be eaten too quickly to last here very long…. I have a tendency to ‘over-buy’ certain items that are hard to find…..OR —I’ll over-buy things on sale (thinking that I’ll never find that price again)….. Pretty soon—there will be 10 cans of Chunky Pineapples in our pantry…. How can that be?????? ha ha


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  5. This is a wonderful admission of nuttiness. I laughed out loud at the airline peanuts, hoarded away, just. in. case. As for hoarding, I’m currently trying to capture the flavored fizzy water market. I like every flavor, most fond of peach when I can get it. Kind of weird, huh?

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  6. Ug! I don’t know how I keep missing your posts. They don’t come up on my feed for some reason! Anyway, here I am to play catch up now! I love nuts and wish I could have a drawer full of them like you do! I would eat them all in a week though, except for the ones from SW and Chik fil A!

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