I sprouted butterfly wings and said DUH to myself more than I care to admit.

I forgot to share these fun pics from when we were looking at wedding venues a while ago; I really hate the thought of possibly neglecting you. And you. And of course you in the back, thequiet one. This was a beautiful, historical garden that was on the ‘maybe list.’ Well, for me it was THE LIST.

Can you believe it took me SO many years to sprout my darn wings?

Oh, how we loved this place, but Lolo had major anxiety/worries about the fact that if it were to rain, then we’d have to have a big tent and that would change the atmosphere. I was all: It won’t rain on YOUR PARADE ’cause mama said so!

So, the garden didn’t make the cut, but we loved the place none the less; I mean they had a BUTTERFLY GARDEN for heavens sakes.

King and Queen of the butterfly prom

Unsolved blonde mysteries

The Coach and I, much like a lot of other people started watching Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix a few weeks back. I can take crime shows or leave them; crime isn’t my thing, therefore, I’m NOT a criminal. My girls LOVE them and so does their father. He’s been watching them forever (or is it for forever?) and I remember giggling when Lolo started in law enforcement and her dad said in earnest to her: “I watch The First 48, so if you ever need any help, I’m here for you”

I digress.

While watching our first episode, three quarters through, we agreed with each other that “we hoped this story has a resolution, we don’t want to watch and NOT know what happened to this poor guy.” And then we remembered the title of the show we were watching. Well, it IS called UNsolved mysteries. Duh.

Damnit Janet.

If I had a nickel for every time this made me laugh, I’d have at least 45 cents.

Have any nickels smacked you on the head lately?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend my friends.


17 thoughts on “I sprouted butterfly wings and said DUH to myself more than I care to admit.

  1. We just started watching Unsolved Mysteries, and I found myself thinking, “This is just DATELINE without the soothing narration and trial scenes.” Bring on Bigfoot or I’m out.

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  2. I know, I agree with you. I feel like I got you hooked on that damn show. But then I read somewhere that the original show solved 250 mysteries and that made me hopeful in some way.
    AND there wasn’t a pandemic back then to help people solve a mystery. There is nothing like millions of bored people at home with nothing to do but swear at people online, chastise people about masks, AND solve mysteries!

    I love you and your butterfly love.
    I am going to ramble a bit in your comment section but I do believe you appreciate a good ramble, so here it goes.
    I think I mentioned to you how my dear friend, Sidney’s mom who passed away years ago, presents to her as a butterfly.
    Well, last week I was walking home from the park with my girls and I was texting her about something important (an Universal thing, let’s just leave it at that).
    All of a sudden, a beautiful monarch butterfly comes into my personal space and I was like SIDNEY! YOUR MOM IS HERE!
    And I told her mom (aka butterfly). I GOT YOUR GIRL.
    It was the lovliest moment and it felt like it needed a soundtrack or something.

    I thought you would appreciate that. It was a good day.
    I love that I will forever associate butterflies with beautiful human spirits. Living and beyond.
    That makes me feel hopeful about the human condition in kind of an ugly time. 🙂

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    1. Well, hopefully, some of these can now be solved since we’ve got time on our hands.
      I love that your friends’ Mom came to you; signs from beyond, what could be better than that? I appreciate you sharing that with me. Nothing better than a good butterfly story.


  3. That butterfly garden is SO you. How fun! I remember being so worried that it would rain and we would get no outdoor photos at our August wedding. No rain though, and I would’ve though lots of sweat but it was actually breezy. Hmm, I wonder if Kari remembers the weather and can verify.

    Hoping for it to all work out in an Unsolved Mystery series makes you the most optimistic person alive. For awhile Coach and I would watch a Dateline – we recorded the series. We can rarely stay up for an entire movie and it turns out even a one hour Dateline is tough for us to get through, even when we can fast forward through commercials. We started to realize that they ALL end the same dang way. If one of us fell asleep, we would mumble while going up the stairs to bed, “So who did it?” Then we would be like, “Oh, of course it was the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse.”

    We need a new show, but not sure I would like to be left hanging by unsolved stuff. I have enough of my own unsolved stuff. 😉

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    1. August is usually very hot and wet here. We chose October for Lolo because of less rain and humidity, but you never know.

      I get you on the dateline thing. It usually IS the spouse/boy/girlfriend. Something about love makes you want to murder. Go figure.

      You should totally watch The Biggest Little Farm on Hulu. Or is it prime? Anyhoo, google it. It’s one the whole family can watch; only about an hour and a half. I loved it and keep meaning to blog about it.


      1. Awesome- I will look for it. Ed has Hulu and sometimes he shares. 😉 And we have prime. And of course you tube tv that took forever to set up, and killing Coach now because they just raised their prices. Living the dream.


  4. We love mysteries and all kinds of dramas…. Right now we are watching DARK on Netflix….. And –yes it is very dark and extremely confusing as the characters travel back and forth in different years…. Keeps my brain swirling for sure…. IF I had a nickel every time I get confused in THAT show, I’d be extremely wealthy … NOW if I could find what happened to all of those nickels…. ha ha


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  5. What a pretty butterfly! (YOU of course with your wings!) I was single and living in a home alone when Unsolved Mysteries was new. I would watch and then be afraid to go to bed! lol lol My funny story about NICKELS…..mother was taught by the School for the Blind to count her own change at the checkout. It is easy to mistake a quarter for a nickel (by feel) if you are in a hurry – the nickel has smooth edges. So, mother would give me ALL of her nickels to keep from getting confused. Eventually, I think I bought a CAR with all those nickels! ha love you all

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