Stags, non-violent cows and an iffy gator

We left Friday afternoon and headed to my In-laws home on Lake Okeechobee; it was my MIL’s birthday. Have I mentioned lately how much I love both my Mother in law and Father in law (Coach’s stepdad)? They’re pretty darn wonderful. We had a plan to visit together with them and also go see one of her friends who was selling some of their staghorn fens. We already have two big ferns in our yard, (one was salvaged from my Dad’s house after he passed away) but if you know anything about my husband, you’ll know that if he likes something, he’d really like to have more of that something. Except for wives; one of those is plenty.

Just as we were about to leave, he threw a wrench into the vision of my upcoming 2 1/2 hour drive that would be me catching up on some emails, blogs and the FB.

“Hey, can you drive?”

EYE ROLL AND MOAN “WHAT? The big truck? Pulling the trailer? Really?”

“Ok, but if I do, you can’t say ONE WORD about my driving or the fact that I might not be able to pass any slow cars on those little country roads.”

I honestly thought I might hit the mailbox just leaving the driveway, but I made it all the way there without hitting anything and without a domestic incident. I even passed EIGHT slow cars on a two lane road. *looks around for achievement award*

We arrived safely at my In-laws house, then the four of us headed to the ladies house who had all the staghorn ferns. HOLY mackerel, these things are huge and beautiful. The Coach was so excited, he bought five.

While they were chitchatting, I wandered over to where they had some cows. In my 52 years, I’ve never been in close contact with a cow. Is that weird? Or do most people NOT come in contact with cows? I think they’re cute. So I called them over so we could chat, or you know, chew the cud.

Once the cows started heading my way, I remembered this was my first encounter with an actual living cow, and I know NOTHING about a cows temperament.

The google machine told me all I needed to know.

They did come closer, but not close enough for me to pet them. Perhaps they don’t have a google machine to ask DO HUMANS BITE?

Later, back at my In-laws place, we had a visitor. He must have been enamored with me, because he just stared. And stared. And stared. I’m wondering if the birds behind me were trying to warn me.

Later on, after it was dark, it came even closer to us. And just stared. And stared. We’re thinking that some loon on the canal has been feeding it and it now expects food from people. And possibly people as food. As best as we could tell he/she’s about 6-7 ft long. And I didn’t have to use the google machine to know if it bites or not; they invade my dreams on the regular.

I was blown away by the fact that they occasionally get manatees in the canal. How can you have a manatee AND an alligator in the same body of water? MIND.BLOWN.

We had a really nice visit with the family and the ferns are so darn cool, I want to figure out how to progagate mine and create more so I can sell them and get myself a baby cow.

The Coach and my BIL hung them at our house on Sunday; they’re really purty. I think they might need their own blogpost. Or perhaps this will be the last we ever speak of them.

Don’t you love a cliffhanger?

So, did you encounter any ginormous ferns, timid cows or too-comfortable gators?


16 thoughts on “Stags, non-violent cows and an iffy gator

  1. I’m very impressed that you drove the big truck with a trailer and were able to pass slow cars on a country road. I’ve never ad much success pulling trailers with anything other than a tractor. I’m glad you got some beautiful ferns. I’m even happier that you survived your encounters with the ‘wildlife”.

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  2. Your ferns are reminding me of foghorn leghorn. Must be my lack of a green thumb that leads me to clueless associations like this.

    I hate finding out last minute that I am expected to drive.

    I hung out with my grandpa’s first cousin while I lived in Ireland in college. He was a farmer and I helped him move his cattle from one field to a different field down the road once. Those are some big animals and it was not as easy as it looked. He died laughing when I asked him if he ever felt bad about sending them off to the slaughter house.

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  3. Wow what a gorgeous home your in-laws have…… You got to experience more in one day than some of us have had in a lifetime of days!!!!!! ha…… I know what you can do!!!!!!! Get rid of those darn butterflies —and buy some sweet little baby cows!!!!! Suz says: “NOT ON YOUR LIFE”…….. ha ha ha …… But I did get a message from one of those cows saying they’d love to KISS you… SO—remember that for next time, and you can send them a big ole slobbery kiss!!!!!!!


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  4. I think if my husband ever asked me to drive I’d pass out from shock and we would have to drive anyway! Those ferns are huge! For sure that gator was enamored with you because he’s giving you the love eye(s)!

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  5. I tend not to be afraid of alligators but then I remember how fast they can run – and I can’t so I’m not the perfect person to live on the water in Florida. The ferns sound amazing. In fact I’ve had them on my mind as a house I pass on my Buddy walk has a big one and I’m so jealous.

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  6. A question that I ask … aka whine about, Why are there no dairy farm cow petting places around here!!!! Are there anywhere? My family knows, one of my wishes is to go play with some cows and give them cow kisses on their great big cow noses.
    As far as alligators.. nope. When the husband talks about moving south my first thought is that I’m going to be eaten by an alligator while paddle boarding. Nope. His response to my fears.. we are safer with alligators then we are living in Baltimore. hmmmm.. Point!
    On a funny note, I recently seen a photo of an alligator paddleboard. I looks as if the person is standing on an alligators back ~ cool!!! I want that shit!! Although… I feel like it could be bad Karma. I’d probably get eaten by a shark while riding on it.

    Good job driving!!!!!!

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