Finding weird things under your pillow or in a toy box isn’t so weird in our house.

The post below was originally shared in 2014. I’m re-sharing it today because of what we found in the Barbie box recently; the mystery box contained someone’s teeth.

*giggle giggle* I love my silly life.

My brilliant friend Ernie guessed correctly; I’m assuming it’s because she’s a bit weird too and has a slew of funny kids.

Lucky for most of you, you don’t have a weird Mom.

Unlucky for my girls, they were born to a weirdo.  

I spent a good portion of the weekend in the closet; we are FINALLY going to gut and redo our master closet; top to bottom, side to side.   I was cleaning out bins, cabinets, shelves, boxes, you name it.

I found my Dad’s resume from 1970.  I found diaries from 1979. 

I found letters from my Grandma, my Brother and every card that was ever given to me. **MEMORY HOARDER**

I have my wedding planning-spiral notebook and every shower/wedding card. That is 23 years in the saving and the empty bottle of champs from our honeymoon. I don’t even remember drinking champagne.

I also found the WEIRD.    What is it with Moms and saving the weird?

I found teeth.    Yes human teeth. And not just one box, but three boxes.   I’m pretty sure one box contained MY teeth, because my weirdness does not fall far from the weird tree.  I distinctly remember my Mom bringing down a box at Thanksgiving a few years back.  See, I came by the weird naturally, she drove from GA to FL with my baby teeth in her suitcase.

So, what does a weird mom do?  She puts them under the pillow of her 18 year old daughter while she is at work.

Along with someones teeth, I added a pamplet on how to give a self breast exam.  The victim 18 year old was none too pleased; Linds didn’t find the humor in the ‘under the pillow surprise party.’

Me? I thought it was hilarious and she’s just lucky I didn’t save her first dirty diaper. 

Now, I’m wondering if my Linds had the wherewithal in 2014 to think ahead to the year 2020, me in the playroom with our almost 3 year old great-niece and me finding those teeth.

Well played my brilliant child, well played.

28 thoughts on “Finding weird things under your pillow or in a toy box isn’t so weird in our house.

    I swear this need to be a wonderfully creepy screenplay or horror film. OMG I AM CACKLING.
    I love that you found your dad’s resume from 1970! The year I was born. I am still cackling. OH you made my week.
    A song just came on Spotify called Patricia by Perez Prado.
    I want you to listen to it AS you read this blog post to yourself.
    It fits.
    IT FITS. It delightfully fits.
    I swear to God, we were meant to meet each other.

    Sigh. I just wrote a post Wednesday about the Universe that is set to post on Monday and irony and I believe that nothing is ironic anymore.

    It all just fits.


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    1. I love that music; like a blast from the past….which, by the way, the past was so much better. LOL!
      I love that you also cackle; it’s what the cool kids do.
      I can’t wait to read your next post my sweet and funny friend. Happy Friday!


  2. Debra She Who Seeks

    The only thing creepier than keeping baby teeth (or any other teeth, for that matter) is keeping extracted body parts like cysts, growths and appendices in little jars of formaldehyde. Tell me that is NOT going to be your next post.

    Yay! The old format is back! And BEES, I

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  3. Debra She Who Seeks

    “And BEES, I was right!” For some reason, that comment got posted before I was done typing. Spooky. Revenge of the teeth and body parts, I bet.

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  4. Yesss! “TEETH” for the win.

    I have half-ass cleaned out my closet during pandemic but not deep-cleaned enough to unearth baby teeth. I know they are in there. Always felt weird to throw them away. Ed had his front teeth pulled and the roots were never worn down by his adult teeth. We saved those for sure because FREAK SHOW status.

    Love all the stuff you found. I know I have my wedding planning spiral in my closet too.

    So funny. And sneaking random teeth under Linds’ pillow . . . well played, Silly Mom.

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    1. Freak show status: I love that!!
      Sadly, after my Mom passed, I had her kinda-new upper teeth that she paid out the ass (10 grand?) for. They wouldn’t leave them in for cremation, so we ended up throwing them away. I wished I could have recycled or reused them somewhere….Oh my, this is getting weirder.


  5. I still have my kids teeth too! I have a whole tote for each of my kids with stuff of theirs I have saved and also a tote dedicated to stuff from my childhood and early life. It includes a picture of the advertisement for my wedding dress and a little swatch of material I used to have my shoes dyed to match!

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  6. Now I know why we “click”…I have all of Man-Child’s teeth – minus the one he lost on the playground. And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe I labeled them! I wish I had thought of sneaking them under his pillow! Maybe the next time he stays over.

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  7. Melanie Galliano

    I have my kids’ teeth as well. Veronica had one pulled not long ago – root and all – and I kept it. My Mom kept mine too but I tossed them when I cleaned out her stuff. Although I do still have my one wisdom tooth. I only had one wisdom tooth come in and it was pulled when I was 28-29 or so, and I kept it. I also have my old braces and my retainers. Weird how we hold on to those things!


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