Weekend happenings and how I use my special power(s) isn’t up to me.

We had all three kids (Linds, Lolo & Nathan) and Coach’s Dad and step mom over for a cookout Saturday; Y’all, it’s so nice to be with my PEOPLE.

Shortly after Lolo and Nathan arrived, they rode off with the Coach on a little errand and left their dogs here, Mattis the Husky and Max max the little nut job. I went in to shower and when I came out of the bathroom, I found this scene:

The rule has always been NO dogs on the couch, but that rule doesn’t apply to little Max; he’s designated to either corner of the couch that has a blanket on it. Well, Mattis thinks that he’s the size of Max, but clearly he isn’t. And yes, I took the photo before I drug him off the couch and he was all ‘what, why, lady, I like da couch.’

Suzanne’s hair salon is now open.

I cut about 5″ off Lolo’s hair.

And then I charged her $126 bucks. That’s the going rate, isn’t it?

Behold, my super powers

Lolo and I were outside with the dogs and I was showing her my Senna plants that I just KNOW the Sulphur butterflies have been laying eggs in, but I’ve yet to see a caterpillar. As we were both talking and looking at the plants we both SHREIKED when we saw a few caterpillars. I swear, sometimes I have the power to WILL butterflies to do my bidding.

Another example of my super power: Last week I was watering my potted dill, parsley and fennel and I said to myself, where are the Eastern Black Swallowtails? I’ve not seen one in months and I swear to baby Jesus, just then one flew around the corner, and started laying eggs RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was all: Thank you JESUS, and why don’t I have my phone/camera on me; I just stood there mesmerized by how I made that happen. 🙂

See, I can WILL THEM. You’d think I would use my powers for something else, but my powers only work on butterflies. Now, with the sulphur butters that brings up my larval host plants up to 10. I think. There could be more; perhaps I summoned up another flavor but forgot about it already.

My MIL brought some desserts to share, we didn’t put any candles on anything so, there was no blowing of anything, on anything, but we had dessert in honor of my FIL’s April birthday, Nathan’s May birthday and Judy and Lolo’s July birthdays. We killed four birds with one stone, although I don’t know why we have to kill birds.

It was lovely to hang out and chat with family. My life is so good; I’m fully aware of this and I don’t even need a reminder. It’s just good.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend doing something with people who you enjoy or at least people who bow to your will. *giggle*


22 thoughts on “Weekend happenings and how I use my special power(s) isn’t up to me.

  1. We’re doing a Big Birthday on Saturday at the lakehouse. While no birds will be killed, we are celebrating 5 at once since COVID trashed some springtime birthdays.

    I did will a redheaded woodpecker to my feeder for Rick’s birthday; it’s his favourite bird. I know–not as impressive. Sigh.

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  2. I am so glad you got time with your people! We got to be with my parents this weekend socially distant and that is always special. Mike’s birthday is Tuesday and the weather is going to be 73 degrees which is UNREAL for August here, so we can sit on the patio and have them here for dinner. What a blessing that is during a pandemic.

    Do you cut hair? Like, FOR REAL? I actually cut Mike’s hair but he just has a buzz cut, so I just use the clippers. I am not at all trained but I have been doing it for years because he could care less. 😉

    I have my first hair trim since January this weekend! The hair intervention ends this week! But I am only getting it thinned. Then back into the intervention I go until January. Sad face.

    What kind of dessert did your MIL make?? I am living vicariously through you since I am still kind of on the migraine-dessert-free bus. 😦

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    1. I replied to this earlier today while on my phone, but apparently I had crappy wifi.
      A birthday dinner outside in 73* sounds so wonderful; I hope Mike has a great day.

      I used to be a hairstylist but I’m retired. Occasionally I can be bribed to dust off my shears for the girls; I’m not great at it, it’s something you have to continually do, but for what she needed I could handle it.
      I wish I had enough hair to have it thinned…currently trying to THICKEN my hair.(Rogaine)

      My MIL ‘brought’ desserts. 🙂 That’s how I usually do it too since I’m not a great baker; we had a carrot cake and some sort of chocolate mousse concoction….sugar. sugar. sugar. You would have hated it. 😦

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  3. hahaha the dogs!! We discriminate against the big dogs around here. They are not allowed on the furniture but little charlotte is. So Not Fair!!! They’re big, stinky and drooly.
    I gave myself a haircut recently.. not good. But I was a licensed dog groomer for many years. If I had a cocker spaniel people would probably say that I looked like my dog. just sayin.
    Glad to hear that you got to spend time with your family.
    Nice superpowers!! I hardly see any butterflies here.

    * Yes, I’ve seen that mike Tyson commercial… I put it on my calendar. : )

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  4. Your get together to celebrate birthdays with dessert sounds fun. I will forever think of you and your super powers when I see butterflies and/or caterpillars! Lolo’s hair looks gorgeous! I’m laughing at the LOOK Mattis gave you while perched on your couch!

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  5. Late to the party- no idea how I missed this post yesterday. Must have glanced at my phone without glasses and thought thought it was your last post.

    I do not let the tots I sit for get on the couches. They are also trained like dogs . . . they do not leave the family room unless I say “night-night the baby” and then they scurry to the stairs and go in their respective napping room. My kids love this dog and pony show and encourage their friends to observe it when they are here.

    If I had a super-power it would be to make my kids clean something up. Wipe something down. Throw something away. Never. Gonna. Happen.

    Love Lolo’s hair – so pretty. Great that you are talented there. Curly is still ticked about her May ’19 cut. That was definitely not worth $120 bucks

    Love that you enjoyed your family time together. We are planning a grad party for Reg and Lad on the 15th.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    Your dessert party sounds like it was fun! I cut the girls’ hair for many years. I got quite good at it by watching YouTube videos!! Now that they are older and want fancy stuff, we go to a one girl salon not far from our house. $28 isn’t too bad for a haircut around here – and she doesn’t make mistakes like I did. OOPS!

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  7. your super powers are amazing! it’s very impressive. kind of like amazon. you think it, they deliver it! so glad you got to hang with your peeps. i think we need to make some kid of special birthday candle blowing out fan… it’s a sign of the times.


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