A sweet little farm and Yogi is in my ‘hood.

I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you because if I’ve learned anything from Barney, it’s that Sharing IS Caring. And also it’s ok to be a big purple dinosaur.

I watched this docu-movie a while ago on Hulu and I just loved it; The littlest Big Farm.

A testament to the immense complexity of nature, The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land.

The Biggest Little Farm by John Chester, Molly Chester | DVD ...

The story is full of peaks and valleys, and I was a bit nervous that it would not have a happy ending, but in fact, {spoiler alert} it did. I loved it mostly because it shows how nature can evolve, adjust and work in harmony; every obstacle the family encountered while trying to build a sustainable farm appeared to be doom & gloom, but nature always worked out. It was a heartwarming story that will take your mind elsewhere for about 90 minutes. Did I mention they have a dog who was kind of the center of the story? Actually the whole reason they bought the farm was because of their rescue dog, which I totally get.

I give it FOUR paws up!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

Monday morning my dear friend Stacy who lives 8 houses down from us sent me this photo and a text that read: Ten minutes ago, in our backyard!

Da’ bear was digging through Stacy’s trash because my friends have the best trash.

We have wildlife. And I’m not just talking about the Coach and I when we stay up past eleven.

Though we’re only 9 miles to the Gulf of Mexico, our ‘hood goes way east to the Everglades; home to a pleathora of wildlife including Florida black bears, coyotes, Florida panthers & bobcats. I’ve always known they were around, but usually a few streets east of our home, until this week.

Can you picture me, in my yard, head in a hedge looking for caterpillars and a big azz bear comes waltzing by? In this scenario, it’s a dancing bear.

I feel bad for them because with development comes crowding, and they are slowly losing space. Should I offer them one of our guest rooms? Wait, I’ll have to see if it’s a tap dancing or just regular dancing bear first.

And wouldn’t you know that I had a very vivid dream about a bear in my home on Monday night? It kept coming in, and I kept trying to get it outside. I was giving it objects to play with, boxes with tops, cylinders with lids, it was like I was teaching a child dexterity, but it was, in fact, a full-sized bear. As many times as I was able to get it back outside, then we (myself and family) would turn off the house lights and hide, the darn bear would come back and find a way inside and see that we were still home.

Was I having a Goldilocks moment? Who am I hiding from? Wait, a better question is: Why can’t the bear put a top on a box if he can open garbage cans?

Happy Humpday my friends!


20 thoughts on “A sweet little farm and Yogi is in my ‘hood.

  1. I sure hope your friend has a great zoom lens on her camera to get that great of a photo. That bear was smiling, too! And it was in focus. Holy crap. If a bear were in my backyard, I’d take a photo, but it would be blurry because all the while I’d be yelling, “HOLY CRAP THERE’S A BEAR IN MY BACKYARD IT’S A BEAR A BEAR AND IT’S IN MY BACK YARD!”

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    1. I believe it was a pic on her cell phone. She has a lot of wooded areas in the back of her property and she believes the bear has been ‘around’ as she has found several ‘flattened’ patches of grass where it might be sleeping. 😌


  2. Wow! I guess I never think about bears being in Florida but why not, right? It’s sad how all over the country development is taking up wildlife spaces and way of living and they have to forage in garbage for food!

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  3. I did not know bears live in Florida- how in the world do they handle the heat? I cannot believe that was only 8 houses away from you. Better warn the caterpillars.

    This is why we are planning to go to Yellowstone next year. Grizzlies too. I was taking a video of a hawk yesterday morning in our yard. He was eyeing a juicy squirrel. Lunged for him a few times. The squirrel was NERVOUS. I think he survived but I had stuff to do so I left before witnessing carnage. Reg was in the kitchen hollering “This isn’t Yellowstone.” Teens are fun.

    I do enjoy a good documentary. I want to check this one out. Just watched the minimalism one Kari recommended. My closet will never look the same again.


  4. I love the comments section of blogs. For real. They are saving my life.
    So I need to add this documentary to my list. But for real, listen to Ernie and watch The Minimalists.
    Is this farm one going to make me want to move to the farm? I feel like I want to move to Canada at this point, so I am starting my “farm in Canada” research, but then you what I realized?
    There are BEARS in Canada. Then what do my eyes see in your blog post?
    A bear.
    In Florida.
    Lord Jesus Universe.
    I don’t know what Joy is telling me now.

    I do know that bears eat snakes, allegedly so I feel better about that.

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    1. You will love this documentary-I promise.
      Ok, message received about the minimalists. I’ll look for it.
      You’ll not want to move to the farm because it involves a lot of work. Perhaps you like that sort of thing, but if you’re anything like me, then no.
      Canada is cold. Did you know that?
      Joy says to stay put, you only have to deal with the Da’ Bears football. Well, maybe not this year…

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  5. Yikes! We get bear sightings around here every so often but usually not close to home…until this summer. Someone posted on NextDoor a week or so ago that a bear was spotted less than a mile from my house. We have woods at the back of our property that line up with road where the bear was spotted – not REAL woods though because on the other side of that giant batch of trees is another house. Needless to say, the next morning, I was sitting on the back porch when I heard rustling in the woods, I was terrified and looked up…it was a couple of squirrels playing chase! I felt ridiculous.

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  6. I didn’t know FL had bears. Yogis is a good name for yours. We had a lone bear wandering around our county a few years ago, and I was freaked out by that. But 10 minutes away? Oh my. No picnic baskets for you!

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  7. wow – my inlaws had a bear walk past their lanai the other day. glad it didn’t feel the need to come through the screen! i am very impressed with the items you tried to get the bear to play with- you could work with me at the zoo on wednesdays! (if they ever let me go back. huh.) if you see a dancing bear, please call me.


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