My house is the opposite of a fat camp and thinking about boxer butts.

We didn’t leave the confines of our property boundaries this weekend. Not once. Coach spent most of his weekend in his office with me walking in occasionally and asking “are you getting in overtime?” I’m not complaining, he knows his place. *giggle*

A few months ago Coach was explaining to some acquaintances of ours that I have a blog and then he went on to explain that my blog is ‘all about butterflies’. I’m calling BS; I’ll NOT be labeled! Which is ironic since I’m in love with my label maker. I’m not gonna mention butterflies today!

But probably tomorrow….

On our way back home from GA on Thursday we stopped at Lolo and Nathans and picked up Max Max our grand-dog; he’s again in our custody. Lolo had to head back to school in VA on Saturday as they are now having class IN class. She was a bit excited (not to leave Nathan of course) because when she left her apartment and school in March, she thought she would be in Florida for a few weeks. Hello, first big surprise of 2020. She hardly brought anything with her. And she left eggs in her fridge. Do you think she’ll have chickens? I know, that’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.

When Max was with us prior to her coming back from school, he was getting chunky. That’s what happens when you spend any amount of time with your grandparents. Right? Well, once they took him back home and he spent his day’s wrestling/fighting with the crazy Husky, well, he slimmed down quite a bit. I declared that sending him home was like sending him to FAT CAMP; he came back to us a lot thinner.

Size matters when it comes to lap dogs

I was kind of excited to have Max back as he is a cuddle bug and I like a cuddle bug. Callie, the 69LB cow dog? Well, she isn’t exactly a lap/cuddle dog. Speaking of dogs and rescuing boxers. What? Back in 2019 when we had to say goodbye to our Cocoa, we declared that Callie would be our last dog. Not because we don’t love dogs, but we were loving the thought of freedom for traveling. This year we had planned trips to Boston, Napa, & Spain/Portugal. None of those happened. And I have a feeling that the future doesn’t look so great for us traveling, which I’ve come to terms with. So, now I’m back on a dog kick. A boxer kick to be more precise. I’ve been perusing the boxer rescue site looking for my perfect, older, female boxer. (I like old ladies!) But I’m not against another rescue types. I’m not rescue racist or anything, but I do love boxer butts and I can not lie.

Ozzie and Cocoa, two of my favorite boxer butts circa 2013

So, I suppose the old phrase NEVER SAY NEVER is in fact, true.

Do you happen to remember back in February when Callie was having health issues? The Vet said she would have 2 weeks to 2 months. Ummmm….that dog is still kicking. She’s had some setbacks here and there, but she keeps making a comeback. “don’t call it a comeback!”

She’s got more than nine lives and I’m perfectly happy about that too.

Damn, for the world being a shit show, I’m pretty happy about a lot of things. I hope everyone is hanging in there and finding something to be joyful about, even if it’s a dog derriere.


13 thoughts on “My house is the opposite of a fat camp and thinking about boxer butts.

  1. I’m glad your blog is about more than butterflies, even though I love butterflies! Sorry your travel plans got cancelled. We actually were in the process of planning a trip to Italy for this September but it was early and we ended up not even booking anything to cancel!


  2. I remember Callie was struggling and I am so glad she is doing better!
    Ella has been begging for another dog, so had Anna before she left for college.
    But after three pet deaths this year, I am not emotionally ready.
    Buddy is also not emotionally ready, as he is enjoying being king of his castle.

    Boxer butts ARE cute though.
    As much as not traveling sucks, staying at home with a brand new dog seems like a good compromise. 🙂

    PS- I am glad your blog is up and running again. I hope it isn’t being a jerk anymore.


    1. She’s having many good days, and then a weird day. But all in all, she’s living her best life.
      I vote you take a vacay on new pets too…not sure if any of us can handle anymore heartache because our hearts ache for you.


  3. I like seeing photos of dogs, front view or rear view. I once had someone explain to someone else that my blog was about the mundane. I said nothing to correct her, but I will say that she tried to keep a blog and couldn’t do it. Kind of got the impression that she was jealous of me. Kind of made me smile.


  4. Howdy, Life has changed –for all of us… BUT–George and I are still finding the opportunity and time to get out and about a little more than we did the first 3 months of Covid… We recently took a short trip to the Shenandoah Valley area… Talk about heaven on earth!!!!! Awesome!

    I love Boxers also… We don’t have a dog now since we travel so much. Also we don’t really have a yard for them to run around in… (Restrictions where we live say that pets MUST be on a leash plus the fact that we can’t have fences…)

    Good Luck to Lolo –getting back to school/classes.. Bet those eggs are the FIRST thing she threw away!!!! ha

    Have a great week.


  5. I think boxer butts are similar to miniature schnauzer butts. We had a schnauzer named Fritzy when I was a baby. By the time my brother was a tot my folks realized he was deathly allergic to Fritz and he had to go live with my grandparents. The dog, not Pat, I so wish is was the other way around. 😉

    I hope we all regain the ability to travel soon, but in the meantime a boxer in the shape of an old lady would be most enjoyable.

    My nephew Alan who is Reggie’s age is crazy tall. And crazy thin. My kids fear he might snap in half one day, like a pencil. At family gatherings my brother Mike points out to his wife how much my boys eat. I guess I favor the ‘eat up’ mentality and my kids look ‘filled in’ to prove it.

    My grandparents kept my sisters and I when my mom went into the hospital to have Pat. I was not quite a year old yet, and grandma felt bad for me. She overfed me to the point of ridiculousness. My folks came to collect me and could not fit me in my snowsuit. Rotund. So, I agree, that is what grandmas do.

    My sleep was off last week, but now that I am sleeping I am doing just fine on the happiness scale. We have had nothing but car trouble – like one after the other, but at some point you just have to laugh your butt off.


    1. Schnauzers are super cute, but with that beard/facial hair, can they even see us? I get it, a Fritzy trade for Pat would have been beneficial for you. 🙂
      I always ate well when I was at my Grandmas’s house because she actually fed me…I didn’t have to forage for myself. LOL, a true story.


  6. I would love to have a house dog, but I shamefully admit don’t want to take care of one! The cats are easy and can do for themselves while we go on vacations. A dog would be harder to leave behind. Maybe someday…


  7. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t “seen” you around lately…and then I remembered you mentioned you broke your blog. Well, it isn’t broken but it isn’t showing up in my reader – personally, I think that’s probably Blogger’s fault.


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