Where’d you go, Suzi Q? Life-changing realities, falling down & yard activities.

I fell off the blogosphere for most of last week because I’ve been a busy azz bee, much busier than usual doing something that I never expected to be doing. Y’all we did something very exciting and kind of spontaneous; who doesn’t make life-changing decisions on a whim? I’m gonna have to blog about it at some point, but not just yet. Don’t ya hate it when people are vague? Me too!

My hair. Doesn’t it always go back to our hair?

A few weeks ago my stylist came to the house and gave me a BIG cut. Several inches were removed after 20 weeks of neglect, I needed it. (She’s not going back to a salon to work anytime soon because she’s not putting her kids in daycare.) Back in real life, I would get a trim and highlights every six weeks. So, 20 weeks felt like a lifetime. I’ve made a life-altering (different than the one above) decision to NOT highlight my hair. Do you know what I found out during all this ‘not highlighting my hair’? I’m not as naturally blonde as I thought. I’ve identified as blonde my entire life. But, I just realized I’m closer to brunette than blonde. This.was.a.revelation.

I was explaining this to Lolo and she said “Mom, it’s 2020, you can IDENTIFY as anything you want.” So, I’m going to now identify as a cat. A brunette cat. MeOw.

brown tabby cat on pink textile
Photo by Elina Sazonova on Pexels.com

I might hate it though and revert. NOT reverse being a cat, reverse being a brunette.

So, I’ve been so preoccupied with our life-changing decision, that I was the last person in Florida to know there are two named hurricanes heading in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico, which is right down the road. Suzanne, wake up and pay attention to your surroundings! I’m sure it will be fine. Everything will be fine. *I checked and we are fine, only rain and some wind, NO sighting of Jim Cantore will be expected. Fingers crossed*

Yesterday I was walking from the backyard towards the house with a few citrus leaves in my hand to feed my giant swallowtails INSIDE (like a normal person) when I got a text on my Apple Watch, I glanced down at the same time I was supposed to take a big step UP to the raised concrete driveway…but being distracted, I didn’t step UP quite as high as I should have and I caught my flip flop on the concrete, flung forward onto both hands and knees. Jiminy Christmas! I glanced around, thankful that we had fencing and not a soul witnessed my clumsiness. Suzanne, wake up and pay attention to your surroundings!

I’m fine. Everything is fine. I just scraped up my knees and one hand. But, there goes my hand and leg modeling contract, $$ right out the window.

Speaking of butterflies and orgies, because that is often a hot topic.

What in the procreation is happening?

I found these swingers couples getting Jiggy-wit-it on Saturday. Do you remember the upside down kiss from the SpiderMan movie? Well, they’re not kissing.

I almost put ‘yard porn’ in the title of this post, but was scared to see who found me just because of that phrase.

I’m gonna have to change my blog rating to R because of all the butterfly porn. Speaking of which, a few months ago a friend texted me saying she saw two monarchs fornicating and she didn’t realize that they did such a thing; I wanted to respond with ‘you’re so pretty’ because that’s my normal response, but she really is one of the most intelligent people I know. But still, I suppose if you don’t think about butterflies doing the dirty, then you don’t know.

It’s always a critter orgy around here, lizards, snakes, butterflies. They HAVE NO SHAME and act like I can’t see them.

So, that’s all I have to get off my chest today. Turns out, this post is all.about.me.

What about you? Any change in identification that you’re considering?


12 thoughts on “Where’d you go, Suzi Q? Life-changing realities, falling down & yard activities.

  1. My hair is now so long that I’m starting to resemble my high school graduation pictures, unless you notice all the streaks of silver in it.

    Okay, huge swaths of silver, a la Lily Munster.

    But I’m embracing it like some old hippy or boho chick. Except that I don’t wear flipflops or sandals. Because ew, feet.


  2. Blonde to brunette. That’s significant. I went from blonde to strawberry blonde once, and then went back. I figure, like you said, you can define yourself any way you want to… including the color of your hair.


  3. I am writing about my hair in October because my hair intervention is six months old and nothing exciting is happening other than I am with you. I am not the blonde I thought I was. We are two peas in a pod, that is fo’ sho.

    I do love me some butterfly porn. Listen, we need something exciting these days. Who knew butterflies were such whores? I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT.

    I can’t wait to hear about your exciting news. But I feel like I think I know what it is. Can I guess? I have messenger still even if I’m not on lowercase facebook anymore.


  4. Bummer about your tumble. Ouch! Again, no camera caught footage? No worries, I would still have preferred the fake snake freak-out in the pool footage to seeing you go down.

    I have never colored my hair. When w were in KC, Curly asked my sis in law (who was talking about her hair appointments still happening during covid in her hairdresser’s house) “So, what color is your hair?” And sis in law said, “I don’t really know anymore.” This shocked Curly. My sis in law was shocked that I don’t color. I have some gray but it almost looks like blond highlights, or that’s what we pretend around here anyway.

    I guess you can tell me ‘You’re so pretty’ because I thought butterflies come from caterpillars – I didn’t know they did the dirty . . . but then again, I never really thought about it.

    You have my curiosity peaked . . . he went and got you a dolphin after all?! Oh, I love surprises.


    1. No camera footage. 🙂

      It’s awesome that you are all-natural; a rarity! ‘blonde highlights’ are awesome too.
      Well, you are so pretty. Butterflies have sex, the females lay eggs. The eggs hatch and become caterpillars. The caterpillars turn into butterflies. And so on, and so on.

      Damnit. I still need a dolphin!!


  5. I envy you for having enough hair on your head to know the color. I’m sorry to hear about your tumble — I often have trouble triying to do two things at once, so I understand how it happened.


  6. Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve had about a half inch cut off my hair.. I actually love it longer for the time being! I don’t know if you are of that age yet but the last time I fell, never mind the scraped hands and knee, my whole body felt like it was put through the ringer for a few days! Looking forward to hear about your life changing decision!


  7. I often wonder how the walkers in my neighborhood can read their phone and walk the dog at the same time. Since the trees are very old around here their roots have raised and broken the sidewalks if many locations. It is all I can do not to stumble. One day I did catch my foot and my arms did a windmill thing and a couple was walking toward me. They stopped and asked if I was ok. Darn it all. It was not a big deal but I was embarrassed.


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