The big news and it doesn’t smell like teen spirit in here at all.

The big news I’ve been wanting to share. And also, It’s ma birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s ma birthday.

Kidding. We don’t roll like that anymore. But, it IS my birthday.

THE NEWS: Did you guess that one of my girls was knocked up with-child? As much as I want a grandkid, I want it to be in a more traditional manner; call me crazy.

Did you think that we might have sold our business, home and fled to Costa Rica? That has been thought of; not too many riots there.

How about we sold our home, business, purchased a Winnebago and drove around the country Cousin Eddie style?

Merry Christmas, the shitters full.

As much as I would love to repeat that phrase to some unwilling family member as we park in their driveway, that is not exactly our style. yet.

Do you remember before the pandemic that the Coach and I loved traveling? Travel bugs. No moss was to grow under our feet. He’s such a smart cookie, he has our factory running so well with excellent management and some automation, he doesn’t have to be ‘hands-on” as he was the first 20 years, and all his hard work has paid off. That phrase really DOES have some meaning. Mind you, some little lady was keeping the home fires burning….you know, Ma Ingalls style. THAT’S ME, THAT’S ME!

Is the Coach Pa Ingalls ready for retirement? Not.quite.yet.

Once we realized we won’t be traveling as we had in the past, we decided to find a destination home that is OURS and we can get there easily, flee the heat of the summer and also connect with friends & family on holidays. Growing up in Florida, we’ve always known and dealt with the snow-birds; those northerners that flee the winters and crowd our streets/beaches in the winter, now we are going to be them. Kind of. Maybe.

{{I’ve tried 47 times since this morning to add in a few photos from the past week. Not.happening. I’m livid. But I’m still posting}}

{{After almost ripping out my fourteen hairs, I can get some pics loaded, but they are huge. Please don’t count my varicose veins…}}

As a little girl running around the trailer park, cousin Eddie style, I NEVER dreamed that this would be possible. We closed on the house last week and hitched our trailer to our truck and moved some items up there. See, I’m still having trailer moments. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, blah blah blah…

The house is lovely. There are some things that we want to change, but it’s really lovely. The best part? Well, there are TWO best parts.

Let’s go over the best BEST part first. My Aunt and Uncle, AT and UJ, live just over an hour away. But, but, wait, there’s MORE. They want to purchase a home IN THIS same HOOD. I know. It’s beyond wonderful. I lived with them for a few months when I was 12, and we lived in the same town when I was 12-15, but since then, we’ve lived in different states. I adore them so much, can you imagine how happy I will be if they are in the same hood? SO FREAKING HAPPY. I have limited family, and they are my best people…so having them close is beyond wonderful.

The other best part? The neighbors. We were there for 6 days, moving stuff in, getting set up, getting a feel for the place and so many people dropped by to say hello. To welcome us. I’ve never had that before. Georgia. Jawwwjaaaaa. I’m turning into a peach as we speak…



The back of our home faces East, so we are blessed with the most spectacular sunrises. Usually, I am against a sunrise because I’m a night owl, but I accidentally caught a few sunrises. Beautiful. Literally, worth waking up. 

I apologize for missing out on anyone’s blogs over the past few weeks. I was scurrying trying to furnish a house. WHO DOES THAT? Me? The trailer park girl, that’s who. We arrived back home on Tuesday night and Callie had me up FOUR times that night…so off to the vet we went in the morning.

I’m beat. But in that happy/beat feeling.

17 thoughts on “The big news and it doesn’t smell like teen spirit in here at all.

  1. Ohhh, how exciting! This is great news. Love that you get to be near your aunt and uncle. So . . . that time you went to find them a house – were you both shopping, or just you two? Did you go there thinking you would shop for a house too, or did it occur to you later? Last question: when will you be inviting us to come visit? Hee hee.

    The house is beautiful. The pictures are great. Congrats!

    You have been missed.


    1. Thank you!!!
      I inquired with my Aunt back in mid-July about looking at houses in the GA mountains; she is a realtor. She then told us she TOO was thinking of moving to that area. So, we went with an open mind; they are still on the hunt.
      You CAN visit!!!


  2. Oh my gosh- and I just realized I failed to wish you a happy birthday!!!! Lousy friend I am, with poor reading comprehension skills, clearly.

    So are you celebrating in your Georgia Peach Place? Wherever you are – enjoy!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a gorgeous house with an amazing view. I’m sure you will make lots of happy memories there! We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a vacation condo in Orlando so we’d have more excuses to visit Disney! Heeeheee…. maybe someday!


    1. We used to travel to Disney a lot with softball tournaments back in the day and we always stayed at a vacation rental; you could get one and rent it out to suckers, I mean people like us or those crazy Disney fanatics like you. 😉


  4. Adams Betsy Banks

    WOW—-Happy Birthday and CONGRATS on the new Georgia home. Where in GA are you???? I assume that the new 2nd home is in the mountains –so are you near Helen–or that area????? AWESOME news. I am so happy for both of you…

    Lovely home –and I love that sunrise… BEAUTIFUL way to start the morning each day!!!



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