The one where I grew older, without maturing, random musings about people, and my continued hate for olives.

Thank you all for the nice comments on our big news. I was hesitant to even share because it feels a bit braggadocios and I never want to be that person. Deep down inside, I still feel like the little kid running the streets of a trailer park and so when something GOOD happens, I feel guilty for my good fortune. I know, I probably need some therapy, but I’ve been so successful burying all my past baggage and I’m gonna keep it there.

I had a nice birthday week. Why not enjoy it ALL week?

I had some birthday time/love with my In-Laws, my girlfriend Stacy, and my Lindsay and of course my main squeeze.

Oh, and I was in Marshalls on Friday and I ran into my good friend Dawn who I’ve not seen in months even though we live in the same damn town. It took me a minute to realize it was even her because of the flipping masks. Can you imagine? We’ve known each other for 20+ years and I almost walked right past her. SO funny, we were able to catch up for about 5 minutes socially separated right there in the home goods dept of Marshalls.

A gifted dessert of tiramisu after steak one evening. It was horrible….you would have hated it. 🙂

A few things I pondered this week and I don’t think they have anything to do with my getting older. OR, maybe they have everything with my getting older.

(1) I was behind a car at an intersection and I noted they had a cute bumper sticker down on the left bumper that read: BE KIND.

Simply said. We’ve already gone over the fact that I don’t care for bumper stickers, but whatever. This was tolerable.

BUT, one simply can’t say BE KIND and leave it there. No, they can’t.

I then noted on the upper right-hand side near the back window it was some sort of comic character that I didn’t recognize and it was giving the FINGER and simply stated PISS OFF.

Mixed messaged ass-hat, table for one.

woman in gray tank top
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

(2) THIS has nothing to do with anything, but it dawned on me as I purchased a bottle of Greek salad dressing. I LOVE a Greek salad. But I loathe the ONE component of a Greek salad: Olives. If I get a salad or dish that has olives on it, I can’t just remove the olives and eat my meal. Why? Because olives leave behind their hideous juice, residue, DNA on everything and I loathe the taste.

ughhh…I will never understand the allure. So, this made me wonder. Do I really love Greek Salads, or do I just love the dressing? These are the things that keep my brain oh, so busy. Nonsense.

I had visions of visiting Greece one day; doesn’t it just look like the dreamiest place on earth? BUT, I also had visions of them serving olives and I’d have to be all, no, take this back because an olive touched the good food.

santorinni greece during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on

I suppose I’ll just have to visit Italy because I can tolerate cheese and wine with no issues. But wait, we ain’t going nowhere anytime soon. Well, except for Georgia.

Tell me, are you on team Olive? Or team Suzanne?

15 thoughts on “The one where I grew older, without maturing, random musings about people, and my continued hate for olives.

  1. I am firmly and completely on Team Olive. Love them all and in almost everything. Especially martinis. For those, I like them stuffed with bleu cheese.

    Where are you on bleu cheese?


  2. Eileen in Fla.

    Wow! You really do have big news, You deserve every good thing that happens. The butterflies agree and recipients of your generosity and charity-work agree – You are a very kind person and deserve a bumper sticker.


  3. I love that you have that Georgia home. You deserve it in every way.
    I know, personally, people who brag in a very rude way and in fact, that is ;part of why I have left the big blue f but not the only reason. But you, my friend are not one of the braggadoos. or whatever it is that you said. You are such a genuine person and so I feel so genuinely happy for you and your family. That home will be filled with so much love, I can already tell.

    What is IT with sunglasses?? I might wear them every wear for the rest of my life. I now get it why celebrities wear them all the time. It’s not to be unrecognizable, it’s to look good.

    I don’t like feta AT ALL, so I am not team Greek salad for that reason. I do love black olives but only on pizza. I am Sally from When Harry Met Sally. I also don’t like Blue Cheese either. But that is due to migraines, in that they give me one.

    So glad to see you blogging again. I hope we get to see the Gawgaa house more. That was my Chicawgo accent trying to make a southern accent. It doesn’t work.

    Oh, that bumper sticker. That annoys me. What the hell? That’s like telling your kid, “Don’t fucking swear!”


  4. Suz! I’ve missed you! Something seems to have gone wrong and I haven’t had an updated post from you in weeks! Looks like I missed so much. Anyway Happy Birthday, you look fabulous and I say that you should celebrate the whole month! Also congrats on the house, it’s just beautiful. Okay, now to catch up on all your posts. I can’t believe I missed so much! I haven’t had a new post since Yogi Bear!


  5. Happy Birthday! I think you look beautiful! Olives are a love/hate thing! People either love them or hate them! One of my sister in laws hates them and my son in law hates them so much he won’t even touch the jar! I absolutely love any kind of olive! I was so thrilled to find ( don’t throw up) grilled green olives at the grocery store! Sorry no more olive talk! I love Greek dressing, too! Especially if it’s pink!


  6. Maddie

    Belated happy birthday and happy new home! I know I’m an infrequent reader (nothing personal, I just ditch the internet these days bc…. life ya know?) but you seem lovely, like you do many unselfish & charitable things, and it sure sounds like you guys have worked hard all your lives for that wonderful vacation spot. I hope you and your fam enjoy that beautiful view and I can only imagine the awesome butterfly habitat you will create!

    Sorry doll but Team olive here. 🙂 I visited Greece when I was younger and fell in love with the people (so kind) and the food (so delicious). Thx for sparking happy memories.

    Hope you are safe from this latest hurricane.


    1. Maddie,
      Thank YOU so much for your kind words, they mean more than you can possibly know.

      I’m SUPER excited about the house and the NEW TO ME BUTTERFLIES. Can you feel my excitement with all the CAPS?
      I’ll have to share about the ones I saw while I was there the last time.

      Greece sounds like a dream destination, and I hope the world goes back to normal and we can once again explore those beautiful places.


      1. I do not think you are braggy in the least.

        *I had a typo there that I just caught- said ‘baggy’. You are not baggy either, and what is wrong with your neck? Looks fine and dandy. I hate wearing sunglasses but maybe I should reconsider. You looked so young in the pic at your new GA place on the porch. Wasn’t gonna mention that bc it seems like I normally think you look older. But there, you dragged it out of me. You don’t need sunglasses*

        You and Coach work hard and smoke meat to feed masses of people as needed. Your heart is pure gold. I am super excited that you have that awesome place to visit and I also love that it is near people you love. So fun.

        I hate olives. I am not a huge bleu cheese fan and I fear eating it now because it is sometimes made from bread mold, gluten- no can do.

        Greece does look amazing. I hope to one day travel with Coach. I saw a lot while studying abroad in college but that was on a college budget. Now I wonder how I will get to take such a trip because how will I manage to avoid gluten?

        I have a bumper sticker from the last election. It still applies. ‘Vote Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope Obi Wan.’ Hee hee.


        1. HA. I don’t want to be baggy or braggy.
          My neck? My chest? Ughhhh….this is where we really show our age. I can’t believe you can walk around without sunglasses, I need them all.the.time. I suppose I have ‘special’ eyes.
          Go figure, Olives are probably gluten-free…and I agree with you on the political bumper sticker. We lose no matter what.


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