I’ve made a terrible, terrible techie mistake. But perhaps one day you can call me The Tiger Queen.

I had a mini-breakdown last week; actually, I have had several over the past month or so. I should learn that when things are going well in my technology life, just leave them that way. The story of my frustration is a long one, I don’t want to bore you with ALL the details, but I’ve learned a hard lesson.

*bangs head against wall*

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A little timeline of my blogging career. Wait, is it a career if instead of making money, you might actually spend money?

  • 2008 I signed up for Blogger (daybydaywithsuz.blogspot.com)
  • 2019 Purchased my own domain while still using the blogger platform (busybeesuz.com)
  • April 2020-Feeling ballsy, or perhaps it was the pandemic, I moved over to WordPress.com because I was sick of bloggers bullshit. Also, sick of everything because pandemic. (temp blog: Suzblogshere.wordpress.com, until I could move my domain over) I was loving WordPress.com. Ease of adding in photos, videos, gifs. IT was a glorious time in my blogging life. Glorious.
  • August 2020-I might have lost my mind because I was so happy with WordPress.com and The ONLY thing I couldn’t get it do to was to copy protect my photos and I thought that might be a good thing. I thought I’d go even bigger (or home) and get myself involved in the WordPress.org (I can add a plugin to protect my pics) which is a bigger deal because it needs a host; I chose Bluehost as my host because I’d read they were great; they were helpful; they were easy. (WordPress.com and blogger ARE their own hosts) I moved my domain there and immediately hated it. It was hard y’all. Within a day I called and said I wanted to cancel my bluehost account. Guess what? They aren’t easy. They aren’t nice. Since I’d already moved my domain twice, I could not move it again for 60 days. So, I’ve been in hosting jail. The beds here suck.
  • My get out of jail card is on October 6th. So I’ll try to switch my domain back sometime on that day or shortly after back to my WordPress.com site. I’m scared. I have a bit of PTSD with all the moving of domains, profiles, emails, etc….PRAY FOR ME.
  • If I disappear altogether, you’ll know why.

Now, onto pretty and pleasant things that don’t make me bang my head against a wall.

I just realized I’ve not shared anything butterfly related in a while. Have you lost sleep? I’ve been all about ‘my bones, chicken tenders, pelicans, hating olives, and possibly turning into a Georgia peach, sucky blog’ lately.

While in GA (you’re a peach Suzanne!) Kelly and I noticed what we suspected were Giant Swallowtails from a distance, but upon closer inspection they were Tiger Swallowtails. And they were aplenty. Did you hear us squeal?

Guess what butterfly I DO NOT have in my yard at home? TIGER SWALLOWTAILS! I was so excited I might have pee’d a little, which really isn’t that unusual.

Sadly, they don’t have butterflies year round like I do here because the weather actually changes in GA, which really is the reason I want to go there, so I’ll have to suck it up buttercup. Aren’t they lovely? If I raise Tiger Swallowtails, I can change my name to the Tiger King.

Wait, maybe Tiger Queen would be better because bad hair, bad piercings, the weird relationships….ughh.

So, has anyone felt like throwing their computer out the window lately?

**Deep breaths Suzanne, deep breaths**

Happy Friday y’all. Or in my world, you’ll probably not see this until Tuesday. See YOU next Tuesday. I just made myself giggle.


17 thoughts on “I’ve made a terrible, terrible techie mistake. But perhaps one day you can call me The Tiger Queen.

  1. Oh no! This sounds so unpleasant and frustrating and WAY BEYOND my pay grade or my feeble-minded technological know how . . . you lost me at ‘host’. I do think WordPress blogs tend to look more professional than blogger, but the thought of changing makes my head spin. Fingers crossed that you can get things set up the way you prefer with no issues. Issues suck. I got plenty of those.

    I did want to throw my computer out the window this week when ALL OF MY RESPONSES DISAPPEARED when I forgot that blogger limits how much you can type in the little box as I was just happily typing away.

    Excited for your new found butterfly friends at your new digs. I hope if you plant those special vines that they don’t pig out on them overnight!


    1. I was concerned for moving my stuff from blogger the first time, but I did make sure I had everything backed up. By no means am I technologically competent, but I did a lot of reading and following directions first. I can READ. 🙂

      I’ve heard that blogger has only gotten worse. I can say I do not miss it at all.


  2. I get it COMPLETELY. I hate blogging for that reason. I never should have left Blogger in the first place. I do love WordPress that I am on now but I had some migrate it FOR me. I could never have done it by myself. AND I had a professional do it for me and I still had pictures go missing on posts older than five years, so don’t even think it’s you. The guy who did it IS a tech guy. It is really hard. You have good bones and are a butterfly charmer, so pshaw.I would much rather be smart that way anyway, 🙂


  3. I muddle through all my own tech stuff by my own self, so I feel you. It’s a lot of pain.

    I finally decided to go with the mantra “My writing is the thing.” For me, it helped sift out the other bullshit AS bullshit. But your priorities may be varied and different.

    Plus, I am older and crabbier than you.


  4. Oh Suz – this is why I’m afraid to do anything with my blog – and so, I’ll probably be on Blogger till the end of times. I did try to re-follow your new site and I’m still not receiving notifications. I hope you get it all straightened out soon. Have a great weekend.


    1. Don’t be too afraid of change. Just make sure you back up everything. You can always make a ‘practice’ site and play with it without ditching your security blanket.


  5. I read your story and I am as frustrated as you are. Why must blogging platforms be so difficult to use? I started on Blogger years ago, too. Went to Typepad, then got to WP.com. I have my finger crossed that your change will be a smooth one.

    As for answering your question about throwing my computer out the window… I’m getting along with Keysia, my computer, but Eppie, my printer, gives me fits. 🤨


  6. Debra She Who Seeks

    I suspect that your switching to WordPress is why I’m no longer receiving your updates in my Blogger-based blogreader. I better wait to try to fix that until Oct 6th when you switch back from your current domain host to the former better one.


  7. Melanie Galliano

    I remember when you switched to WordPress. You disappeared from my Feedly within the past few weeks, so I’m guessing all this had something to do with it! I’ve been wondering if you were okay only to find out I’m the one who was lost… lol


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