Double Nickels

The Coach has a birthday today, so I’ll try not speak about myself because it’s all about my special guy today.

*realizes this can not easily happen*

Really, though, where would he be without me? If not for me, he probably would have ended up with someone even MORE high maintenance or a psychopath or worse yet, a HIGH MAINTENANCE PSYCHOPATH. We all know one…

How stinking cute? I wish he still had this outfit; I know he’d look hawwwt in it.

We met when I was just about to turn 18 and he was 19 going on 20; I didn’t have much of a choice to love him after he netted me; this is what Tinder looked like in 1985.

It was a few weeks later when I realized that he was a chippendale dancer; that explained why he always had a nice amount of cash. Hey, I’m NO dummy!

Please note, even though he always had money in his pocket, he decided to NOT waste any of that money on shirts; to this day, he’s still a wise spender.

Way back in 1985, seeing/hearing him talk on the phone for a considerable amount of time should have been my warning: this guy likes to talk. And he’s still on the phone quite a bit, minus the cord.

All kidding aside. I won the lottery by going on that blind date in 1985; he’s the best of the best. An amazing husband to me, (who is NOT a psychopath) a wonderful father to our girls, a dedicated mentor to countless young ladies that he’s coached over the years, and a trusted/loving friend to many.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the world were full of men like Coach with his heart, his integrity, there would be world peace.

BTW: He always wears a shirt now, and they’re generally pretty expensive. Go figure.

Happy birthday to my main squeeze.


16 thoughts on “Double Nickels

  1. OMG, that picture of you two at the “strip club” had me laughing (out loud,even) at 7;30 in the morning. That never happens, by the way.

    My husband also has a picture wearing those same blue tennis shoes when he was little and I have been trying to convince him to get some. I don’t know why he won’t recreate the picture.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet husband! Double nickels, IS a big deal! Enjoy the day! 🙂

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    1. LOL. We were so young and silly. Now, we’re older and silly.
      Little boys in blue outfits with blue sneakers are the cutest. Your honey should totally get on board with your request. 😉

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  2. Aw, happy birthday to your Coach, from the other woman who also married a great guy named ‘Coach’ with integrity and kindness . . . must be the name. Love that toddler photo of him. Just so darn sweet, and it is funny how you can see the resemblance in his full grown self.

    In that photo of you in the shades staring off into the sun, you remind me of the actress Michelle Williams (yes I had to google her name).

    The Halloween picture – that WAS Halloween, right? – is hilarious. Coach and I once went as the twerking singing people, me: Miley Cyrus and him the singer whose dad used to be on Growing Pains. That’s about as risky as we get – we’re more the Gumby/Pokey type.

    Have a great time celebrating your main squeeze!

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    1. It must be the name!!
      Michelle Wiliams-that is quite the compliment.
      Yes, it was Halloween….where was my Mother and why did I leave the house looking like a Hussey?
      I’d love to see a pick of the Twerking couple.


  3. Awww this is so sweet and those photos from the eighties cracked me up. Oh, the eighties. What were we thinking? You know what’s funny, there is a double nickels birthday coming up in our house next week (and it’s not me.). Yay for Libras! They make good husbands 🙂 Happy birthday to Coach.

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  4. bibliomama2

    Omg, those pictures are GOLD. And you do look like a movie star! Could you really not get him to remove his shirt for a current pic? A shirt BREAKS THE FLOW, COACH.


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