The Countdown Has Begun And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Last Friday, October 23rd we started our one year wedding countdown. *insert giddy face here*

Lolo commemorating the date just as she does.

I love her silliness so much.

I picked up her dress a few weeks ago and brought it to our house. The dress shop prefers for you to have it in your hands just in case of a fire/hurricane/2020. While having a casual convo with Lolo on the phone I said nonchalantly that the dress fits nice, but it’s just a bit long.

WHAT? You tried it on?

Nahh….just pulling your leg hairs. She didn’t really care if I did, but you know, that would be wrong. Right?

And that guy up there? Hmmmm. We adore him so much, but I think he’s trying me. I’ve asked him many times to LEAVE law enforcement, if not for him, for me. But noooo. Now, he has the nerve to join the Marines as a reserve. This has been a dream of his forever and he has to do it before he turns 29. This is his last chance. WTF though? Does he only think of himself? Yes, I’m complaining that my future SIL is a good guy doing good stuff. God bless him.

Lolo is leaving Virginia this week for good. She has one more class to finish online and then she’ll have her Master’s degree in Criminal and Forensic Psychology. She was a bit bummed to be done with classes as she loves school. If not for that DNA test and her sass, I’d wonder if I were really her Mom.

She and the Coach will drive back up in a big rental truck after Thanksgiving to retrieve her furniture. Doesn’t it feel like we just moved her into her new digs?

So, did ya’ll tune in this week and see our friend Ben on the Voice? WE ARE SO THRILLED FOR HIM!

It’s SO freaking nice to have happy things to gush over.

A recap: an upcoming wedding which means I can finally have grand babies.

My future SIL is an overachiever.

I’m not gonna wear Lolo’s wedding dress until after the wedding.

Cheer for our sweet friend Ben on the Voice.

Do you have anything happy to share? We can all use some good news, right?


18 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. How exciting, all of this! A wedding to look forward to is so nice within all of this year of ugly. What a year for her, to be done with school AND getting married! So awesome. 🙂

    I didn’t watch but I don’t watch that show normally. I used to watch American Idol back in it’s heyday (look at me using old-fashioned words). Like, I watched AND voted the season Carrie Underwood was on. So she should really thank me for becoming a star. Still waiting on that thank you…But I am so happy for your friend. I do love shows like those.

    Happy things around here? Nothing too exciting as the numbers are really high up here. So happy is ordering a new coffee table from IKEA and road tripping to pick it up all-Poltergeist/E.T style from the technicians as not to get in contact with anyone (Wisconsin’s (where we are getting it) numbers are BAAD) but I am excited because I have wanted this for a while). It’s a 30 dollar table but I get excited over the dollar section at Target. It doesn’t take much for me, Suz. You will find that out when you take me out in public when we meet. I am a hoot. 😉

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    1. It is SO very exciting!

      I loved AI the first few years, then apparently I found something shiner to look at.
      Your NYC post reminded me of a trip the Coach took me on years ago to NYC and we were walking down the street and Kelly Clarkson was walking out of (GMA? TODAY SHOW?) and there was paparazzi all over the place; she was just a kid who won this awesome talent contest. Do you remember that people would criticize her weight? SHE WAS TINY in person!!

      Wait, back to your comment. A new coffee table IS exciting. It’s really the little things that bring us the daily joys that we crave the most.

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  2. I’m so glad you posted that clip. I hollered out to my people from the study last week to record the Voice so I could watch at my leisure . . . well, leisure is not really my thing. I could hear other family members cheering for contestants that night, but it was not the night Ben was on. Anyway, I’m up to speed now. So VERY fun! He is a great singer and performer. Having not watched before, I thought all judges HAD to turn around in order for him to progress so I was sweating bullets here.

    The image of you trying on Lolo’s dress was hilarious. What an exciting time. Her romantic perspective made me chuckle. Dang though, you guys can get away with NOTHING with all those law people hanging around. A marine? Yikes. That would make me nervous. Tank has said nothing of late about wanting to do ROTC in college and as much as I know it is a great thing – I’m hoping he doesn’t go that route.

    Hmm, good news: still glowing over the new hood. the school is switching Reg into the E group, so he is now an ‘everyday’ student vs attending one week every 4 weeks. He was struggling too much e-learning. Failing too many classes. I’m excited to be building my portfolio for my writing class. I’m getting to read peer critiques of my stuff vs Mini who LOVES what I write (which is nice but not necessarily a fresh perspective).

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    1. On The Voice, you only need one Coach to turn, but the more the merrier. (choices!)
      I’m so happy you are forging on with the writing; doing something for YOU is what you need to do.


  3. Clearly, your daughter has already tried on her wedding dress. What’s the big deal if you try it on? I say go for it! It’s not like you’re wearing it on The Big Day.

    (Yep. I’m That Friend.)

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    1. Yes, you are that friend. 😉
      She tried on a sample gown and the one we have here is the ‘ordered’ but needs to be altered gown. She wouldn’t care though…she’s much more laid back than her Mother.


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