Zeta Visits The Mountains

The Coach and I spent 8 days in the GA mountains; it was lovely. Well, most of it was lovely.

FUN FACT: I do not watch the news or read any news. Considering where our world is, this works much better for my psyche, but often I’m caught off guard.

Wednesday I was perusing the FaceBook and I noticed on one of our GA ‘hood pages (there are several) people were up in arms about a tropical storm heading in that night with high winds and lots of rain. Me: HELLS BELLS, I thought this only happened in FL!

Sure enough, hurricane Zeta made her way into the mountains around 3 in the morning with sheets of sideways rain and wind gusts up to 60 mph. Our power went out at 5:30am Thursday morning. At 6:00 am Thursday morning all nine of our smoke detectors told us they wanted new batteries. THE JOY!

Luckily our home did not suffer any damage aside from our upper porch (veranda, patio, deck, balcony?) was slightly flooded.

Pic of porch area before we added an outdoor rug that was swimming. No biggie, really.

A few homes did sustain some damage in the area; mostly from fallen trees. I took a walk that morning and could not believe how many trees were down and you could hardly see roads for the fall foliage.

The day before, I was out walking the ‘hood and enjoying ALL of the fall colors.

The roads are very hilly with lots of winding, so I was being careful while walking to make sure I stayed on the correct side of the road, so no one came flying around the corner and flattened me. (the speed limit is 25)

But me, being me, part way through my huffing/puffing walk, I realized I was NOT dressed appropriately for a walk in the woods.

Yes, I was actually wearing camouflage; even I amaze myself.

Also the day before Zeta came ‘a calling, we took a ride down to the lake to see how it looked during the fall. Just lovely. There is a convocation of Eagles living in the area, and when I see one, you will know when you hear my shrieking. Have I seen an Eagle before? Yes, but those are Florida eagles, I’ve yet to see a GA eagle. Surely, they have an accent.

Anyhoo, we were without power for 35 hours. Which sounds horrible, but considering when we are without power in Florida we also do not have running water because we are on a well. (after hurricane Irma, we didn’t have power for 10 days) I was thrilled to be able to flush a toilet AND wash my hands–squeal!

We’re back home to our business, pups, butterflies, etc. We contemplated staying a few more days in GA, and I almost had the Coach convinced, but then he started rambling on about commitments, a business to run, etc….you know, all that boring stuff! Anyhoo, life is good.


16 thoughts on “Zeta Visits The Mountains

  1. Oh wow, you are close enough to Florida still to receive those hurricane weather effects. And can we talk about how many hurricanes we are having this year? Are we still in the same year?
    I have a sweatshirt almost exactly like that. I wear it to the grocery store so that no one I know sees me. Somehow it doesn’t have the same effect.
    I love the roads around your neighborhood, so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see all of the seasons there. Can you imagine Christmas there? GAHHH. 🙂

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  2. Yikes – a hurricane followed you? You ARE special. Glad you didn’t have damage. Um, love that porch. So pretty.

    What will you think of next? Wearing honey perfume or meat-smelling hair products before you head out for a stroll in the woods? “Hey, Mr. Bear – I’m over yonder!”

    You have water near the new place too? Well done. Those photos are breath-taking.

    I envision you standing out of Coach’s view with your fingers crossed, biting your bottom lip HOPING he decides to stay a wee bit longer. Darn those responsibilities.

    I’m NOT babysitting tomorrow. There’s no school around here. I didn’t realize it at first (you not watching the news is to my not reading school emails). I guess it’s because of the election. One mom who isn’t a teacher convinced me to still sit for her kid. Over the weekend when I realized it wasn’t just the high school that was off, AND Coach took off most of the day – I texted her and said; SORRY, TAKING TIME WITH THE FAMILY, I DON’T SIT ON SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. (which she knew and she has a 7 year old who won’t be in school – just hang with your kids lady).

    Anyway, so so happy to squeak one more day off in this my first week of almost-5-days of babysitting.

    Oh, and I am cringing to think of no power, but no water. Couldn’t do it.

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    1. There are a few lakes in the community, but we have to drive to them, so maybe 10 minutes away? Very pretty indeed.

      I’m glad you had one more day off before the chaos.


  3. Minor damage is good, but no damage is better. Your photos of your walk are delightful. I like seeing what you see as you wander. It seems sensible to me to avoid the news, btw. I do that as much as possible.

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  4. Melanie Galliano

    I’m glad you didn’t have any damage from Zeta! Thankfully hurricane season is about over as this has been the craziest summer ever.


  5. So glad you did not have damage. Your neighborhood is just lovely. The wind was scary and we were without power about six hours. Brooke was without for about 24 hours in blue ridge. She recently had her log home painted charcoal gray with black trim (it used to be an orange colored oak) and I just love it.

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