The Only Kind Of Dogs We Have Are The Weird Ones

Since we’ve had temporary custody of Max our Grand-dog, I’ve caught him watching TV more than once. I suppose it’s a good reprieve from following my every move around the house/yard or barking at things outside that don’t exist.

Usually I catch him staring at the boob-tube when the Coach is enjoying a dose of Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer.

Wait, did your Dad refer to the TV as a boob tube too? What does that even mean?

Max is very interested in the Cesar Milan show, but of course, he’s never interested in being a proper dog while in public with other dogs. *sigh* We DO need Cesar IN PERSON.

The whole reason he is staying with us is because he’s a train wreck for Lolo while living in VA; you can’t take him out on a simple walk for potty/exercise because he loses his marbles when he sees another dog. Here at Casa De BusyBee, he can roam the property with no other dogs in sight other than Callie and Callie doesn’t bother him at all; she’s just happy to be here.

In general, he’s a wonderful dog; a snuggle bunny, but he much prefers people to dogs. All in all, he’s a rescue who comes with baggage, so we put up with the shenanigans and give him as much love as possible. Honestly, I could eat his face because he’s yummy.

He’s excellent at creating a spreadsheet.

Recently the Coach and I were watching Alone on Netflix. (Originally on History Channel) Have you seen this? We think it’s pretty interesting. Anyhoo…while watching one night one of the ‘survivors’ see’s a huge bear, he tries to scare it away by yelling BEAR. Max looks up from my lap, notices the bear and starts growling.

OMG.We were laughing hard. This little 25lb dog wants to talk shit to any other dog on the planet AND bears. I’m guessing before he was snipped he had gonads the size of King Kong. I for one, will not tell him that he’s not the bad ass that he thinks he is because his confidence is endearing.

Anyone else catch your pets watching TV? Or making excel spreadsheets?


20 thoughts on “The Only Kind Of Dogs We Have Are The Weird Ones

  1. Is it me or does he start to LOOK human after a few appearances focused on TV or his email? So funny.

    No pets here (inserts obligatory ACHOO), BUT does it work in reverse? As in, I have children that behave like dogs, or well animals in general. (Not wanting to insult dogs) My offspring – spill stuff like big globs of chicken salad on the counter while making sandwich, and they don’t bother to wipe it up. I suppose true animals would lick it up.

    I cleaned out the mudroom yesterday. DEE-sgusting. Apparently when I say clean out your lockers, they hear: shove all the stuff in there that’s on the floor and play dumb. Ugh.

    So if Lolo is returning from Virginia soon, will Max pack his things and move into her place?

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    1. The dogs would surely eat all the chicken salad OFF of the countertop. 😉
      Yes, Max will be going to live with his REAL mom soon. I’ll miss him, but she’s his mama and he adores her.


  2. Max and Buddy would get along! Buddy is the same way. He watches the boob tube (my dad calls it that too and it is quite insulting to boobs, thank you very much), he hates other dogs, and we can’t take him to the dog park. He also sits at the table on a chair now. I started that bad habit at lunch time in the pandemic. I GET LONELY, DAMMIT.

    I wanna squeeze Max’ face. 🙂

    We’ve watched Alone too! It is FASCINATING.

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  3. My granddog Zydrunas used to be like Max–other dog reactive, unpredictable around people not in his family, etc. He, too, was a rescue (from the mean streets of Cleveland, OH).

    None of that ever mattered to me, either. I am crazy in love with that dog. He went to a trainer, got introduced to more people, and now he’s much calmer and better.

    Not with spreadsheets, though. But hell yes, he’d tangle with a bear to save me.

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  4. kmvollono

    Hi! We have a similar problem with our rescue (Shepherd/Lab mix) – he is very reactive on a leash to dogs but fine with them in a non-leash house/yard situation and a sweetheart to kids and people. We work with a trainer, who has us using a dominant dog collar – it hooks up behind their ears so if they lunge or start to go nuts, you can reel them in and they have no choice but to back off. It sounds scary at first because they can get really throaty/growly but it does help.

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  5. Melanie Galliano

    We’ve had several cats who loved to watch TV. Every now and then I will put on a video of birds or fish and they just LOVE it! It’s so funny to see the cats trying to figure out where the birds go off the iPad screen!


  6. Max is so cute. My Theo is a rescue and is not a snuggle bunny like I had wanted but I love him dearly. We just never know what pets have been through. Our cats watch tv more than Theo does. They love tennis!

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