His Turn, His Face. Keeping My Privacy Private.

Thank you all for your encouragement on my whining post about my high cholesterol problem; you’ve made me feel so much better about my situation.

So, the other night I was explaining to the Coach about my Biore Strip experiment and how satisfying it was. Of course, you know he wanted to join in the party because what else do you have to do on a Friday night after dinner these days? NOTHING, that’s what.

Lord, I thought I might die from laughter. First of all, after the allotted 15 minutes when he went to pull it off, he complained about how much it hurt. Did he not get the memo? BEAUTY IS PAINFUL!

After he removed it completely, I looked at it astonished. So much unclogging happened here.


Suz: I‘ve seen smaller stalagmites before. You can’t see the MOUNTAINS on that strip?

Of course, being the good wife that I am, I took a picture and sent it to the girls. (I’ll refrain from showing this to the inter web)

Have I incited any Biore Strip sales this past week?

Suz complains about all things FB

At dinner last night the Coach and I had a conversation about his Facebook privacy. Well, it was more like this: Why the hell do you ‘friend’ our employees, I don’t want everyone knowing our shit!

Photo by Mwabonje on Pexels.com

Turns out that my smart as heck husband didn’t realize you can simply make your stuff ‘private’ for only your friends. He thought that if he ignored a FB friend request from an employee, they could see that you were actually active on FB and then hold the ‘ignore’ against you. Ppsssshaaaw

I like to keep our business and personal life separate. Call me crazy, but I don’t need people to know where we spend our time and money because you know how people are, someone will hold it against you at some point. NOT that I put anything crazy or super personal on the FB.

I went further to explain that there is no way in hell I’d put on FB about our GA house. You see, I’m much more comfortable sharing it here, on the internet with people who I don’t know than I am sharing it with family members. Go figure.

**Speaking of FB and oversharing, I have a friend who I grew up with, but have not seen in person in at least 37 years. God bless her, I know she’s a nice person and she comes from the very same humble beginnings as I did; broken family, single Mom, lots of dysfunction. But she makes me crazy on FB because most of her status updates go something like this: Checking in at the Porsche dealer; time for a new car—my husband LOVES me SO MUCH!! Should I get red or black this time?! Goodness. I’m sure that most husbands LOVE their wives but can’t afford a $100,000 car. I understand being happy about ‘stuff’, but really? It’s too much. ***

Lord, if I’m ever come across as that superficial, please give me a very uncomfortable splinter on my right middle finger as a sign.

Well, now I feel like I’ve overshared today.

So, are you as transparent on FB as you are on your blog? I know some (Kari) of you have quit FB, so refrain from blocking me and this post.

Sharing is caring, but oversharing can leave a bad taste in your friends’ mouths.


21 thoughts on “His Turn, His Face. Keeping My Privacy Private.

  1. Squee.. I always get narcissistically excited when my name is mentioned within a blog post. WHO, ME?
    I was actually going to post something on Instagram yesterday about being off of Facebook for three months and not missing it but then realized that Instagram is owned by Facebook.
    Anyhoo, I had friends like the Porsche friend and I don’t miss those status updates BUT you can hide them from your timeline and that makes a world of difference.
    And yes, you can customize your posts so that only a select group of people see what you are sharing.

    I need to get some of those Biore strips, stat. I think I may have said that a few comments ago. I can see me laying in bed, stripping my face, eating chocolates, hair in curlers. Lord, my husband is in for a treat. I may never want to come out of quarantine.

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    1. I ‘hide’ a good portion of the people on my friend’s list, but not Porsche girl, yet. I keep hoping there will be some redeeming qualities popping up any day now. 🙂

      Please do the strips and take pics of you with curlers in your hair! PLEASE!

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  2. Debra She Who Seeks

    I’m not on Facebook so no worries there. But keeping my personal and professional personas separate is why I blog anonymously. I don’t want any work-related searches of my name to bring my blog front and centre, revealing what a flake I am, LOL! This remains true even though I am now retired.

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    1. I understand the anonymity completely. Sometimes I wish I was more so with my blog, but it’s out there, so I’ve got to live with it.
      FYI, I love your flakey self.


  3. Your ‘Beauty is Painful’ comment reminds me of when my mom used to curl my hair before school with a curling iron. My hair was short and I woke up with it sticking out all over. She occasionally singed an ear and I would complain. She used to say: THE PRICE OF BEAUTY IS NOT CHEAP. Followed by cackling. I had natural body, why not a little water and a brush?

    I see that Coach I share similar FB know-how. I have no clue how it actually works thus how I ended up with my additional babysitting family – who were SUPPOSED to start last week but I had to shut my doors Friday. Tank tested positive (I posted a breaking news post yesterday but I don’t think you saw it).

    I hope Coach can adjust his settings so these work folks are not allowed into the inner circle of knowledge about GA trips and pretty butterflies and wedding plans. I only overshare on my anonymous-to-most blog, well, there AND to the people standing in front of me in the grocery store. Have I mentioned my open-book issues?

    I have one FB ‘friend’ who I know from childhood and Irish dancing and unfortunately so much more, but she is now one nutty babe. I cringe when I see her posts, but the kind of cringe that I can’t bring myself to look away, in a ‘what-now’ kind of peek. Fortunately I glance at FB every once in a blue moon – like not even weekly, so I think I miss a lot of her nonsense.

    I love the text chat about Coach’s pores. So funny. Coach’s ringing endorsement that included how much the strips hurt have me re-thinking giving them a try. #wimp

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  4. I share my blog on FB so…
    But seriously, I have people arranged in “limited profile” and so for those people who I DON’T want to see my blog (some students, some family members, etc) I just limit what they can see. They can see photos of my kids and dog but not my blog.

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  5. I rarely visit FaceBook and never post anything there. I have a BUNCH of ignored friend requests from when I actually used to go there every once in a while. And my rule, back then, and I guess still today was that I wouldn’t accept any requests from children (even teens) or from people I work with UNLESS I was willing to socialize with them away from work.

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  6. bibliomama2

    I am TOTALLY going to buy Biore strips this week. I LOVE the thought of you doing it to your husband’s nose.
    I lock down my Facebook posts from anyone annoying, including (sorry) my mother. I resisted letting her friend me, then I did, and the week before I had read something saying “don’t people realize how annoying it is when they mention your Facebook status in real life?”. I didn’t get what they meant, and then I let my mother friend me and OH MY GOD. “You shouldn’t be buying quarantine chips, you should be buying salad.” “What do you mean your sister in law gave you a gift, they didn’t visit, you’re in lockdown” (it’s called MAIL, MOM). Other than that, I am pretty transparent everywhere – the good, the bad, the extremely awkward.
    I am having a high cholesterol issue too! I feel so close to you right now. You and death. Sigh.

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  7. You actually did inspire me to buy some Biore strips! I forgot how satisfying they can be and also how painful! But worth it because I have large pores on my nose and chin and they really did make them look a lot better! I rarely put personal stuff on FB anymore. I also don’t follow anyone who is too boastful or do too many updates and clog up my feed!

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  8. Melanie Galliano

    Oh lawd, I have a girl on my FB like that too!! They’re always going waaaaay overboard with her husband surprising her with trips to Hawaii and cars and she posts daily about being “spoiled by the best.” But they are broke as hell other days and gasp, she had to go to work as a sub teacher… lol


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