I’m All About The Jacksons And Prince.

Good lord, do I loathe doing laundry. Can I get an AMEN? Lucky for me though, I’m only doing it for two people now, even though it seems like the neighbors sneak in and fill up our hamper nightly. Also lucky for me, I’m tipped very well.

This is my haul from Thursday. I think I’m going to splurge and get those pine nuts I’ve had my eye on at Costco.

You know how people ask those stupid questions while putting a gun to your head? Such as, what would be your last meal if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? (something with cholesterol!) OR what 2 things would you bring with you on a deserted island? (A boat and fuel)

Well, I posed one of THOSE questions to myself the other day while driving. Which was crazy dangerous since the gun was so heavy and I almost crashed.

Anyhoo, without doing any deep thinking or research answer this question:

If you could ONLY listen to ONE album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns on Pexels.com

Did I just age myself using the term album? Yes, yes I did; it’s 1974 and I’m digging these bell bottoms because they make my butt appear smaller.

It took me only a second to figure out my top albums, then I narrowed it down to the one that I DO love the best.

Pic borrowed from Wikipedia

This album came out when I was a junior in HS. I had just met a new group of friends after moving and changing schools. (again!) My new friends were awesome; Tanya had a car and she drove myself, Joanna and Robin to school each morning. We had this cassette blaring as loud as Tanya’s old car allowed; surely my neighbors were not fans.

Honestly, before I wrote this post, I didn’t realize even realize that Prince was HIS REAL GIVEN NAME! Did you know that? I’m kind of embarrassed.

So, did you think my favorite album was going to be The Best Of Englebert Humperdink? Goodness, I just love saying his name….

Other album contenders:

  • The Grease Soundtrack
  • Synchronicity-The Police
  • Jagged Little Pill-Alanis Morrisette
  • Under The Table And Dreaming-Dave Matthews Band

How about you? Can you remember one album that you never tire of hearing over and over?

So, that’s all the riveting information I have to share with you this good day. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. I mean, if you’re into such things.


19 thoughts on “I’m All About The Jacksons And Prince.

  1. I’ve been working on my laundry room while quarantining. It looks SO MUCH BETTER and I’m not fearing for my life as I stumble through the piles. It is crazy though how I manage to get caught up on laundry . . . and it only lasts for like 2 hours max.

    I would say U2 Unforgettable Fire, but I really like Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, too.

    Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, and Prince are close 2nds. I did not know Prince was his given name.

    My brother Pat wanted me to name Laddie first name: THE, middle name: BLOODY . . . and if you know my actual last name then you get the joke.

    I’m officially in hurry up and get projects done while quarantining mode. I will relax when closets are organized.

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    1. I can only imagine that the laundry is never finished at your house.
      U2 was big in my high school days and I remember traveling to Miami with my same group of friends to see the concert.
      Van Morrison is way up there for me too!



  2. BOAT AND FUEL….mind BLOWN. Such a good answer. I am making you my phone a friend if ever I get on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ME, REGIS, ME. (Too soon? May he rest in Peace)

    This is such a hard question because I have so many albums I love. My first ever album purchase was Loverboy Get Lucky. I had earned the money by becoming Citizen of the Month in 7th grade. That was probably the last time I was ever a good citizen. But I will never forget the red leather pants on the front cover. I had that whole album memorized.

    I would also say Hall and Oates only because it was my first concert (I went with my Dad!).

    But that Prince album was also a favorite. It reminds me of the marching band (yes, I KNOW) because we played that tape on the band bus when we traveled all over rural Ohio to go to competitions. Every time I hear that entire album, I am transported to that bumpy, smelly bus and my crush on Dusty Brown. YES THAT WAS HIS NAME! What a great name…

    I love these kinds of posts. 🙂

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    1. DO not call me if you go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire because I’m terrible under pressure and I’ll feel terrible when you lose ALL the money.

      OMG. I love Hall and Oats too!
      Loverboy…whatever happened to them? Also, whatever happened to Dusty Brown?! With a name like that, he could have been an accomplished porn star.

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      1. Ooh that would be a good porn name! Years ago I looked him up (back when I had Facebook) and he’s a photographer in California and he’s friends with celebrities! Also, he changed his name. Probably someone told him his name sounded like a porn actor.

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  3. You make way more money than I do when you do laundry. My haul is rarely folding money, and it’s usually screws, drill bits, and hair elastics.

    This is a tough question. For the rest of my life?

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road–Elton John

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    1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. *yes, sigh* That is a goodie.

      I used to find lots of interesting things in my dryer from our Lolo; screws, nails, rocks, bottle caps, weird things that she picked up and collected. It was interesting.


  4. First immediate thought – Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits, Volume III. And the next thought? Pink’s Beautiful Trauma. And then I saw Nance’s selection and added that to the list.

    Truthfully, there are too many to name just one.

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  5. I enjoyed reading this post! I agree with Purple Rain. I also was listening to old Beatle’s albums, but my first album that I bought for myself was Breakfast in America – Supertramp. There was a lot of Genesis and Billy Joel happening, too. -Jenn

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    1. The Beatles are timeless, right?
      Supertramp was and still is one that I never tire of listening to as well.
      Billy Joel–absolutely.
      But, I saw recently that Phil Collins is going through some crap in his personal life and that made me sad for him.


  6. Oh, I hate those questions. I feel like I’m an imaginative person, and yet when someone asks me something like that my stupid brain immediately says “that would NEVER HAPPEN, and also, anything you pick even if it’s your favourite ever, you will end up hating because it’s for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” Also, I can never think of a good answer. Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits, maybe. One of Jeff Healey’s Albums. The Hamilton Soundtrack! I DID know that was Prince’s real name, because my girlfriend and I were obsessed with him, even saw his horrible movies. Man, he could play guitar and sing, but the movies were dreck.

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  7. I think it would be a cross between Alice Coopers Love it to Death and Fleetwood Mack Rumors. Those two albums were ones I listened to a lot when I was a teen. However either one may get on my nerves now in my old age! Maybe I would pick Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits instead! He’s pretty timeless!!

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  8. Hmm..not sure on the album. Maybe vintage Amy Grant. Reminds me of being a teen again. But I’ve been listening to John Denver and I love him too. So two albums, pretty please. 🙂 Also..i sent you an email. And I posted. Woohoo.


  9. I believe I am ten years older than you, my choices would be between any album by Chicago and or The Eagles. Back in jr college in Cleveland .ga. I hardly knew what the singers looked like, nowadays, I see their videos and laugh!

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