Santa Is Out Of The Closet Or Was That My Brother? And My Life As The Ugly One.

Literally, yesterday I took him out of the closet where he resides. Voila; it’s Christmas y’all!

I was digging in a box looking for some generic Christmas cards for Christmas $ tips and I stumbled upon some gems that I don’t think I shared on ye ole blog.

Mark and Suzanne 1968.

Did I ever tell you that as a child I was either told directly or overheard people talking about how beautiful my brother Mark was as an infant/child. All.the.damn time. Perhaps it was mostly my Grandma, who wasn’t born with a filter and I DO know she adored me, but apparently she couldn’t bear to look at me after seeing my Brother’s perfect angelic face. And that Santa up there? He was not going to open his eyes and take a chance on looking at my hideous face either.

Seriously though, this never bothered me. That’s why I’m dedicating this entire post to my Angelic and beautiful, beloved Mark. May he Rest In Peace knowing he was the pretty one. If I heard it once, I heard it 497 times.


Ok. Maybe I just had too many feelings; Suzanne making a production about wanting a different flavor of free Santa Candy. And lookie there, Angel Mark, just smiling knowing he was the better looking child.

This year, I was given the ultimatum: Act right, smile like a good girl and Santa will make all your dreams come true even though you’re not as pretty as Mark. I have a feeling that Santa hit the ole peace pipe right before we stepped into line. Hey, what’s that smell? Skunks? But hey, I got my damn Barbie dream house, so I didn’t care what he was smoking. You know, in 2020 Santa would be locked up for the touching of small children & not wearing a mask, but not what he was smoking. Times.have.changed.

BTW: Mark totally took my Barbie dream house, redecorated it and gave me his G.I. Joe camping set while trying to convince me they were the same thing. He was way more into Barbie’s than Boy toys.

This is neither Mark or Ugly Suzanne. This is Little Coach when he was around 4 years old! How cute is he? Looking damn angelic himself. What is it with the men in my life, always trying to outshine me?

Fun fact. Coach and I grew up in the same town on the East Coast of FL. He lived there from around age 2 or 3 until he and I moved away as adults. I lived in this town from birth until age 12, then I moved to GA for a few years and then was back in the same town in Florida at 15. (Georgia kicked my ass out, but I’m back baby!) We didn’t actually meet until the summer after I graduated from High School even though we lived close and were in the same High School for 1/2 a year. (it was a huge school)

Do you believe in serendipity?

Tell me when you see it.

I’ll wait.

Still waiting.

Do you see it now?

There was only one mall in our town. That is the same darn Santa and the same darn year. I laughed when I found this and the Coach said, yeah, I remember seeing you and saying I’m gonna tap that in a few years.

I laughed so hard. I know it’s not the craziest kind of serendipity, but it’s the only kind this hideous looking girl has.

I hope you laughed at my hideousness Santa antics today. Do you have any wonderful ‘sitting on Santa’s lap’ memories? I mean, if they’re the kind you can share on this PG blog.


22 thoughts on “Santa Is Out Of The Closet Or Was That My Brother? And My Life As The Ugly One.

  1. You have me laughing early this morning, how funny that you and Coach visited the same Santa!! Mark was so cute but you were a doll…such pretty eyes. John grew up in MI and me in GA. However, I discovered baby photos of each of us sitting under a silver tinseled tree with ONE present. Lol

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  2. Debra She Who Seeks

    Great post, very funny! My siblings and I have no photos of any of us with Santa. There were no mall Santas around when we were small in the 1950s and 1960s, living in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, doesn’t look like we missed much, LOL!

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    First, were your Santa’s out on parole? Because I’d be in tears as well as a grown ass adult.
    Second, I don’t know Mark’s story but I need to know it. So now I feel like I need to search your blog. If that isn’t a story on your blog, I think you owe it to us as a backstory blog post because GIRL your life is so interesting. Your childhood needs to be a best selling book. If you don’t have the time to write it, let me write it. PLEASE.

    Third, you were JUST as pretty. Maybe more. Mark agrees with me, I just know he does. 🙂

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    1. I know I have blogged about Mark before. I’ll have to look and see where and when. He was sick with aids for over two years and his heart finally gave out in 1990; he was 25 years old. He was such a clown and a huge personality; I often wonder What our relationship would be today if he had lived. I know he would absolutely adore having funny and beautiful nieces!!

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  4. This did not disappoint. OMG – the glossy, clammy sheen to that altered Santa’s face. Ew. He was a creepy one. Your family was not honestly unaware of how cute you were, right? Come on. You have such beautiful doe eyes. Mark was also a good looking little guy, but I’m not seeing him outshine you. Heartbreaking that he passed away so young.

    Love the Barbie House traded for the GI Joe fort.

    It is killing me that Coach could’ve been in line behind you in the line to meet Santa. Unbelievable. His comment made me laugh.

    My Coach was my brother, Pat’s, best friend when we moved into town when they were in 8th grade and I was a freshman, so we came from the same town but we knew each other – sort of. I WAS the ugly sister with a crap wardrobe (hmm, could this be why Mini has kick-butt clothing inventory?) who lurked around in the background when Pat had friends over.

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    1. Of course, they thought I was cute, but Mark was RE-Markable!!

      Funny about you marrying Pat’s friend. I do hope that’s how you’re introduced to people now, Pat’s little sister who married Pat’s friend.


  5. I can almost see the visions of sugarplums dancing in that one Santa’s head. Cool, baby. Right on.

    It’s incredible that you and your husband were both at the same mall visiting the same Santa. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! (Probably pretty decent, but still.)

    Bless your brother’s heart. He was a lovely child, and I’m sure he was a lovely person as well.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    Awwww I love the Santa pics!! Too funny that you and Coach have similar photos from the same mall. I never ever took a picture with Santa. I was terrified of him!! I wanted to but I would always chicken out.

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  7. I love old pictures but I am going to say YOU ARE ADORABLE! You were such a cute child and you are a beautiful woman and I WILL NOT HEAR ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY!!

    That is so funny that you and Coach were at the same Santa! Planning ahead! Romance ahoy.

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