The One Where We Find Joy Even If The Universe Has Other Plans; NO CARDS FOR YOU.

I saw this video earlier this week and it really made me laugh; it’s a knee slapper if you’re into that type of slapping.

I didn’t ask for any gifts, but that robe DOES look cozy. We don’t exchange anymore because we just buy what we want all year round and this year, we bought each other a house. BUT, I did ask for a dozen bags of mulch. There must be an anniversary or something that equates MULCH. Merry 35th Christmas you weirdo, here’s some shredded cypress for your garden.

Our Christmas cards are trapped in Post Office Purgatory. In the years past, this might have put me over the edge of my “Suz needs to have control over all holiday preparations or no one will feel the joy”.

But this year, what.ever. *rolls eyes at the thought of controlling anything*

We took our photos at Gibbs Gardens over the Thanksgiving holiday in GA; this is our official card pic for 2020. You saw it here first. Goodness, I love my people and I’m SO freaking blessed. I have some news regarding our kids; (Nathan is now my child too) I’ll be updating you all on that in a week or two. Some of it, I’m trying to digest.

Stop it. I AM smiling. THAT’S JUST MY FACE. *Inside joke for my people.

We do have something unprecedented happening this Christmas Day and I’m so freaking excited.

I won’t have to turn on the air-conditioning for the entire day as we are looking at a forecasted high of 58*. ON CHRISTMAS. This rarely happens and I can hardly stand it. I won’t be sweating on Christmas Day. Well, unless Santa comes through and I start spreading my coveted mulch.

True story, Iguanas are stunned by the cold weather and DO fall out of trees, but they mostly wake up once it warms up.

Wishing ALL of you a very special day, weekend, month, year to come. Praying that 2021 brings ONLY GOOD THINGS TO ALL OF US. Hopefully by yelling that the UNIVERSE will hear me.

I’m thankful for all of you who stop by here to have a chat because talking to myself gets stale after a while. XOXO

19 thoughts on “The One Where We Find Joy Even If The Universe Has Other Plans; NO CARDS FOR YOU.

  1. Think of your lost cards as a Cheap Therapy Session.
    Session I–Learning To Let Go.


    Merry Christmas, Suz. Enjoy your “cool” weather. I’ll be thinking of you here in NEO, where our forecast high is 23, with windchills in the single digits.

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  2. Melanie Galliano

    I got a robe – I laughed but so much truth in that because Christmas is so much work for us Moms!!!! Great picture! Sorry about your cards being MIA. I’m still missing 2 packages myself. The mail has been ridiculously slow this year. It’s in the 30s here in South Louisiana as well – brrrr!

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  3. We don’t get each other gifts for exactly that reason, but then I see two gifts under the tree from “Santa” and know he cheated. Something tells me it isn’t mulch.
    I love that Christmas picture of your family. You all are lovely people. Sending you all big Christmas air hugs.

    Oh, and it is going to be 12 degrees up here tonight. Ho. Ho. Holy shi…..

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  4. What an unexpected treat to see a post from you today. A friend of mine who I don’t see often, texted me in June with photos of my mangled card and poem . . . it had just arrived. I’m sure she’d thought she’d been unceremoniously removed from my list. It makes you wonder, where did it go? And are your cards hanging out in that same other weird space?

    That skit is hilarious. My sis in law sent it to all the sisters earlier this week, but I never had time to open it. In other words, I relate all too well to that mom. I don’t think I’ll l be getting mulch this year from Coach and the kids, cuz Target doesn’t sell it. *wink, wink* Since I got my kitchen done, I don’t really want anything anyway.

    Well I would LOVE some of my offspring to step up and pitch in. Ed is the exception. The rest are all getting nuts in their stockings. And possibly nothing else.

    Love the family photo. Merry merry! XO

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    1. Thank you-it wasn’t shutterflies issue, it was the post office. Thankfully the cards arrived minutes before Santa and they’re all on there way to my recipients right now.


  5. Eileen in Fla.

    You have a beautiful family. Are you adopting another kid or maybe an Iguana? Would be just like you — you’ve one of the kindest, most generous people on the Internet — But we won’t tell. Thank you for the companionship and laughs in 2020 — boy did we need both. Here’s hoping for a better new year.

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  6. i love that blue glass-y tree! really, i was like: did i get a card from suz? i better not ask her until i double check. and then, no card. and then…did i get thrown off the list? AND THEN…DID she have her holiday party and i wasn’t invited? looking forward to seeing those faves in my mailbox soon! (ok…i meant to type faces, but I CANNOT change it from faves, because, you know… truth.)


  7. mpkcoop

    I have so much to catch up on! Your girls are gorgeous! You moved out of your resort?
    This year we got each other a gazebo for camping so we’re doing away with gifts for each other, too. Happy New Year!

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