Look At Me, Not Wallowing, But I’m Totally Complaining About Wallowers. Happy 2021 Our Home Away From Home.

Happy. Merry. All that jazz.

I’ve had it up to HERE with negativity. I can’t. I won’t. Go away negative people, go far away.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” 

― Oscar Wilde,

Doesn’t it seem like some of us can only focus on the bad stuff and can’t go a day without mentioning the shit show of 2020, what-they-can’t-do instead of what-they-CAN-do. Be like that damn Disney girl who sings LET IT GO over and over again. Wait, she’s annoying as hell. Never mind. Me, forever the Pollyanna….singing The Sun is gonna come out tomorrow at the top of my lungs and perhaps annoying my neighbors.

Does it feel like I’ve gone off my meds? Or does it feel like I SHOULD be on meds? Any suggestions?

Transitioning to the good stuff…

We had a very nice, low key New Years Eve and day in JawJa with our dear friends. It was a cold/wet/dreary day and I had made a boat rental reservation for the lake in our community 6 weeks prior. Damned if we were going to cancel and miss out on some fun. We were ALMOST the only people on the lake, aside from some awesome herons, mallard ducks, geese, bald eagles and the Gorton fisherman.

The thing about us and our people, we can have a blast just about anywhere in any instance. Wet, cold and the boat couldn’t get over 2.8 MPH, I’m sure I swim faster, but we tootled around the lake and laughed like we were at a comedy show for two hours. Cheap entertainment.

We enjoyed homemade meatballs and cooked-all-day spaghetti sauce, collectively created a large pot of chili to be eaten over several days, sipped good wine, and of course some movies on the couch.

Callie had her boxer friend Milo for a few days which she loved, we had lovely sunrises and look at me trying to save a buck on our gas bill by watching a fireplace instead of turning on a fireplace. Who knew I was such a genius?

I crack myself up. Very cheap entertainment.

I truly believe things WILL GET better for every one of us. I really do.

So, did anyone even bother to make a resolution this year?

Cheers to all things being better. My favorite saying: Optimism is contagious. Feel free to pass it on.


16 thoughts on “Look At Me, Not Wallowing, But I’m Totally Complaining About Wallowers. Happy 2021 Our Home Away From Home.

  1. We watched the fireplace during Christmas Eve rather than employ our own–way easier. We streamed Birch Logs on Netflix. V nice.

    I’m laughing at your boat trip, thinking of ours already dry-docked for months now, mothballed to keep mice and varmints at bay. I’m so glad you had fun, and if you had fished and caught anything, I’d have been even more jealous.

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  2. I tend to side with the underdog, in this case poor 2020. Am I four? I’m not blaming the year and I (brace for some negative Nelly here) think 2021 is going to suck for awhile. It was weird that so much hit the fan in 2020, true.

    I will note that some good things happened in 2020 – like I stumbled upon an amazing group of families to sit for. Never in my 6 years of doing this have I had such a great lineup. Fully supportive, laid back, generous people, and it doesn’t hurt that their kids are SO CUTE.

    I’ve also REALLY embraced having my kids home more. That’s meant less racing around to get to their stuff. Plus my kids are fun to have a round. (Let’s just pretend for a moment that I haven’t cringed at dancing starting up tonight and Curly’s travel b-ball team starting practices tomorrow night).

    Love your slow boat adventure.

    Trying to write more, and so far that’s gone great . . . but my 5-day-a-week sitting started today, and then the driving so not sure I can stick with it. Aim high.

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    1. I love that you can (also) find wonderful moments in 2020. And, didn’t we ALL learn to appreciate home, family, health a bit more?
      I love that you have these great families now; they are so lucky to have you. And, I love how your writing has progressed and you’re really loving where it’s going. (me too!)


    Why do I think of Friday the 13th Movies with that lake, though. I KID, I KID.

    Your home there is so lovely and the thought of spaghetti and meatballs and sauce that takes all day to cook sounds so heavenly.

    I have been taking the happiness route as of late and have felt shame in feeling this way. So I am with you. I am tired of hearing the sadness and complaining. I want to feel joy and happiness and gratefulness. There is so much to be grateful for.


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    1. The lake did appear to be the beginning of a horror movie. But the ending was perfect.
      I LOVE that you are on the happiness route, it does affect everyone around you and everyone who ‘reads’ your journey too. So.much.to.be.grateful.for. Amen.

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  4. Louder for the people in the back of the internet! It’s easy to fall into a negative line of thinking/speaking/typing – especially online. 2020 was not the year we all bargained for BUT there were some beautiful moments in 2020 and we can’t overlook those. 2021 is not a guaranteed amazing year but I’m sure there will be plenty of beautiful, positive moments and we need to keep our eyes and hearts open to receive those moments. Thank you for reminding us to be positive!

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