The Joys Of Marriage; WHAT DID YOU SAY? And I’D Never Survive A Cold Climate Long Term.

The Coach does not have great hearing; it’s not all his fault. He DID work on airplane engines for many years, we’ve attended hundreds of live concerts and also, he’s 55. I have pretty good hearing, but not perfect as I’m {almost} old. For example, I can be two rooms away with our Sonos music playing though-out the house, running the vacuum cleaner and he will talk to me and expect me to hear him when all I hear is what Charlie Brown hears when an adult speaks. Womp womp, womp.

I’ll finish up, come back into the room he’s in, and say: If you were talking to me, I have no idea what you said. He’ll either (1) say, I don’t remember what I said or (2) NOT HEAR ME.


I just shake my head and hope he wasn’t saying something really important like we just lost all our money in the stock market or he’s found a younger version of me working at Hooters and they’re in love.

Now picture me sitting directly next to him, and I say something clear-as-a-bell and he doesn’t hear a word. I just shake my head.

Raise your hand if you also do a lot of head shaking.

I was kidding about the Hooters thing; he doesn’t go there because their wings are crap.

Coffee, Coffee Creamer & Not Real Fighting

Saturday night we arrived home after a long and wonderful visit to GA. Goodness, I forgot that we left SO soon after Christmas, and that all our Christmas decor was STILL up. Oh SNAP, those damn elves are sleeping on the job.

Sunday morning around 8am I sauntered into the kitchen and the Coach said: Good morning, I see you have TWO creamers and I have NONE.

{I’m non-dairy because of my *effin* cholesterol issue. This stuff is tasty though}

Whatevs. I explained that when I purchased them, they were in equal numbers and he just consumes his quicker than I do.

With a sassy smile on his face: And you knew that I would use more….ya know Publix opened at 7 am.

Me: My azz wasn’t going anywhere at 7 am.

We love to ‘argue’ like this. If my girls were here they’d say: “you should be nicer to each other, are you getting a divorce?” I would generally reply MAYBE, WHO DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH? Which is always funny since they have their own homes.

As a kid I recall objects flying through the house between my Dad & Mom and then my Dad & Step-Mom; (see the common denominator?) ashtrays, shoes, rocking chairs. I remember my dad unhooking the phone from the wall and throwing it INTO the pool because he was tired of its ringing. So, I know real arguing and my girls make me laugh with their silly non-worries. The last thing their dad threw was a party for a charity.

Life is good when you’re married to a smart ass, silly and like-minded fool.

Speaking of Coffee & A Spoiled Suz…Baby, it’s cold inside, so let’s hibernate.

While we were in GA, it was cold. I mean, I knew it was gonna be winter, but being IN winter is different than thinking about winter. (My Canadian friends do not read the rest of this) It was 32-38 at night and with a high of 35-45 during the day. That’s pretty cold for this Florida girl. When I would take Callie for a walk, I had every portion of my body covered. Twice. Except for my face. And dang it, my face was cold.

Do you know what I learned? I’m like a bear. I get into my comfortable bed with the flannel sheets and heavy comforter at night and then in the morning, I DO NOT WANT TO GET OUT. So I don’t. I snuggle in, read emails on my phone, play words with friends, and guess who brings me coffee in bed? Mr. Demanding himself. SPOILED ROTTEN. I can then snuggle in for another 45 minutes or until my bladder can not wait any longer. Maybe I’ll start wearing diapers and linger longer; I am NOT above it.

After our huge knock-down argument about creamer, I repaid Coach for the coffee all-week-in-bed with a 15 egg frittata (with extra cholesterol) for him to enjoy all week long. We’re both nice when we’re not bickering over coffee creamer or saying HUH?

Happy Monday my friends. I’m hoping this week brings ONLY good things to all of us; may it be warm coffee, gentle people and residing in a comfortable home.


24 thoughts on “The Joys Of Marriage; WHAT DID YOU SAY? And I’D Never Survive A Cold Climate Long Term.

  1. Rick is pretty much deaf in one ear, thanks to years and years of carpentry and construction with no ear protection, which was, apparently for sissies. (As were such things as safety goggles, roof scaffolding, and other OSHA niceties.) He is so hard of hearing that he now accuses me of THINKING THAT I HAVE SAID SOMETHING TO HIM, BUT NOT EVER HAVING ACTUALLY SAID IT. Vanity is the new Gaslighting.

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    1. “vanity is the new gaslighting” I LOVE that phrase so much.
      I remember standing directly in front of the speakers at concerts and not being able to hear for a few days; what were we thinking?


  2. Coach can hear just fine . . . but I think there is a processing issue or just a general delay in responding due to lots of thinking. The long pauses just about kill me. The kids notice it too now. Maybe his processing is slowing with age? I try to show him what it’s like to converse like that by taking my sweet time responding too . . . I’m sure this comes as a shock, but I cannot roll that way. The cat rarely has my tongue.

    Loved ‘the last thing their dad threw was a party for charity.’

    I have no idea how pet owners deal with walking dogs in Chicago. Just one more reason we do not have a pet. Brrr!

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    1. You are so right about the processing time. I’ve noticed that as well as long pauses….Me: HELLO? CAN YOU FINISH THE SENTENCE YOU STARTED A MINUTE AGO? 😉 The joys of aging together, right?


  3. We are forever saying “what?” to each other. It might be the most used word in our relationship. I speak and am not heard, his mind being elsewhere. He mumbles and I can’t hear him. Such a great way to age together… shouting WHAT all the time.

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  4. Husband and I both have tinnitus which makes hearing something other than ringing in our ears a challenge! I hear you about the cold weather. For as much as I have lived in Michigan all my life, the first few weeks when it turns cold are rough for me. It takes forever to get my winter blood!

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  5. Their wings UGH but their coconut shrimp? DAMN.
    My husband is only 51 and his hearing is starting to slowly go south. Or he has selective hearing as well.
    I have lived in the Midwest my whole life and I still hate going outside in winter. We have a fenced yard which is why we don’t walk the dog in winter on purpose. Although, we do go on walks outside. We are weird like that. But then when spring comes along and it’s 45 degrees, we are all OOH TANK TOP SEASON! 😉

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  6. why can they not hear?! seriously, it drives me batty. you hit it right on the nose! so glad you are back in warm (?) sunny florida… it missed you. also, the new taco place is hiring. just in case he really did lose all the money. of course you know the only way he’d lose it would be him giving it away! now go buy that man some creamer 🙂

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